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Better Health Tips For Aging Population

With age comes various issues related to health and well-being. To counter some of these issues here is a very informative video of Better Health Tips for Ageing Population. You will definitely benefit by watching this video and using some of the tips shared... - 92.8693

Resolution And Action Plan For Better Health

For better health we have to set goals and achieve the goals for better health. Dr. Meena Shah is talking about setting resolutions and how to achieve your goals in a realistic way so that it benefits your body and mind health. - 100.158

Body Awareness For Better Health

This video will show you how you can take care of your feet by following some simple flexing exercises anyone can do. Its about keeping your body supple. - 91.4269

Tips For Better Sleep - How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

If stress is keeping you awake at night, here are some simple tips to help you relax and get better sleep, courtesy of family and lifestyle correspondent Ylonda Caviness. - 102.875

Three Tips To Get A Better Night's Sleep

Tired of counting sheep? Dr. Larry Emdur shares three ways to get a better night's sleep. - 106.288

Dos And Don'ts Of Better Digestion

If your digestion is good even then you are healthy. How you can improve your digestion for better health. Dr. Meena Shah is sharing useful tips to improve your digestion for better health. - 91.4744

Real Butter Is Better Substitute To Phony Butter

Eating real butter instead of spreading your toast with phony butter, is the highlight of the video. Take a look at some of health benefits of real butter, and how phony butter can be devastating for your health. - 120.181

How To Be A Better Public Speaker

Make your speeches more powerful with the use of thought bubbles! Communication expert Alexa Fischer explains how to connect key points without using a script for a more natural, engaging presentation. - 103.32

Tips For Good Health

How to live longer, healthier, without getting manipulated, and deceived by food products. Doctor here mentions about the health book he has launched which is provides you with 16 bonuses on health. - 92.4472

Better Sleep For Better Post Exercise Recovery

Workout lowers our energy levels and to regain that energy we must do something. What can be the best way of recovering from workout fatigue? Find out yourself by watching this Better Sleep for Better Post Exercise Recovery video. - 88.2959

Maintaining Men's Sexual Health: Ed, Testosterone Levels And Libido

Men's sexual health issues change over time, but some basic health care facts are the same at any age. Dr. Brent Ridge explains how to maintain men's sexual health. - 110.74

Acupuncture For Better Health

Acupuncture is an alternate medicine method where the treatment is done by needle piercing in different parts of body. Whitney visits one such center and get acupuncture done. Watch the video to have a virtual tour of the place and know more about the method. - 80.9478

Food Nutrients Better Source Than Health Pills

This video succumbs to an evergreen idea that health comes from natural sources, rather than health pills or any magic capsules. Get switched to healthy way of living than piling your cabinet with all kind of multiple health pills. - 119.933

7 New Year Resolutions To Better Health

In this video, Kevin and Annmarie Gianni are talking about new year resolutions. Everyone should have their new year resolutions for better health and lifestyle, it can be weight loss, raw diet and many more. - 99.6244

Breathing For Better Health - Part 1

Breathing is an important part of any exercise, infact breathing right during exercise is very important. Research has proved that people who do breathing exercises and meditation live longer than those who don’t. Watch this video and hear an expert... - 84.6172

Breathing For Better Health -part 2

In this video Aron shows you how you should breathe whilst doing eercises to get the maximum benefit from your workouts. Proper controlled long Breathing exercises improve the functions of the digestive and nervous system. - 79.7261

Whole Wheat For Better Health

Do you want to know whey whole wheat food products are recommended over white food products? If yes, watch the video here and learn how the wheat benefits the body. - 91.7706

Working Your Workout: Tips And Tricks For Better Results

Graziella shares some of her fitness expertise as a personal trainer on how to get better results from your workout. - 98.8753

Behind The Lens: Tips For Shooting Better Travel Videos

Looking to capture better videos of your travels? We asked Mike Corey, from Kick the Grind TV to share some of his secrets with us. - 102.546

Tips To Make Better Butter

Want to make better butter? Well, you will need few things such as butter, olive oil and muffin. Try this better butter; it has half the saturated fat of regular butter, but it tastes great. Watch this video for more information. - 97.4696

Tips To Make Burnt Rice Taste Better

Do not panic if your rice is burnt. You can make the burnt rice taste better with this simple tip. Just lay a slice of bread on top of it and put the lid back on. In few minutes, the burnt smell and taste will be vanished. Isn't it simple? - 103.008

