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Best Drink Ideas For Bloody Mary Day

I know you are always fond of bloody Mary drinks, so I decided to lead you to some best drink ideas for Bloody Mary Day . The National Bloody Mary Day is celebrated on January 1. Bloody Mary Day is celebrated in honor of the cocktail which is made using... -

Eat & Drink Your Bloody Mary

  A Bloody Mary to satiate your hunger? Sounds farfetched? Well, the Wisconsin based  O'Davey's Pub has just gone over the top with its latest Bloody Mary creation . This weirdo cocktail is rumored to satiate your hunger... -

Top 10 Breakfast Beverages To Start Your Day

Every day is a battle, one that begins in the very bed - the fight to wake up. Now here are lists of beverages that are true eye-openers. Top 10 breakfast beverages to start your day with. These will wake you up in the very first sip.   ... -

Milwaukee Food Tour

Food Tour is becoming a popular culinary preference for the food critics and Milwaukee food tour is no exception in this trend. The motto of this food tour is not always tasting samples and collecting ingredients but also to learn and taste the... -

Top 5 Diwali Thirst Quenchers

The festival of lights, Diwali, is unique in many ways, not in the least for the super delicious foods that are eaten on the occasion. But what about drinks that go with these tasty dishes ? Well, while you may not be averse to downing a peg or two, most... -

10 Things You Can Do With Kimchi

A traditional Korean vegetable side dish, kimchi is made by fermenting vegetables especially cabbage. Kimchi is also spelled as kimchee and gimchi. It pairs well with fried rice and a usage of garlic, chili and ginger seasoning makes kimchi taste awesome.... -

Top 10 Mixed Drinks - Old Is New

"Here are top 10 mixed drinks - old is new " - announced the article that appeared in culinary magazine. Actually I was never hooked with the idea of mixed drinks because I rarely gave importance to what I drink. But after reading the article on... -

The Best 10 Mixed Drinks

If you are considering the best 10 mixed drinks then you can never ignore these drinks. Begining with mixed drinks: They are the drinks that typically consist of one or more kind of alcohol mixed with a fruit or sweet juice . Although every individual has... -

Top 10 Mixed Drinks For New Year

Serving mixed drinks this New Year. These are some of the top 10  mixed drinks for New Year that can help you plan your drinks menu this New Year. New Year drinks need to be a combination of a variety of drinks so that... -

10 Easy Tomato Cocktails

Be it for a robust crowd or for a light brunch, there is no dearth to the variety of tomato cocktails. Right from the classic and the most popular Blood Mary, these drinks are as many in number as the shades of this wonderful summer fruit. Add a refreshing... -

Eat & Drink From Big Red Soda Bottle

Do you want to chew on your BBQ chicken and then have a long, gulp of soda? Of course you do! It’s the most popular American meal combo after all. Now, Big Red, the Texas based soda makers, have come up with a wild and innovative idea . To chomp on... -

Eva Herzigova’s Vodka Tip For Blonde Locks

Still ravishing supermodel, Eva Herzigova, uses vodka to perk up her blonde tresses. As per her own admission, she has only one use for vodka – which is to lighten her hair.  And you thought vodka was only for Bloody Mary and Screwdriver ! ... -

Fun Food With Monica - Mercadito Cantina

Patricio Sandoval’s mod taqueria in the East Village is ready and worth the wait! If you are looking for a mix of traditional with a modern twist, this is your place. Along with traditional guacamole you can feast on chipotle with pineapple & mint or... -

Finally, A Sriracha Product That Makes You Frown

  Americans have become obsessed with Sriracha so much that it has become a standard flavor in many eatables. As if the fiery-flavored Lay's chips, candy canes, and lollipops weren’t enough, here is the UV Sriracha Vodka ... -

Sunday Easter Brunch

Easter Sunday brunch is a popular activity along with friends and family .   It is basically a mid-day feast.  Easter food is special since the winter just elapsed and lent just got over, so savoring good food during Easter became a primary means... -

Top 10 Easy Drinks To Make With Vodka

Top 10 easy drinks to make with Vodka can help you to plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas drinks menu. Vodka is preferred since is pairs just perfectly with any type of liquid. Now with the introduction of flavored vodka in the form of orange and... -

Menu Suggestions For Your Cocktail Party

I love hosting cocktail parties as not only is it easy to host but it is also simple to plan and prepare for. The most attractive part of the cocktail party is the menu and mind you I never had a problem getting my hands on some exciting menu suggestion for a... -

Easter Brunch Boston

Heading downtown this Easter Sunday and looking for where to go for best Easter brunch buffet? This guide on Easter Brunch Boston will help you find the best places for kids and families when it is time to celebrate.       The... -

Boston - Culinary Delights Part 2

  Photo Credit: Greg MacKay   Cambridge, MA is just across the river from Boston proper. Being a huge fan of Chris Schlesinger's we head out for dinner one evening to this mecca of hot and spicy seafood, The East Coast... -

