Biscotti Pan

Biscotti Pan is baking equipment used for baking biscotti, cookies or biscuits. Biscotti is the Italian term given to twice baked cookie, which lends it the crispy, crunchy texture. The biscotti pan is a flat, rectangular shape tray, usually made of aluminum, non-stick, or stainless steel. Some of them have handles on the two sides to help in placing or removing them from the hot oven. Some biscotti pans are insulated which allows for uniform browning of the biscotti.
Jelly Roll Biscotti Pan – This type of biscotti pan is flat and rectangular with a continuous curved lip around all its four sides. It makes it easier to hold the pan and prevents the biscotti from sliding off the tray. This type of pan may also be used to bake other treats like brownies. They may be bought in aluminum, black steel, or non-stick.
Air Bake Biscotti Pan – This type of pan has a thin layer of air between two sheets of metal. This makes it insulated and it helps to bake the biscotti with uniform browning on top and bottom, and also prevents the biscotti from getting burnt.
Pipe and Bake Biscotti Pan – This type of biscotti pan is flat and rectangular with many parallel baking grooves. The biscotti dough is piped into these grooves at short distances and baked. This shortens the procedure of making biscotti by twice baking to baking only once.
How to Buy a Biscotti Pan
While buying a biscotti pan, one must adhere to the size of the pan, depending on what size will go into the oven. One can choose from the various materials available like aluminum which distributes heat evenly, non-stick which is useful for easy cleaning and removal of cookies once baked, and insulated pans which result in fewer burnt cookies. Budget should also be kept in mind, as the non-stick and aluminum pans are relatively inexpensive, while the insulated biscotti pan will cost much more.
Popular Brands Selling Biscotti Pan

  • USA Pans– They offer a heavy gauge biscotti pan made of aluminized steel, which has a corrugated surface which ensures even cooking.
  • Anolon Cookware– They offer a large sized, heavy gauge, non-stick biscotti pan with silicone handles to ensure a slip-free grasp. It is also dishwasher safe.
  • Biscotti Zone– They offer a unique ‘One Step Biscotti Baker’, which is designed for speeding up the biscotti making process.

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