Black Bean Recipes

Black Bean is a small, shiny dark colored variety of bean that is very popular in Latin American cuisine. It is also called turtle bean due to their shell like exterior. It has a dense and velvety texture and a rich ... More »
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Mexican Black Bean Chili

As nights get nippy, take comfort in a hearty dinner with this Mexican black bean chilli for meal, perfect for warming up your midweek. Adobo sauce adds a touch of indulgence to this protein-packed bean dish. This spicy bean stew is vegetarian and low fat... - 131.729

Vegetable And Black Bean Lettuce Wraps

A little creativity can go a long way when it comes to making school lunches - try these black bean lettuce wraps today and you won't hear any complaints. These American-inspired wraps incorporates mix of vegetables with lemon juice flavoured. So, pack a... - 127.171

Mexican Black Bean Dip

Cooking should be joyful and relaxing, so try this impressive black bean dip recipe at home! This delicious broad bean dip is made extra creamy with the addition of both salsa and cumin. This smooth, healthy bean dip is a great idea to serve with vegetables... - 125.913

Black Bean Vegan Burger

If you love burgers in general, then you will definitely enjoy this Black Bean Vegan Burger. It is more of a breakfast essential and it is a classic American vegetarian street food fare. It is healthy and delicious. Enjoy this video and learn how to make it. - 117.362

Cuban Black Beans

Here is an impressive video for a classic Cuban black beans recipe that is so delicious and flavorful. The chef makes this flavorful dish with sofrito that is an aromatic combo of spices, onions, garlic and green peppers. This video is a must watch! - 110.707

Dim Sum Spare Ribs With Black Bean

If you are looking for a nutritious food idea, then this dim sum black beans spare ribs recipe is just right for you. This recipe not only serves as a healthy steamed food but also pampers your taste buds with its amazing flavors. This sumptuous meal is... - 107.507

Black Bean Brownie

Ever heard of black beans in dessert? How about brownies? Yes! Here is the recipe for black bean brownies!! For all of you who have to stay gluten-free…here’s your solution! A really innovative recipe that seems really good! - 107.206

Sweet Potato, Quinoa And Black Bean Patties - Vegan

Here is a delicious meal that is low in fat and loaded in nutrients. It is also vegan. Enjoy! - 105.376

Delicious Homemade Black Beans

When looking for a real-time meal solution for your family, then this long-time traditional standby is your perfect bet. Chef Keith Snow shows you how to whomp up a quick, delicious, nutritious black bean dish. This variation is good enough to 'wow' just... - 96.5795

Cuban Black Beans

Do you hit a tight spot everytime unexpected guests land up at your door? If yes, then this black bean dish could be the perfect solution to feed several mouths sans any back-breaking effort in the kitchen. Juan Montalvo shares a Cuban favorite that isn't... - 89.0338

Black Beans

Black beans not only helps to jazz up your Mexican fiesta, but also makes for a quick and easy dinner recipe. In this video, Juan Montalvo tells you how to cook up juicy, delish black beans that just tastes great with steamed rice. A perfect comfort food and... - 82.9267

Razor Clams With Black Bean Sauce

Duplicating exotic restaurant dishes at home can be intimidating, but this razor clams with black bean sauce recipe is an easy version of the gourmet dish served in the restaurant. Watch the video to find out how to make this dainty dish at home. - 81.7986

Homemade Spanish Black Bean Fritos

Want a simple appetizer recipe that will leave everyone's taste buds pleased and will leave all your guests amazed? Then watch this video and learn to make a tasty treat for all your guests! - 79.1548

Rich Gold Carrot Spread And Black Bean Chili For Dinner - Part 1: Ingredients And Preparation

Bored of your mayo dips and salsa and wish you had a better, tastier option when it came to slathering your pita crisps or bagel chips? Well, then this rich gold carrot spread recipe by Alice Leonard is sure to appease you. But that is not all. She also... - 78.1847

Rich Gold Carrot Spread And Black Bean Chili For Dinner - Part 2: Serving

Getting a healthy dinner on the table doesn't take arduous labor in the kitchen? Alice Leonard presents two simple, scrumptious dinner recipes that is extremely easy, fast and delicious. Made with wholly organic ingredients, this mouthwatering vegetarian... - 77.3629