8 Means To Get Over That Hangover

It doesn’t sound a good prospect to get up groggy on a Monday morning when you have to be speeding to work. The weekend spirit, with partying , boozing and well, letting loose the party animal can make you get a hangover, so here are 8 means to get over... -

Wedding Brunch Ideas

Wedding brunch ideas  must synchronize with the  time of day when the ceremony takes place. A brunch wedding reception takes place earlier in the day and hence its preparations are entirely different from those done for a traditional evening wedding.... -

Brady Plays For The Buddies While Fieri Grills

  Footballer Tom Brady took his duties as the ambassador of the Best Buddies organization seriously this weekend as he participated in the 13 th Annual event, “Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port”. The "New England... -

How To Eat Zucchini

  Don't be intimidated by zucchini . Along with the taste it is very good for you. Yes, eating zucchini is indeed a healthy choice! There are many ways to have it. Salads, soups, by it self on a sandwich. Here’s how to eat... -

Get ‘going’ This Valentine’s Day With These Love Potions!

Love potions were believed to be made by  witches, sorcerers, and magicians to date. However, the  potions described below will force you to take things in your hands because, after all, it is Valentine’s Day and you need do find yourself a... -

Which Low Calorie Drinks Can You Order At The Bar

Calories are the parameter to gauge the quantity of energy present in food items we consume.  These days everyone is following diet program and if you love drinking and don’t want any unwanted calories you should know which low calorie drinks can you order... -

Top 10 Cocktails For Your Super Bowl Party

Football sure is fun when accompanied by beer. But why limit your taste buds to only one drink when the action is as exciting as a Super Bowl game? It’s time to check out your bar and go crazy experimenting with various ingredients. The result is bound to... -

Tomato Fest First Report (tomato Fest 2007)

Tomato Fest My tomato pal Richard Ha of Hawaii, owner of Hamakua Springs purveyor to the finest chefs in Hawaii writes : Here it is, Tomato Fest time again in Carmel. We stayed in Monterey.... -

Tomato Garnish-how To Tips & Ideas

You will not require learning any special culinary skill to prepare tomato garnish for decorating foods or drinks. Here are some simple tips on different types of tomato garnish ideas, which you can easily try out at your kitchen to make your servings... -

6 Brunch Mistakes To Avoid

A good brunch is the best way to get your body cells working, especially over the weekend. However, before you pile up your plate and give yourself a major diet setback, pay attention to these six brunch mistakes, which you may be committing without knowing... -

2010's Most Popular Mixed Drinks

There are literally thousands of mixed drinks to choose from for the year 2010. However, people often vary in their tastes and it is likely that the most popular mixed drinks might actually differ considerably from person to person and from bar to bar. Being... -

Top 10 Vodka Drinks For New Year

The right drink in hand enhances the New Year experience two fold. Most of the New Year drinks served have the invigorating vodka as a mandatory element. If you are planning a New Year bash or going for one just make sure you know you have the right drink.... -

Top 10 Popular Vodka Cocktail Recipes

  You will find a big bunch of vodka cocktail recipe ideas, if you are really interested on this. Here is my list of top 10 popular vodka cocktail recipes, which you might like to taste.   Anouchka ... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Cocktails

  Afraid to order a cocktail cause you are concerned about your weight? Did you know there are several low calorie cocktails that would help you limit your calorie consumption while consuming alcoholic beverage. Here is a ready reckoner of... -

British Breakfast Freezes Over

The sweet gelato , the Italian equivalent of ice cream, is now being offered as a part of breakfast in Britain. Comboco, a SoHo eatery in London, has come up with this sweet kick, right in the morning hours. It is supposed to be good for hangovers is... -

Eating Low With Amy - Back From Ny

This is my first blog entry on so I'll tell you just a bit about myself first. My name is Amy and I have an online cooking show called Eating Low. I'm working on uploading my videos here too (you can see them all at if you... -

How To Use Penne Alla Vodka - What To Eat With

Before I discuss on how to use penne alla vodka , I must tell you a little about this special Italian food. The uses of penne alla vodka were mainly intended to popularize the spirit - vodka, among the Italians during the early 70s. At that time, the... -

How To Use Vodka For Cleaning Purpose?