Better Food Tips

In today's society, leading a healthy lifestyle is a very common subject that is often talked about. Vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy fats are very much required by our body in order to stay healthy and fit. This video will give you some valuable tips... - 97.5973

Tips For Better Gym Performance

Doing exercises on regular basis burn many calories and keep your body in shape. And we all know that the more calories we burn the faster we will be able to achieve a fit body. Apart from this, you need to pay close attention to your nutrition as well.... - 99.4017

Tips For Better Waffles

Do you love to cook? Are you bored of preparing same type of vegetarian food ,and looking an egg substitute? Here is a video that solves your entire problem. It has some great tips which will help you make healthy and delicious food. Watch and start preparing... - 89.6717

P90x Workout Tip - How To Get Better Faster Stronger

Make your workouts intense. Jason shows P90X Workout for Legs and Back with 17 pounds in his weighted vest. He shows some real high intensity workouts and motivates to push your body. The body gets used to a workout and slows down the metabolic rate, so... - 85.4415

Is Grounding Important For Your Health

So I know y'all hate long boring videos, so I made this long one as entertaining, interesting, and helpful as possible. Grounding has improved my health and helped so many people feel better! You gotta give it a try... why not? It's free! :) - 100.353

A Must For Good Health Is Natural Cleanse

People nowadays look for several ways of doing cleansing. There are even a lot of things we can check online convincing us that their products were a lot better compared to others. Some promised to have that instant result and others advised to use the slow... - 104.415

Neck Pain And Posture Tips

Today I have a personal story about my neck, pain, and how i have gotten rid of my neck pain. I'm going to give you some background on my situation and give you some tips on how you can take better care of your neck along with some very specific stretches... - 102.676

Fully Raw Tips To Stay Warm In Winter

Do you think it's too difficult to eat raw and keep warm in Winter? You don't need to eat hot foods to stay warm! Here are some simple and easy tips to keep you heated and healthfully happy these cold months! When I first went raw, my body fat percentage... - 125.498

Winter Workout Injury Prevention Tip

Lee Hayward is sharing a very simple tip to protect your muscles, ligaments, and tendon from injury in this one. In winter we need to take extra care of our body because our muscles become stiff due to cold air. A little bit of planning, and preparation... - 101.764

The #1 Habit For Better Sleep, Less Stress And Greater Productivity!

I've got a special Motivational Monday for you today! I am going to share the BEST practice that I have found to help you move closer to your goals, whether they be health goals or life goals, while also getting you in touch with the very best things that are... - 106.315

Why Is Dietary Cleansing Better Than Other Cleansers

The dietary cleansers include cleanses of lack and cleanses of abundance. The cleanses of lack involves giving body a vacation from digestions that is it deprives body from food. And the cleanse of abundance includes specific whole foods and concentrates on... - 105.822

Farmer`s Market Better For Kids

Farmer`s market could be a great place to choose the best foods, and take your kids to the place to let them shop. It is a great time to show them how agriculture is done, and what factors affect the produce. - 64.2035

Kids & Calcium: Bank On Better Bones With Wegmans

Worried whether your kids are having enough of calcium? In this video, Wegmans Corporate Nutritionist, Jen Felice, tells us about the importance of calcium in kids. It is a known fact that dairy is a rich source of calcium. However, lactose intolerance in on... - 99.6137

Which Healing Foods Enhance Healthy Reproductive Systems

Did you know there are certain foods that can help keep your reproductive system healthy? Dr. Maoshing Ni highlights some healing foods and the benefits they offer. - 111.073

How Juggling Makes You A Better Athlete

A few moments after I dove for a glass of water plummeting toward the tile floor below and snatched it out of thin air, I thought to myself - man, this juggling thing is really working. If you're involved in an athletic pursuit, I'm willing to bet you can... - 105.799

Creation Of Better Olive Oil

Host of PBS Christina Cooks, Christina Pirello talks about her favorite olive oil brand. IT is Chef Salvatore's olive oil imported from Italy. Watch the video to know more. - 107.524

Live Longer Live Better With Jay Kordich

Most of the food we eat have been processed and cooked. What does cooking do to the food? According to Jay Kordich, it kills all the live enzymes that are found naturally in the fruit and vegetables. He further explains how he has been able to maintain the... - 94.5449