Black Bean Patties Part 1- Preparation

Black Bean patties is what the cook is showing instead of your regular meaty patties! It’s a good substitute for those who are vegetarians! Part 1 is preparation of the patties. Be sure to watch part 2 for the searing. - 62.6118

Black Bean Patties Part 2- Finalization

Pan seared perfect black bean burgers for the dinner meal! Whip these beauties up in no time! See the video for more. - 61.1682

Urad Ki Khichdi

GETTING READY 1)Clean, wash and soak the dal overnight. 2)Wash and soak the rice for 30 minutes. MAKING 3)In a saucepan, add dal and rice and water. Cook them on medium heat. 4)Add next four ingredients and bring to boil. 5)Decrease heat and cook until dal... - 51.2334

Black Bean & Rice Soup

Black Bean & Rice Soup is a sumptuous soup that you will undoubtedly fall in love with! Once you taste it, you will definitely agree with me! Follow this easy Black Bean & Rice Soup recipe to cook a wining soup for your parties. - 49.2925

Acorn Squash With Black Beans

Place 1 inch of water in a steamer. Bring to a boil. Place squash chunks in a steamer basket or colander. Cover and steam for 15 minutes or until squash is tender. Place 1/4 cup of the water, broth, or wine in a skillet and heat over medium heat. Add onions,... - 48.3636

Grilled Scallops With Black Beans

If sea scallops are your pick, you will sure go for this Grilled Scallops With Black Beans. Sea scallops when combined with the right seasonings brings in a unique tang to this dish. Check out the recipe of Grilled Scallops With Black Beans. - 47.9358

Southwest Chicken With Black Beans And Olives

Southwest Chicken With Black Beans And Olives is a mouth watering recipe which you would surely want to get to your guests attention. This great tasting and easy to prepare recipe will surely tempt you to serve to your loved ones. So make sure you dish out... - 47.7386

Pasta With Chicken Red Peppers And Black Beans

GETTING READY 1. Make bite sized pieces of chicken. 2. Take a plastic bag and mix flour, ¼ tsp salt and ¼ tsp pepper well. 3. Add chicken pieces, 2 to 3 a time, to the plastic bag and shake well to get a coating. 4. Dust off excess flour. MAKING 5. Take a... - 47.7283

Steak Fajitas With Black Beans And Spicy Red Rice

GETTING READY 1. In a glass dish, put together all the marinade ingredients and mix thoroughly. 2. Toss in the sliced sirloin to coat thoroughly. 3. Cover the dish and marinate for at least 4 hours and preferably overnight in the refrigerator. 4. Remove the... - 47.3381

Spicy Black Beans

MAKING 1) Take 2-quart casserole and mix olive oil, pepper, onion and garlic. 2) Seal tightly with plastic wrap. 3) Cook vegetable in Microwave at Power Hi for 4 to 5 minutes and stir in between. 4) Blend in remaining ingredients except crescent roll... - 47.201

Black Bean Sauce

MAKING 1. Prepare black beans by washing and draining them. 2. With garlic mash beans very well 3. Make 1/2-inch length pieces out of the shallots, mix with soy sauce, sherry, sugar and water. 4. In a pan fry bean mixture in hot oil for 1 -2 minutes. 5. Add... - 47.0211

Microwave Cooked Black Beans

MAKING 1) Into a 5-quart casserole, add in the beans, 2 teaspoons of salt and blocks of pepper. 2) Rehydrate the beans. Remove the blocks of pepper from the beans. 3) Into a 1-quart casserole, add in oil, onion, green pepper, bay leaves, garlic and oregano... - 47.0211

Spicy Black Eye Beans

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 150°C/300°F/Gas Mark 2. MAKING 2) In a saucepan with water boil the rinsed beans, rapidly for 10 minutes. Then drain well and transfer to an ovenproof casserole dish. 3) In a frying pan or skillet, saute the onions for... - 46.6324

Vegetable Black Bean Chili

GETTING READY 1. Start by preheating the oven to 400° F MAKING 2. In a large pot, put the black beans and also add water to cover by 2 to 3 inches, take the pot and refrigerate it for 8 hours or overnight 3. Remove the pot from the refrigerator, drain the... - 46.3631

