Blue Canapes Recipes

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Blue Cheese Canapes

Blue Cheese Canapes is a delicious cheese snack recipe which I always love to have with evening tea. I bet, once you have this, you will always crave for some more. - 24.8069

Green Leaf Canapes

Blend cheeses, cream and food color in blender until smooth. Spoon mixture into decorators' tube with leaf point attached. Form about 3 leaves on each Canape Toast Base . Garnish with capers or tiny pearl onions. - 28.1391

Filled Walnut Canapes

1. Cream both cheeses and the butter in a food processor until blended. 2. Turn mixture into a bowl, and work in the liquor gradually until mixture is almost saturated. Do not add too much or the mixture will'weep'. 3. Store, chilled, in a tightly covered... - 33.7326