Primal Movement Patterns For A Better Workout

To be fit in life, we need to have exercise and good eating habits. In this video, Ryan is showing you to combination of different push, pull and squat exercises for better and real results. - 99.7669

Raw Food Produces Better Athletes

Raw food builds up strong muscles, and is deemed to produce better athletes. Video shows that people on raw food diet can perform better than their non raw food counterpart. - 91.2583

What's A Better Way To Drop Belly Fat

Body fat is extremely essential for proper function of the body. Any fat beyond this poses health issues. Different people have different opinion when it comes to finding ways for successfully losing weight around stomach. - 88.7935

Improve Your Posture

The good news is that we can stop this bad posture getting worse and even make our posture better with a few simple exercises. - 99.2503

Which Candy Is Best For You?

When it comes to eating candy, it's always good to know which of the lesser evils you should choose from. For example, with chocolate, darker is always better. - 99.3697

Which One Is Better Cardio, Weights, Or Both?

Decided to go on a workout plan but not sure how to start exercising. Well, here is a quick video by Kristine Fretwell and she speaks of the best exercise for individual needs. As she speaks about the workout requirement for three different groups of people,... - 93.8401

Shorter Workouts - Any Exercise - Good And Better!

Short video with great news about shorter workouts (New study out)! - 105.856

Best Fat Loss Tip For 2013

As we embark on another New Year many people are setting goals and New Year's Resolutions for 2013. And one of the most popular goals that people set is to lose weight (i.e. lose bodyfat). Statistics show that the average weight gain over the Christmas... - 100.743

Health Experts On Health Within

Your body can be healthy by healing itself from within. It is a good idea on getting healthy with no drugs. In this video, Dr Bob and Debbie De Maria are discussing health within. - 65.5535

Drink More Water

If you want to resolve to get healthier and feel better, drink more water. I can't believe how many people I come across that drink diet sodas all day long as if it were water. Well, it's not, and water is very important to regulate your body's temperature,... - 102.459

Better Sleep With Yoga For Insomnia

This video you will help you to learn yoga poses and postures to cure insomnia. - 105.821

Yoga For Better Sleep And Relaxation

The exercise in this video will help you to improve the quality of your sleep and will relax your body and mind. - 106.206

Health Tips From Dr Meena Shah

Dr. Meena Shah is a health care expert who gives useful and healthy tips for being healthy in natural way. She is sharing her healthy fanda in 2011 with you for healthy and happy life. - 60.0179

Health Tips For Travel

Watch Brooke prepare herself for her winter vacation to a trip down South. - 90.0679

Health And Fats - Hints And Tips

Fat is a part of meal. Fats provide the building blocks for cell membranes and a variety of hormones and hormone like substances. They are thus an important source of energy and heat, and they contribute to the formation of body fat. Visit for more hints and... - 100.766

How To Make Wheatgrass Taste Better

Wheatgrass is very nutritious. But there are very few people out there who actually love having wheatgrass. They like the benefits but do not like its smell or taste. Natasha is one of them too. So, she came up with few tips to make wheatgrass taste better.... - 108.002

Cook Better With These 5 Skills

You can cook better when you know the necessary 5 skills. Live cooking demonstration filmed at the Speaking of Women’s Health conference in Raleigh, N.C. Watch and learn great cooking skills. - 100.517

Herbs And Foods For Better Sex With Brigitte Mars

Today, Brigitte Mars steams it up on the Renegade Health Show and explains some herbs and foods that will help you have better sex...You might want to schedule a weekend getaway after listening to this one! - 84.0533

Tips For Maintaining Health In Diabetes

This video is in Gujarati - 71.0693

Health And Fats - Hints And Tips

Fat is a part of meal. Fats provide the building blocks for cell membranes and a variety of hormones and hormone like substances.Visit for more hints on - 23.0192

The Renegade Health Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Today you're in for a real treat...I'd gotten away from the top 10 lists because there was just other information to cover, but after doing today's Renegade Health Top 10 weight loss tips, I wonder why I moved away from them. They're not only fun to do, but... - 92.2762

Mughda Gives Health Tips To Be Pretty

Mughda Godse inaugurated the Bandra branch of Pretti slim clinic, specialists in beauty and health care services on the 9th of April. She advised them on how to stay fit and healthy and definitely proved to be a role model for them.Watch the latest Bollywood... - 84.9217

Johnny Rich Health Show "no Excuses" Segment: Workout Tips And Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Dish