Black Bean Terrine

GETTING READY 1) In a small saucepan, add the vegetable juice. 2) On this, sprinkle the gelatin and let stand for 1 minute so that the gelatin become soft. 3) Over medium-low heat, cook this mixture for 2 minutes, until the gelatin is dissolved. Stir... - 46.1596

Black Beans

Mix water, beans and onion in a stockpot. Cover and heatto boiling. Boil about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand 1 hour. Add just enough water to the beansto cover. Stir in theoil, garlic, bacon, cumin, chili powder and cilantro. Heatto... - 46.0483

Black Beans

MAKING 1. In a dry, heavy skillet, toast cumin, coriander, oregano, and marjoram and toast over low heat for about 1 minute until fragrant; stir frequently and do not scorch. 2. In a large saucepan, transfer the toasted cumin mixture and add beans, onion,... - 45.8315

Black Bean Lasagna

Heat water or broth in a skillet over medium heat. Add onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Cook and stir over medium heat for 5 minutes or until vegetables are lightly browned. Add liquid if necessary during this process. Stir in oregano, basil, and parsley. Add... - 45.6646

Black Bean Chili

For the beans: In a 5-quart Dutch oven or stockpot, bring the beans and water to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat, cover, and simmer 45 minutes, adding more water if necessary to cover the beans. Strain, reserving 2 cups cooking liquid, adding water if... - 45.5421

Eggs With Black Beans

Eggs With Black Beans is a very easy to prepare recipe. Enjoy this amazingly mouth watering Eggs With Black Beans; I am sure you would love to share your experience with me. - 45.4908

Tiny Seafood Tostadas With Black Bean Dip

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 2. Grease a baking sheet with cooking or baking spray. MAKING 3. Arrange tortilla circles on baking sheet. 4. Lightly spray tortillas with cooking spray 5. Bake for 10 minutes. 6. Turn over and spray again 7. Bake... - 45.4438

Black Bean Lasagna Rolls

Combine first 5 ingredients, stirring well. Cook lasagna noodles according to package directions, omitting salt and fat; drain well. Spread cheese mixture over one side of each noodle. Spoon black beans evenly over cheese mixture. Roll up noodles, jellyroll... - 45.4407

Lobster Black Beans

GETTING READY 1. If the lobsters are frozen, thaw them first. 2. Soak dau see in water and mash. 3. Remove the under shell of lobster tails and loosen meat; do not shell completely. 4. Leaving the meat in shells, crosswise cut the meat into 1 1/2-inch... - 45.3992

Steamed Spareribs With Black Beans

GETTING READY 1 Ask your butcher to cut the spareribs into individual ribs, then into 2 inch (5 cm) segments. 2 Rub the spareribs with salt and keep aside in a bowl for about 20-25 minutes. MAKING 3 In a large saucepan, add water and bring it to a... - 45.3839

Tiny Seafood Tostadas With Black Bean Dip

Seafood tostadas with black bean dip is a shimp tostadas recipe. The topping is prepared with spinach and shrimp flavored with cheese and salsa. Layered with bean dip, the seafood tostada is topped with the cheesy spinach and shrimp mix. Garnished with fresh... - 45.2248

Black Beans

GETTING READY 1.Wash the beans and drain them. MAKING 2.Take a large casserole dish, put beans and water in it. 3.Put onions, garlic, cumin, thyme and ham in the casserole. 4.Put the lid on and cook the dish in a slow oven at 275 degrees for 8... - 45.189

Spicy Black Bean Chili

GROUNDWORK: Rinse and sort through beans. In a deep 3 1/2- to 4-quart pan, bring 2 quarts of the water to a boil over high heat. Add beans. Let water return to a boil; then boil, uncovered, for 2 minutes. Remove pan from heat, cover, and let stand for 1... - 44.9678

Black Bean Dip

MAKING 1. Drain beans, reserving 2 tablespoons liquid and add both to a liquidizer or food processor jar. 2. Add spices and seasonings. 3. Blend into a smooth paste. 4. Remove into a serving bowl. 5. In a small nonstick skillet, add onion and garlic 6. On... - 44.8486

