Black And White Cookie

Black and white cookie is a soft and spongy cake-like shortbread that has vanilla frosting on one half and chocolate frosting on the other. Due to its half-dark-half-light appearance, it is also known as half and half cookie, half-moon cookie, or a drop cake cookie. A popular New York cuisine snack, it is commonly eaten inManhattan and Northeastern New Jersey.


History Of Half-Moon Cookie

The half-moon cookies are said to have originated in Utica, New York. The first such cookie was prepared in Hemstrought’s bakery in early 1900s. The same bakery is also said to have created vanilla moon and chocolate moon cookies. The bakery no longer exists now, but the  the cookies are still in demand and are available in super stores.


Black and White Cookie Recipe: Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used

The ingredients which are required for baking black and white cookies are eggs, flour, oil, sugar, chocolate frosting, and vanilla frosting. Flour is mixed with sugar, baking powder, oil and eggs and a smooth cake batter is prepared. On the cookie sheets, with a spoon or spatula, the batter is dropped into heaps and baked. Once done, the flat side of the cookie is topped, half with vanilla frosting and half with chocolate frosting.


Serving Half Moon Cookies

Half-moon cookies are a good snacking option and are usually relished with tea or coffee. The cookies also taste well when served with whipped cream and chocolate crumbs.


Half and Half Cookie Variations

Amerikaneris a popular German cookie which is similar to the half and half cookie. These German cookies are topped with only vanilla fondant. Kyon cookies are popular in parts of North America and are half white and half black on either side.


Nutritional Facts of Drop Cake Cookies

These drop cake cookies have high calorific value due to the presence of chocolate frosting. It has been estimated that there are approximately 230 calories in one black and white cookie weighing 2 oz. These cookies are rich in fat and 13grams of fat is present in one 2 oz. cookie. The saturated fat content in such cookies is about 3 grams. Besides, the black and white cookie is high in carbohydrates also. The cookie contains no fiber and very less amount of protein. These cookies should be consumed in moderation by people suffering from high cholesterol.


Black And White Cookies- Trivia

Black and white cookies have featured in many TV serials which include: Sex and the City on HBO, Mad love episode and Fairly Legal, a USA series.

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