Birthday Bread Recipes

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Birthday Celebration Loaf

Trim top and bottom crusts from bread; cut into 4 horizontal slices. In small bowl, combine eggs, bacon, relish, and 1/4 cup Wish-Bone Creamy Italian Dressing. In another bowl, mash liverwurst with parsley and 1/3 cup Wish-Bone Creamy Italian... - 37.2922

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Ripe Olive Birthday Loaf

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix the beef, bread crumbs, onion, marjoram, salt and pepper together. Combine the egg and 2/3 cup milk and mix with the beef mixture thoroughly. Shape into a 9 x 12-inch rectangle on sheet of waxed paper. Drain the olives... - 42.4518

Banana Walnut Bread

Banana Bread is my favorite flavored bread. I love the texture and flavor of this bread and serve it often, especially for my children's birthday parties. Try it for yourself, I am sure you will love the Banana Bread! - 43.889

Easter Chicks

These Easter Chicks are simply amazing ! Make these bread birds for your kid's next birthday. Children love to bite off the crunchy almond beaks or the delicious raisin eyes !After the party, come back here to tell me how your kid liked his party with the... - 45.9515

Nutella Fairy Bread

Nutella Fairy Bread This Nutella fairy bread is great for birthday party platters and any occasion where the kids are hungry! It is a real hit at kid's parties. It is easy to make and great for any occasion where there are hungry children. Kids especially... - 112.322

Apple Brown Bread

Apple Brown bread is a rich and delicious bread. Whether a tea party, dinner or your kids birthday party, this is a great choice. - 49.9404

Mummified Mollejas Aka Sweet Breads

Sweetbreads are the star of a barbecue in any Latin American country. They may look unappetizing when uncooked but taste fantastic when grilled. This recipe is a variation of moink balls! Tender beef sweetbreads are marinated in barbecue sauce enclosed in... - 110.637

Nutella Puppy Sandwiches : Perfect Summer

Nutella Puppy Sandwiches : Perfect Summer Recipe HooplaKidzRecipes demonstrates kids the easy art of cooking, which they are bound to have fun with and learn at the same time.. Easy for kids to eat and quick for moms to whip up. This fun-sized version is the... - 120.724

Hard-crusted Herb-buttered Rolls

Hard-Crusted Herb-Buttered Rolls is a unique and winning roll that is perfect for your children's birthday parties. Surprise your guests and kisa with this tasty roll. I am sure they will love the Hard-Crusted Herb-Buttered Rolls. - 25.8488

Kid's Caterpillar Sandwich

Want an attractive looking sandwich for the kids party? And something which the whole family can make together and have fun. Chef Tawnya is making a very creative caterpillar sandwich with just using any of your favorite filling for it. She has the best... - 117.646


Bhature is classical deep-fried bread made of all-purpose flour. It is generally relished with a traditional Indian chickpea dish called Chole. It is very mild in spice and thus suits the palates of larger crowd. - 33.768