Diced Chicken With Fermented Black Beans

GETTING READY 1) In a medium-sized bowl, combine together the water chestnut powder or cornstarch, egg white and dry sherry. Stir quickly for about a minute or till the marinade is smooth. 2) From the chicken, remove any fat or cartilage and then cut the... - 44.6918

Black Bean Dip

MAKING: 1) All ingredients are blended well with the help of a food processor. 2) It is important to ensure that the beans mash well, but with small pieces still visible. 3) Black bean liquid is added to blend the contents. However, the contents should not... - 44.5742

Lobster With Black Beans

GETTING READY 1. To prepare the lobster cut in half lengthways (starting from the head). 2. Discard the legs, intestines and the feathery lungs. 3. Remove the claws and crack them with the back of the cleaver. MAKING 4. In hot oil deep-fry the lobster pieces... - 44.2586

Spicy Black Eye Beans

Wash the black-eye beans and cook in boiling water until soft. Drain and set aside. Heat the corn oil in a large frying pan, add the sliced onions and fry until golden brown. Lower the heat and add the ginger, coriander, chilli powder, turmeric, chopped... - 44.127

Black Beans And Rice With Baked Plantains

Rinse plantains, and pat dry; trim ends. Cut a length wise slit just through the skin of each plantain; place on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Bake at 375° for 35 minutes or until plantains are tender. Remove from oven, and let cool. Peel and cut... - 43.9871

Stir Fried Beef With Chilli And Black Bean Sauce

GETTING READY 1. To prepare the beef cut it into thin slices about the size of large postage stamps. 2. In a bowl mix the marinade ingredients. 3. Marinate in the marinade for at least 2-3 hours. 4. Cut the onion and green pepper into small triangular... - 43.9739

Black Bean Chili

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven at 300 degrees for 3 minutes. MAKING 2) Take a saucepan and add the black beans along with the liquid. Add tomato sauce, green pepper, garlic, onion, chili powder, salsa and cumin. 3) Bring the mixture to boil and cook for... - 43.9393

Yucatan Black Bean Dip

Soak the beans overnight in water. Drain. To the beans add 6 cups fresh water and 1 teaspoon salt. Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 2 hours, or until beans are tender. Remove the beans with a slotted spoon and set aside. Bring bean stock to a boil; add... - 43.8765

Pork Stir Fry With Black Bean Sauce

1 ln a small bowl, soak the beans in 2 tablespoons cold water for 10 minutes; drain and mince. Return to the bowl, stir in the green onions, ginger, and garlic, and set aside. In another small bowl, mix the stock, soy sauce, sherry, sugar, and cornstarch and... - 43.7661

Black Bean Jalapeno Salad

MAKING 1. In a bowl place the black beans. 2. Combine jalapeno pepper, lime juice, salt and pepper, sweet bell pepper and scallions. 3. Toss till the beans are coated well. SERVING 4. Serve black bean jalapeno salad with additional cayenne. - 43.6939

Low Salt Spicy Black Bean

MAKING 1. Sort and wash the beans and place them in a large Dutch oven; 2. Add water about two inches above the surface of the beans and allow it to boil and cook for a couple of minutes 3. Drain the beans and combine them with chicken broth, and the eight... - 43.6164

Black Beans And Rice With Cumin Vinaigrette

MAKING 1.Take a medium bowl and add in beans, bell pepper, rice and mix well. 2.In a mixing bowl, beat together the remaining ingredients with a fork or a whisk. 3.Pour this on the rice mixture and toss well to coat. SERVING 4. Can be served immediately. 5.... - 43.6072

Black Beans And Eggs

GETTING READY 1.Put beans in water enough to cover them and boil for 10minutes. 2.Once done, put the lid on and simmer for atleast 2 hours, until beans turn soft. 3.Put salt, pepper, onions, garlic, bay leaf and basil in the pan with beans. 4.Take the beans... - 43.5088

Black Beans With Two Potatoes

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. 2. Rinse and drain beans. 3. Grease a 1-½ quart dish with butter. MAKING 4. Arrange potato slice the baking dish, beginning with purple ones around the outside, then using orange ones for the next row, and ending... - 43.358