How many of us knew that the stored bottle of vodka in our refrigerator has much use beyond those weekend Bloody Marys? Yes, not just for making your drinks, vodka can be very effectively used for cleaning purposes as well. If you want to know “ How to use... -

2011 Trends For Wine, Beer - Be Ready For More

Its that time of the year again, when everyone is busy making the lists – of the unforgettable events in the past year, the predictions for the coming year and what not.   Not to be left behind, the National Restaurant Association has also come... -

5 Super Delicious Mardi Gras Wedding Theme Food Ideas

  So, you have decided to celebrate your big day with the Mardi Gras wedding theme. This is a fun filled theme and can be a moment of great of fun for your guests too. Of course, you need to make sure the food your serve is in accordance... -

Indian Inspired Cocktails

I love India food.  And though Riesling is my favorite pairing with Indian food, sometimes a cocktail is just what the doctor ordered.  Here are some suggestions for Indian cocktails using Sub Rosa Spirits Saffron vodka.     ... -

Dmanburger "pj Clarke's"

by: dmanburger PJ Clarke’s has been an old favorite weekend spot for me for many years, I have many fond memories of Sundays tasting such home-made delights as Blue cheese wedges, Meatloaf and Reuben Sandwiches. Since 1884 PJ’s saloon as... -

Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know

It would be wrong if you expect a bartender to know all the drinks, but there are few popular drinks every bartender should know . Most of the customers would like to order among these common drinks. And hence, it would be good for a bartender to learn... -

Top Wedding Brunch Ideas

Since a brunch is the hybrid of breakfast and lunch, the wedding brunch ideas should ideally include both types of foods. While you can choose from a wide variety of muffins, pastries and eggs from wedding breakfast ideas, you can pick the light and easy... -

Basic Cocktail Making Course

INTRODUCTION Cocktails are essentially alcohol based drinks which are ideally served before a meal. There are numerous cocktails made using a variety of liquors, syrups, fruits and flavours. Preparing a cocktail is no rocket science but what... -

Top 5 Tips To Make A Perfect New Year Cocktail

Your quest for that perfect cocktail ends here. With the holiday season in full steam, the party season is also in full swing and just like no party is complete without drinks, having a good set of tips to prepare the perfect New Year cocktail is going to be... -

Top 10 Valentine Day Party Ideas For Couples

                             Roses, Candies, your loved one with you, and each day is a Valentine’s Day party. If you are in love, my mum had said to me,  you will not need the Valentines Day party... -

10 Essential Bar Supplies

If you have a home bar or intend to set up one of your own  and have a framework ready, here is a look up of the essential bar supplies , which will outline the essence of a ‘spirited’ bar. Apart from the regulars in the way of... -

Top 10 Cajun Restaurants In Texas

The top 10 Cajun restaurants in Texas are scattered all over this massive state. Here are some of the best.   1. Louisiana Longhorn Café - 200B E Main St, Round Rock, TX I would definitely recommend this... -

Top Beverage Trends Of 2010

2010 - Is going to become a part of history. We all are eager to recollect the winning trends of the year, let’s see what the top beverage trends of 2010 were:   Trend 1 # Even lesser known grape varieties like Bonarda,... -

Long Island Easter Brunch

Long Island Easter brunch has always been beyond expectations as Long Island offers fabulous and memorable Easter brunch. Various restaurants across Long Island get involved in making great Ester food to celebrate the occasion. One should be aware of... -

Belvedere Vodka Music Lounge At Coachella 2011

Thanks to the folks at, this middle-aged cooking show host had a chance to regain part of his youth last weekend as I drove out to Coachella California, home of the annual, world famous music festival. Once I got within a few miles of the site, I... -

Cocktails To Go With Your Brunch Party

Why cocktails should be served only for dinner? In my opinion, you can enjoy the cocktail at any time of the day, provided you have the right ambience. Here are some great recipes of cocktails to go with your brunch party . Among these brunch cocktails ... -

Ten Ways To Garnish A Drink – Get Creative

  You must have often noticed those colorful little paper parasols on a cocktail drink or a neatly cut lime wedge fixed on the rim of the cocktail glass. With our ten ways to garnish a drink , we hope to bring... -

How To Mix A Few Classic Drinks

When you want to be an expert in mixing and preparing drinks, then you should be informed about how to mix a few classic drinks . Without the knowledge of mixing classic drinks , you cannot have your expertise in this field. These classic drinks are... -

Drink This, Not That!

16 swaps that will save you big Kids' Juice Drink This - Minute Maid Kids Multi-Vitamin Orange Juice 120 calories 24 g sugars Not That - Welch's Grape Juice 170 calories 40 g sugars Kids love grape juice for one reason:... -

A Search For What's Inside An Egg Benedict

What's in eggs Benedict?   From the bottom up:   English muffins. Unfrozen is best. Their split halves should be toasted to crispness. Tearing the halves apart with a fork or with hands, rather than slicing... -

Mindless Stuff About Food And Drink.............

Choking on food is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Besieged by customer requests, Cleveland restaurant owner Hector Boiardi decided to bottle his famous spaghetti and meat sauce.  With local success... -

What’s In Your Burger? You Have No Idea!

If you thought that McDonald’s bizarre argument against a mouse in a can was the end of inedible ingredients in your food, you are wrong. You have no idea what might be in your burger, pizza, salad, or cola. News keeps pouring in about rotten,... -

Recipe Contest List

2007 Recipe, Cook-offs & Food Related Contests for both amateur cooks & professional chefs Most of these contests have very good prizes, some up to $1,000,000 in cash for the grand prize winner. If you like to cook, and have an exceptional... -