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How To Make A Vodka And Rum Blender Drink

The Kitchen Witch demonstrates how to Make a Vodka and Rum Blender Drink. A copycat recipe for an Orange Julius with a kick! - 120.212

Penne A La Vodka

Spicy, smokey, and creamy, this Penne a la Vodka features pancetta, tomato purée, vodka cream and pepper flakes...Dish Delish! - 103.691

Vodka Froth

MAKING 1. In a food processor, blend vodka, grape juice, lemon juice, egg white, and cracked ice by running stir blade for about 10-12 seconds until it reaches desired consistency. SERVING 2. Serve after straining Vodka Forth in chilled cocktail glass. - 31.6277

Refreshing Mango Cocktail

Refreshing Mango Cocktail, a cocktail that brings on a very organic herbal quality to it that is much deceiving when compared to the presentation. This is not a pina colada by a long shot! - 112.391

Blue Hawaiian Daiquiri

A fresh tropical cocktail like blue Hawaiian daiquiri is the best thing to enjoy in a hot summer evening. You can prepare this at your own bar, once you collect all the ingredients. Watch the video to learn about the cocktail recipe and just indulge in. - 131.963

Marvelous (bloody) Mary

GETTING READY 1. In the vodka bottle, drop the jalapeños and allow to sit overnight. 2. In a blender jar, place the cherry tomatoes,garlic, Worcestershire, horseradish, lemon juice, lime juice, hot sauce and tomato juice, blend until smooth. Cover and put in... - 99.218

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