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Betty Crocker is a brand name or a cultural icon, of American Fortune 500 Corporation General Mills. Betty Crocker has a variety of products for food lovers, ranging from baking mixes to cookbooks, and from potato mashes, to various cake and dessert decorating products.




The name Betty Crocker is comes from the famous English name “Betty”, which is considered to be all time cheery name with “Crocker” in the honor of William Crocker, who was the director of Washburn Crosby Company. The name was formed in 1921.  The brand was created by Marjorie Husted, who was a businesswoman and home economist and under her supervision, the brand became quite popular and an icon for General Mills.


In 1929 to 1933:


Betty Crocker introduced it coupons, which could be used to minimize the price of Oneida Limited Flatware. The coupons were available in the bags of flour. By the end of 1932, the scheme became very popular amongst consumers and General Mills started to offer the full set of flatware. In 1933, General Mills issued Betty Crocker’s Cookbooks, including the Famous Chefs, 101 Delicious Bisquick Creations, Distinguished Epicures and Smart Luminaries of Movieland, as made and Served by Well Known Gracious Hostesses.


1945 to 1950:


Betty Crocker was recognized as the “Second most popular American Woman” in 1945. In 1949, Betty Crocker, was recognized as the “Best Cook” in the town of Granger Crocker, this was mentioned on the post card that was sent from Granger Cocker to J. W Schucak. Betty Crocker was portrayed by Actress Adelaide Hawley Cumming, who had her own TV shows and she continued to portray Crocker until 1964. Betty Crocker’s cookbook was published in 1950 by a nutritionist, Agnes White Tizard.


2005 to 2007:


Betty Crocker’s Cookbook’s 10th edition was published in 2005 along with the Spanish/English bilingual book, which has a collection of recipes for Spanish speaking readers, looking to adopt American cooking style. In 2007, Betty Crocker’s new webstore was launched with a variety of recipes, food products, cookbooks, videos, techniques and tips on how to cook, theme cooking ideas and many more.


Products list of Betty Crocker



Betty Crocker Cookbook:  A general kitchen reference book.

Betty Crocker Cake Mixes

Betty Crocker Canned Frosting

Betty Croker Baking Mixes

Betty Crocker Cake and Dessert Decorating products

Betty Crocker’s salad mixes

Betty Crocker’s shake and Make pancake mix

Betty Crocker’s mashed potatoes

Betty Crocker’s Warm Delights microwavable desserts



Popular Betty Crocker’s Products



Betty Crocker Brownies

Betty Crocker Cakes Mix

Betty Crocker Cookies Mix

Betty Crocker Frosting Mix

Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes

Betty Crocker Muffins

Betty Crocker Pasta

Betty Crocker Pasta Salad

Betty Crocker Snacks




  1. Betty Crocker has said to have provided trusted advice to many Americans through radio, television, cookbooks and magazines.
  2. Betty Crocker has sold over 62 million cookbooks since 1950.
  3. In Minnesota state of United States, where the General Mills is headquartered, there is a street named “Betty Crocker Drive”, which regularly displays and endorses Betty Crocker’s food products like biscuit mixes, cake mixes, microwave popcorn, and frosting.
  4. Currently, Betty Crocker is one of the top 10 recognized brands in the world, having 100% consumer awareness.









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