Blue Martini

Blue Martini is a popular cocktail variety, which is a combination of vodka, blue curacao liqueur and a dash of bitters like angostura, campari or the like. Typically, blue martini is prepared by mixing the required oz of vodka, curcao and bitters in a cocktail shaker, along with crushed ice and strained into a cocktail glass. Blue martini is often garnished with olive before serving.

Blue Martini Blogs

Blue Cheese Martini Garnishing Tips

Blue Cheese Martini Garnishing Tips On : 18-Oct-2011 By : yummytummy

  The blue cheese martini is considered as one of the gourmet choices of beverage. The best way to garnish this martini is using blue cheese stuffed olives. However, there are other exotic ways to garnish this special drink. Here I am going...

Cheese Martini Garnishing Tips

Cheese Martini Garnishing Tips On : 23-Sep-2011 By : yummytummy

The cheese martini is one of the exotic martini drinks, which is not commonly available in many bars and restaurants. If you want to prepare this fabulous drink at home, then you should also learn how to garnish the drink properly. The easy and common way...

Raspberry Martini Garnishing Tips

Raspberry Martini Garnishing Tips On : 08-Sep-2011 By : colorsandspices

Raspberry martini is one of the popular girly drinks and I love to serve this beautiful drink, whenever we have a girly session at my place. The best part of the raspberry martini drink is that you can garnish it with almost anything you want. The option is...

Cantaloupe Martini Garnishing Tips

Cantaloupe Martini Garnishing Tips On : 10-Oct-2011 By : colorsandspices

Cantaloupe martini is a favorite summer-time drink and a perfect thirst quencher for your guests after a warm, hectic day. There are several cool ways, by which you can garnish this special beverage. Here I am sharing some of my favorite garnishing ideas...