Cauliflower With Mushrooms In Spicy Black Bean Sauce

Soak mushrooms in hot water to cover until soft, about 25 minutes. Lift from water and squeeze dry; cut off and discard mushroom stems. Thinly slice mushrooms; set them aside. Trim tough end from cauliflower stem and discard, then cut head in quarters and... - 43.3418

Garlicky Black Bean Sauce

Have you experienced the joy of this Garlicky Black Bean Sauce recipe, yet? Serve this tasty Side Dish as often as you like! This recipe is a good way to use beans. There's no point pondering anymore, try out this Garlicky Black Bean Sauce right now! - 43.3127

Steamed Sea Bass With Fermented Black Beans

Wash the bass under cold running water and pat it dry inside and out with paper towels. With a sharp knife, lightly score the fish by making diagonal cuts 1/4 inch deep at 1/2 inch intervals on both sides. Sprinkle the fish, inside and out, with the... - 43.1802

Chicken Pieces In Black Bean Sauce

GETTING READY 1. If using chicken pieces cut them into 2 inch, 5 cm chunks and if using wings, cut them in half at the joint. 2. In a bowl mix the soy sauce and sherry or rice wine together and pour it over the chicken pieces. 3. Marinate it for about 1 hour,... - 43.168

Black Bean Ragout

Place the beans in a large bowl. Add cold water to cover and let soak overnight. Drain. Warm 2 teaspoons of the oil in a Dutch oven over medium heat. Add the onions, garlic, and thyme. Cook for 5 minutes, or until the onions are soft. Drain the beans and add... - 43.13

Black Bean Enchiladas

Mash half of beans; set mashed and unmashed beans aside. Coat a nonstick skillet with cooking spray; place over medium-high heat until hot. Add onion and garlic; saute until tender. Stir in mashed and unmashed beans, lime juice, oregano, and salt; set... - 42.8375

Black Bean Dip

Prepare Guacamole; set aside. In an 8- to 10-inch frying pan, combine bacon, onion, and chili powder. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until bacon is crisp (8 to 10 minutes). Drain and discard fat. Let cool. In a large bowl, coarsely mash... - 42.7193

Black Bean Potage

Fry bacon with onions, leeks and carrots. Cook until limp, about 10 minutes. If it becomes dry, add butter to avoid burning. Add black beans with ham bone and broth. Cook 1 hour. Add mustard greens. Cook 1 1/2 hours. Remove ham bone. Divide soup in... - 42.4854

Yucatan Black Bean Dip

GETTING READY 1. Soften the beans by soaking them overnight or soak them some time before cooking and drain. MAKING 2. Take a saucepan, and add beans along with water and 1 tsp salt and cook for about 2 -3 hours until the beans turn soft. 3. Remove the... - 42.4222

Chicken Stir Fry With Black Beans

Lightly beat the egg white in a non-metallic bowl with half the cornflour. Add the chicken, cover with clingfilm and chill for 30 minutes (this is called velveting). Place 300 ml water in a pan and bring to the boil. Stir the chicken and then remove from the... - 42.4211

Black Bean Corn And Poblano Pepper Salad With Cumin Vinaigrette

1. In a large bowl, combine the beans with enough cold water to cover by at least 3 inches. Let stand for 24 hours at room temperature. Alternatively, cover the beans with water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and let stand, covered,... - 42.1731

Tostada Cups With Sausage And Black Beans

To Make Tostada Cups: Preheat oven to 300°F. Fold 4 tortillas in half, place on a plate, cover, and microwave on high (100%) for 40 to 90 seconds, or until soft and pliable. Using a 2 1/2-inch round cookie or biscuit cutter, cut rounds from each... - 41.9549

Black Bean Cheesecake

Wash and sort beans, discarding any stones. Soak beans overnight in enough cold water to cover them by about four inches. Drain. Add cold water to cover beans and heat to boiling in large saucepan. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, until beans are fender but... - 41.9008

Pork With Black Bean Sauce

STEPS TO GETTING READY 1. Clean and slice the pork into thin 2 inches (5 cm) long pieces. 2. In a large bowl, place the pork and mix it with the dry sherry or rice wine, soy sauce and cornflour. Let the meat sit for 10-15 mins or overnight to soak in the... - 41.8327

