Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary, a cocktail is a fascinating medley of vodka and tomato juice flavored with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco Sauce, bouillion, celery, salt, horseradish, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and celery salt. Served as morning drinks such as mimosas and screwdrivers Bloody Mary, has a number of interesting regional variations. Bloody Mary seems to be named after the Hollywood star Mary Pickford and is associated with illustrious personalities like Queen Mary 1 of England. A royal drink, Bloody Mary is garnished with olives, pickles, mushrooms, carrots, cheese, meat, salamis and shrimps for a royal party treat.

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I know you are always fond of bloody Mary drinks, so I decided to lead you to some best drink ideas for Bloody Mary Day . The National Bloody Mary Day is celebrated on January 1. Bloody Mary Day is celebrated in honor of the cocktail which is made using...

Eat & Drink Your Bloody Mary

Eat & Drink Your Bloody Mary On : 21-May-2013 By : thot4food

  A Bloody Mary to satiate your hunger? Sounds farfetched? Well, the Wisconsin based  O'Davey's Pub has just gone over the top with its latest Bloody Mary creation . This weirdo cocktail is rumored to satiate your hunger...

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