Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Ice Cream is one of the popular ice cream brands of USA and it is promoted by Wells Dairy. This ice cream is marketed in about five hundred flavors as a delectable, novel and frozen dairy dessert and is available in all fifty states of America. The Wells Dairy also caters to the allergy conscious generation by serving gluten-free ice cream products. The company  markets the Blue Bunny through food retail establishments, supermarkets, vending outlets, convenience stores, etc. It is believed that about 100 million gallons of Blue Bunny ice creams are produced each year. Vanilla, Bunny Tracks and Chocolate are supposed to be the most popular ice cream flavors.


Origin of Blue Bunny Ice Cream
The Wells Dairy was started by Fred. H. Wells in 1913. By 1925, Wells and Sons started making the ice cream and marketed it in nearby Iowa towns. In 1928, Fairmount Ice Cream purchased rights to distribute ice cream in Sioux City. In 1935, the Wells family decided to sell their brand due to poor business. They gave a last try to boost their sales by organizing a “Name That Ice Cream Contest” in Sioux City Journal. A man from the Sioux City was awarded $25 cash prize for making a winning entry of Blue Bunny. This caricature was utilized by Wells Family to market their ice creams and it helped to market the product in a better way and the family started making fortunes in the business. 

Until today the business hold is retained by Wells Family and is considered to be the third largest manufacturer of ice creams in USA, after Nestle and Unilever.


 Blue Bunny Ice Cream Branding
  The Blue Bunny Ice creams are offered as:

  • Premium Ice Cream: This ice cream variety is offered in 50+ flavors.
  • Novelties: Fruits bars, ice cream sandwiches, bomp pops, ice cream bars, cones, ice pops are offered under this category.  Ice cream eaters can choose from over 40+ products of this range.
  • Lifestyle Options: The health conscious eaters can choose from 50+ flavors sold under names  like low-carb, fat-free, natural, low–calorie, etc. 
  • Limited and Seasonal Flavors: At present the ice cream under this category are offered in three seasonal flavors. 


The Blue Bunny Ice cream flavor Bunny Tracks amalgamates peanut butter-stuffed chocolate bunnies, chocolate –covered peanuts, fudge and caramel in vanilla ice cream, and ribbons of peanut butter.  The ice cream is offered in about seven different variations of vanilla flavor.


Blue Bunny Nutrition Facts
Many of the Blue Bunny ice cream variants are low in calories and are found to be high in proteins and carbohydrates. Some of the low calories best sellers are:

  • Blue Bunny Fat Free No Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream 
    1/2 cup of this ice cream variant serves 80 calories with 0 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbs and 4grams of proteins.
  • Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom – No Sugar Added Fudge Lites
    2 bars of this Blue Bunny ice cream variant serves 70 calories with 0.5 grams of fat, 3grams of protein and 19 grams of carbohydrates.
  • Bomb Pop Popsicle
    1 Bar of this popular Blue Bunny Ice Cream variant serves just 40 calories with 10 grams of carbohydrates.



  • The single- serve ice cream is offered in a variety of light and indulgent flavors through an attractive “Just-For-You” pack. Some of the Blue Bunny novelties like Bomb Pop are honored with a special day known as National Bomp Pop day. This day is mostly observed in June, especially on its last Thursday.
  • 1,127,600 pounds of pecans are used every year in various Blue Bunny ice cream flavors.
  • Blue Bunny ice cream is offered in over 70 flavors. 



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