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Birthday recipes are specially cooked to celebrate the day on which a person is born. Birthday is indeed a time to celebrate with friends and family and hence it is very necessary to prepare special birthday recipes for the guests. Usually, birthday food is prepared by keeping in mind the preferences and choice of the person whose birthday is being celebrated. Birthday dishes mainly include the cake that may vary in size and shape. Finger foods, drinks and if there is a dinner party then main course dishes as well as desserts are also prepared.


Traditional Birthday Food and Party Menu

Traditionally, the birthday parties are celebrated among family members only. Birthday parties were not a grand affair in olden times. All birthday recipes used to be prepared at home only. Traditional birthday cakes were also simple and home-baked. In ancient times, birthday cake was made from bread and one of the most common flavors was chocolate. Some of the traditional birthday snacks include sandwiches, brownies, muffins, fries and burgers. In Persia, the traditional birthday recipes for rich Persians include baked dish of whole ox, camel or even baked donkey. Birthday menu depends upon the theme of the party. Traditional birthday parties were not formal dinner parties. High tea and snack parties used to prevail in olden times. High tea birthday dishes mostly comprise of snacks and beverages along with cake. If birthday food was being made for small kids then especially finger food was made so that it could be easily eaten without fuss.


Significance of Birthday Dishes

Birthday cake has special significance among the birthday recipes. It is believed that ancients Greeks have started the tradition of making cake on birthday. Their traditional birthday cake was in the shape of a moon to show their gratitude towards the goddess of moon. The tradition of lighting candles on the cake also has significance. Greeks believed that lighted candles on moon-shaped cake gives an effect of glowing moon. In ancient times when candles were blown then it is believed that smoke coming out from the candles would reach God and their wish would come true. Birthday snacks also signify the tradition of treating guests with joy and happiness. Birthday parties are always a time to enjoy and without food it incomplete hence food and drinks are always associated with birthday party.


Modern Birthday Recipes and Variations

In the olden times, birthday cakes and other baked birthday dishes were made up of bread. Honey and nuts were used to decorate the baked dishes. But as the time changed, the traditional birthday recipes have also changed. Birthday cakes are now more elaborate and decorated with various ingredients such as cream, chocolate wafers, jams and jellies. Even theme birthday cakes are also very popular such as Mickey Mouse cake, Barbie cake or cakes in the shape of animals and other creatures. Self-picture cakes are a rage among people these days. For grand birthday parties, cakes are usually customized according to the number of guests. Two and three-tier cakes are quiet popular in gala birthday parties. Snacks served these days have also seen significant changes. Earlier, homemade snacks were quite popular but modern birthday recipes include packaged snacks and sweets. Toffees, chocolates even puddings are also made on order by bakeries. Event managers are appointed to arrange the birthday food menu.


Customary Way of Serving Birthday Dishes

Birthday meal is a formal dinner party. Birthday food can be served at any time in a day. It may be lunch, tea snacks or dinner. The birthday food starts with cake that is cut by the person whose birthday is being celebrated. All guests gather at one place and wish the person while offering birthday gifts. Cake is then cut into pieces and served to each and every person present at the party. In many parties, cake is kept to be served later as dessert. Drinks and snacks have started after the cake cutting ceremony. There is also a tradition to play games at snack time. After the snacks, if it’s a formal three course meal, the food is served at the dinner table. Birthday dishes are usually served in a buffet where every one helps themselves. Desserts are also included in the buffet. In the end when all guests are about to leave, a return birthday gift is presented to all guests. This gift may be in the form of goodie bag or some kind of momento.


Birthday Recipes Trivia

• In 1989, the largest birthday cake was made that weighed around 128,238 pounds.