Black Bean Pot

Place beans in heavy iron pot with salt pork, ham bone and water. Boil slowly. Meanwhile, saute onion, garlic and carrot in fat in a separate skillet. Add to pot. Add bay leaf, thyme, nutmeg and hash. Cover and cook slowly 3 hours. Add sugar, pot, and... - 41.5662

Steamed Fish With Fermented Black Beans

Clean and wash the fish, pat dry with paper towels. Slash crosswise on both sides of the fish at 1 1/2 inch (4 cm) intervals. Rub salt on both the inside and the outside of the fish and place it in a shallow bowl. (If the fish is too long for the bowl, cut it... - 41.1885

Black Bean Lasagna

In a small bowl, mix the tomatoes and chilies with the tomato sauce. In a medium bowl, combine the beans, cumin, and chili powder. Lightly mash the beans with a fork. Coat a 9" x 9" pan with nonstick spray. Spoon 1/2 cup of the tomato mixture into the bottom... - 41.1094

Pinwheel Ole With Black Bean Filling

MAKING 1) In a medium sized bowl, mash half a cup of the beans. 2) Stir in the rest of the quarter cup of beans, the jalapeno peppers and cream cheese. 3) Spread the mixture on the tortillas. 4) Sprinkle with onions, cheese and red pepper. 5) Roll up the... - 40.7816

Black Beans With Corn And Winter Squash

1 ln a 12 inch nonstick skiliet, heat the oil over moderate heat. Add the onion and garlic and saute, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes or until the onion is soft. Add the pepperand cook 5 minutes longer. 2 Stir in the squash, sweet potato, tomatoes,... - 40.6788

Stir Fried Squid With Chilli And Black Bean Sauce

GETTING READY 1. To prepare the squid blanch it for Deep-fried Squid. 2. Cut the onion and green pepper into small triangular pieces. MAKING 3. In a preheated wok heat the oil until smoking, then stir-fry the ginger, spring onion and chillies, followed by... - 40.6744

Claim Jumper's Black Bean Stew

MAKING 1) Heat the oil in a large non-stick skillet. 2) Add the onion and sauté till the onion has turned transparent. 3) Add the beans and all the other remaining ingredients except for the rice and cheese. 4) Bring the mixture to a boil. 5) Reduce the... - 40.5265

Short Ribs In Black Bean Sauce

Rinse black beans under cold running water; drain well. Using a fork, mash beans. Combine beans, onion, dry sherry, soy sauce, sugar, and garlic. Set aside. In a large heavy skillet or Dutch oven brown ribs in hot oil, turning ribs to brown all sides. Drain... - 40.288

Vegetarian Rice And Black Bean Chili

MAKING 1 In a medium saucepan, place water. 2 Stir in beans & rice and contents of seasoning packet. 3 Gradually bring to a boil. 4 Add in the carrot. 5 Cover and lower the heat. 6 Simmer for 10 minutes. 7 Add in the zucchini and bell pepper.... - 40.2602

Shrimp In Black Bean Sauce

MAKING 1) In a skillet, heat oil and sauté the shrimps and garlic for 3 minutes. 2) In a bowl, mix together the cornstarch, beans and water. 3) Add the beans mixture to the shrimps stirring steadily. FINALIZING 4) Stir in scallions, cover and simmer for 3... - 40.2034

Sausage And Black Bean Stew

Coat a Dutch oven with cooking spray; place over medium heat until hot. Add sausage, and cook until browned, stirring often. Drain and pat dry with paper towels. Set aside. Wipe drippings from Dutch oven with a paper towel. Coat Dutch oven with cooking spray;... - 40.1435

Steamed Fish & Clams In Black Bean Sauce

Rinse fish and pat dry. Place in a heatproof dish at least 1 inch deep that will fit inside a steamer. Mince or mash black beans and garlic; add soy and sherry. Drizzle over fish. Cut 1 onion into thirds; place cut onion and ginger on top of fish. Cut... - 40.1387

Mussels In Black Bean Sauce With Spinach

1. Using a sharp knife, trim the leeks and shred them. 2. Place the mussels in a large bowl, sprinkle with the cumin seeds and toss well to coat all over. 3. Heat the vegetable oil in a large preheated wok. 4. Add the leeks, garlic and red (bell) pepper to... - 40.0874

