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Biscuit dough is the mixture of ingredients that is used for making biscuits. The dough is made of plain flour, butter and eggs. All the ingredients are kneaded together into dough. Most commonly, as sweet biscuits are prepared, sugar is mostly included in the dough. For salty or savory biscuits, the dough is made without sugar. Even sugar-free sweet dough may be made with the use of sugar substitutes. The basic biscuit dough may be enhanced with cocoa powder, fruits, nut or chocolate for making biscuits of different varieties.

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12 Tricks For Baking The Perfect Biscuit

12 Tricks For Baking The Perfect Biscuit On : 25-Mar-2014 By : seasonal_foodie

Are you a baking enthusiast? That means that you have graduated from cakes and pies to cookies & finally biscuits of the American kind . The first time is bound to be a disaster in the form of lumpy, misshapen doughy mass that even the most optimistic...

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Biscuits

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Biscuits On : 02-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

Biscuits, the quintessential English tea time snacks, can not only be filling, but fattening too. Mindless munching on biscuits can topple your good health in myriad ways. However, if you think it is impossible to slash down fat content in biscuits since the...

Bake Your Own Biscuits!

Bake Your Own Biscuits! On : 02-May-2013 By : Glad to Be a Woman

There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked biscuits wafting through your home. Those of you who are avid bakers will know how invigorating the delicious smell of baking cookies is and for those who have never experienced it, read on! ...

How Can I Roll Out Sourdough

How Can I Roll Out Sourdough On : 10-Dec-2010 By : colorsandspices

While preparing your first recipe with sourdough, you must be thinking about – how can I roll out sourdough . Rolling out sourdough does require some practice and expertise. It also depends on the final product for which you are going to roll it out...

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