Bizarre Foods

Bizarre Foods or "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" is a food show that is typically based on travel and cuisines of different places and regions. It is basically a documentary style TV show that showcases some of the most popular and unique foods from around the world.


The highlight of the show is the chef Andrew Zimmern, whose style of presenting the show makes it quite popular among the audiences. Till now Bizarre foods has completed the 5 seasons and 56 episodes has been aired in these 5 seasons.


The show is all about bizarre recipes that are popular in different part of the world. Some such bizarre foods recipes that are quite popular in the show are frog sashimi (includes beating heart of frog), stuffed pancreas, slatur (blood pudding) and donkey rib and tail stew.


History of Bizarre Foods

The journey of Bizarre foods started with the launch of one hour documentary program on ‘Bizarre Foods of Asia’. This documentary was originally telecast on a travel channel and able to draw a large number of consistent audiences. This happened due to the repeated telecast of the show on the channel. With the huge popularity of the documentary, the channel decided to turn it in to a weekly food show with the same concept and style. The show is produced by Coleen Steward and edited by Troy Heller and Erik J. Fremstad.


On February 26th, 2007 the show was first aired with Andrew Zimmern as the host. After 2 years, in 2009, the host Andrew Zimmern took a break from the show to work on the follow up show called ‘Bizarre world’. It has been said that ‘Bizarre Foods’ will return in January 20011 with some interesting and bizarre foods recipes.


Bizarre Foods Format

Bizarre foods are a show focused on the cuisines, food habits and the bizarre foods recipes prevailing in different parts of the world. There are many food cultures across the world where inhuman eating habits are very famous that includes eating live animals. Bizarre food recipes include live worms, snakes and even stomach lining of the animals.


In this show, the host, Andrew Zimmern shows how these unique and bizarre foods are prepared, how they are served and he even eats those bizarre foods recipes without any hesitation.


This show showcases the unique and interesting eating habits and cultures of the people living in this world. In 5 seasons of the show the Andrew Zimmern traveled to Asia, UK, Spain, Gulf, Italy, Eastern Australia and many other remote and popular regions of the world.


Popular Bizarre Foods Recipes

Bizarre foods is popular because of the bizarre recipes shown in the program. Some recipes that drew the attention of audiences and even shows the inhuman food culture in the world are as follows:


  • Frog sashimi – This recipe includes a beating heart of frog. It’s quite bizarre and this food was shown in the pilot episode of the show ‘Bizarre foods of Asia’.
  • Stuffed pancreas – It’s a Moroccan bizarre recipe that was shown in the season 1 in March.
  • Snake penis, yak penis – These bizarre food recipes are very inhuman in nature but eaten in Beijing, China as shown in the season 2 episode.
  • Slatur – A recipe of Iceland that is typically a kind of blood pudding.
  • Fried grasshoppers – Not sounding palatable but a Thai dish that is unique and bizarre.


Bizarre Foods :Trivia

The motto of Andrew Zimmern while ending the every episode of Bizarre foods is “If it look good, eat it”.


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