Chicken & Black Bean Tostadas

1. Prepare Refried Black Beans, mashing coarsely and omitting cheese. 2. Prepare Fresh Tomato Salsa. 3. Prepare Lime-Cumin Dressing. 4. Heat oven to 250°F (120°C). Pour oil into deep, heavy skillet (large enough to accommodate tortilla) to depth of 1 inch... - 39.9379

Baked Black Beans With Sour Cream

Baked Black Beans With Sour Cream are flavorful as well as rich. I made this Baked Black Beans With Sour Cream last night and thought it was great. A wonderful recipe! - 39.9315

Curried Chickpeas And Black Beans

Curried Chickpeas And Black Beans is quite a yummy deal for the parties and don’t require much of your time for the preparation part. Peas and beans together with the seasonings make this Curried Chickpeas And Black Beans taste richer. Check out the... - 39.7834

Black Beans And Corn

Heat water or broth in a skillet over medium heat. Add onion, garlic,and green bell pepper. Cook and stir over medium heat for 5 minutes. Add water during this process if necessary. Add black beans, corn, cumin, and coriander. Cook for 5 minutes or until... - 39.6833

Black Bean Dip

Black bean dip is a peppy and delicious dip. This black bean dip recipe is prepared with canned beans processed with spiced like chili, cumin and flavored with hot pepper sauce. Combined with cooked onions and garlic, it mixed well and can be served fresh and... - 39.5753

Classic Duck With Black Beans

Cut the duck into suitable mouth-sized pieces. Turn them into a bowl. Add a pinch salt, sugar, Ve-Tsin, 1/2 teaspoon ginger sherry, few drops sesame oil, 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce and pinch cornflour and work them well into the meat. Chop the ginger and garlic... - 39.4939

Grilled Scallops With Black Beans

Place scallops in a shallow dish. Combine olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, and ground red pepper; drizzle over scallops, and toss gently. Cover; marinate in refrigerator 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray; place... - 39.1969

Cumin Rice With Black Beans

Cumin Rice With Black Beans is an amazingly delicious easy to prepare recipe which cannot just escape your guest's attention in any party. Try this Cumin Rice With Black Beans; I am sure you will get a huge fan following for this! - 39.1109

Black Bean Patties With Cilantro And Lime

Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Add onion and next 8 ingredients; saute 3 minutes or until onion is tender. Add beans; saute 1 minute. Combine bean mixture, breadcrumbs, cornmeal, cilantro, and lime juice in a large bowl;... - 39.0933

Black Bean Float

GETTING READY 1) In a saucepan, add soup, water, onion, and lemon juice. MAKING 2) Place the saucepan over medium heat. 3) Heat up the mixture by frequent stirring. 4) In another bowl, add sour cream, parsley, and radish to combine and prepare... - 38.655

Black Bean And Corn Soup

MAKING 1) In a slow cooker, combine all the ingredients together. 2) Cover the cooker and cook over high heat for 5 to 6 hours. SERVING 3) Serve as preferred. - 38.6403

Black Beans

Soak beans in water to cover for 8 hours, or overnight, in deep kettle. Add salt and bacon to beans. Place over medium heat and cook until beans are tender, adding more water if necessary. Add sausage and ham; cook onion, garlic, chili powder, and pepper in... - 38.5981

Black Beans And Ham

Cook up some comfort with ham and beans. Cornmeal biscuits are the special topper. - 38.3986

Black Beans In Rum

Black Beans In Rum is a delicious side dish recipe which I always love to have on my dinner table. I bet, once you have this Black Beans In Rum, you will always crave for some more. - 38.3827

Duck With Black Beans

Duck With Black Beans is a wonderful and delicious dish that is extremely easy to prepare. The dish is perfect in terms of the blending of flavors and texture. Serve Duck With Black Beans for you family weekend lunch at home. Trust me, they will love it. - 38.2101

Steamed Pork Spare Ribs With Black Bean Sauce

GETTING READY 1. To prepare the spare-ribs chop them into small bite-size pieces, marinate in the marinade for at least 1 hour - the longer the better. MAKING 2. On a heat-proof platter, spread the ribs out and steam in a hot steamer over a high heat for... - 38.0446

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