Bhel Puri Masala Recipes

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Bhel Puri

Bhelpuri is a popular snack on the beaches of MUMBAI!!! - 45.5939

Bhel Puri

* Boil the potatoes and cut in to small dice * Arrange the puri in plates, and mix the potatoes with all chutnies and chilli powder,green chilli,chopped cilantro. * Put the potatoes mixture on top of puri and drizzle the rest chutnies and cilantro * Sprinkle... - 43.7462

Spicy Bhel Puri

Bhel puri is to India what hamburger is to America. Spicy puffed rice tossed with veggies, crackers, spices, and tangy sauce makes for a filling, nutritious, delicious snack. Just toss up all the ingredients together to make for a lip-smacking Indian delight... - 109.812

Indian Bhel Puri

Very popular Indian chat food. A mixture of murmura or puffed rice with wholesome combination of farsan, sev, onion, tomatoes, a kick from spicy chilli chutney and a tangy taste from super delicious tamarind sauce. Bhel, just a name is enough to make you... - 117.883

Bhel Puri

How to make bhel puri: • Mix the puffed rice, tomatoes, onions. • Drain the water from the grated potatoes and mix that as well. • Mix all the ingredients under seasoning and add to this. • Lightly crush and add the nimkis and golgappas. • Add... - 36.705

Quick Bhel Puri

MAKING 1) Blend together all the ingredients of tikhi chutney into a smooth paste. 2) Soak tamarind and make pulp. Then, blend it with dates and other ingredients of meethi chutney into a smooth paste. 3) Make stiff dough with suji, maida and salt. Add... - 45.3277

Healthy Bhel Puri (chaat)

Those who relish eating Indian snacks will definitely want to try this recipe out. This is a famous Indian junk food. The chutney added to the bhel gives it a good flavour. Watch the video to try out this tasty chaat. - 108.089