Johnny Rich Health "No Excuses" In this Segment: Johnny warms up with an upper body routine and then off to his kitchen for a Delicious Spicy Butterfly Chicken with ginger and vegetables. - 3.26648

Tips On How To Choose Health Drink

Not all health and energy drinks are suitable for you and your needs. Let us find out which type of drink among these –water, flavored water and portified water is the best for you with Wegmans Corporate Nutritionist Jennifer Felice. - 84.208

Health Tips To Increase Your Brain Capacity

Video is all about how exercise, fresh air, and mental health is important to keep yourself fit and fine. There are some typical healthy tips to remain healthy, wealthy and hearty with the seven tips high lighted here. - 100.54

How Raw Foods Are Better

Kristina of Rawfully Organic is on Great Day Houston show, and here she tells the audience about the benefits of eating raw foods. Also, she explains how frozen and canned foods should be bought, and what points should be kept in mind while doing so. 'Eat... - 109.664

Top 10 Tips New Grads Need Now: Tips For New Grads

If you have just graduated, Sarah shares some easy tips to get on track and kick-start a new healthy lifestyle! - 110.526

Kids Health: Add - Natural Home Remedies For Add

Treat add with natural home remedies by using either brahmi powder or fish oil. ADD: • ADD is a neurochemical disorder • The patient is unable to focus Inattentive type ADD: • Child is unable to focus • Difficulty in learning new Hyperactive... - 100.406

Gardening To Have Low Cost Health Food

Do you want to have free green smoothies around a year for better healthy lifestyle? Whole plant foods a are very important part of the diet and the more you can eat them uncooked, the better they are nutrition-wise. In this video, Robyn Openshaw shares her... - 94.1224

Third Trimester Of Pregnancy - Heartburn, Swelling And Hunger

The last few weeks of pregnancy are filled with lots of emotions: excitement, fear and exhaustion are all there. When moms eat their best by eating lots of vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains, energy could be just a bit better! I would love to... - 89.3627

Emotional Eating - Real Stories & Helpful Tips

Two Categories of emotional eating- Happy and Sad. Happy Eating is during celebrations, parties, holidays, etc, while sad eating is during depressions, anxiety, reactions to loss either short or long term, etc. The best way to deal with it is to watch and... - 92.0649

Effects Of Smoking On Health

Smoking is dangerous for all of us. We all get messages on boards and many places for no smoking but still smoking is a part of many people. Watch this video and know about the effect of smoking on our health. - 92.1412

Health Care During Travelling

Are you planning to travel and want to know about healthy snack ideas? Dr. Meena Shah is discussing about tips for healthy foods during travelling. She also discusses some useful tips for health care during travelling. - 91.686

Water For Good Health

What is the relationship between water and health? Dr. Meena Shah is talking about consumption of more water for better health. She describes quantity and tips to drink water for better and healthy lifestyle. - 59.9297

Mother's Role In Child's Health

Mother plays an important role in maintaining child's health. Mother should teach child about healthy food and healthy tips for being healthy. She should plan good and healthy lunch or dinner so that child understand benefits of healthy eating. - 60.3311

Health By Choice And Not Chance

Dr. Meena Shah is discussing about importance of health and we should be more careful about our health. She is sharing her suggestions for better and healthy lifestyle. - 91.1038

About Emotions And Health

What are emotions and what is the effect of emotion on health. There are two types of emotions; one is positive and negative emotions. Dr. Meena Shah is discussing about relationship between emotions and health. - 87.7625

About Pregnant Women's Health

Kevin Gianni is talking about woman's health during pregnancy. He talks about why can not pregnant woman take the nasal swine flu. If you want to have more health guidelines or healthy diet for pregnant woman then you can check out this video. - 100.34

About Health Benefits Of Magnets

How you can improve your own health by using magnet? Here in this video Peter Ragnar is expressing his views on health benefits of magnets. - 99.0169

Relationship Between Emotions And Health

Emotions are related to our health. There are two emotions like positive and negative emotions. In this video, Dr. Meena Shah is talking about the relationship between positive and negative emotions. - 91.3244

Right Food And Water Key To Good Health

HCG says that eating right food and drinking lot of water are the tw keys to a healthy way to reduce weight. She also says that losing weight is important but the body should get the right amount of nutrition for energy and fitness. - 68.4679

Adolescent's Health And Wellness

What are the changes in mind and body when child goes to adolescent stage? How this stage affects on health for life? Dr. Meena Shah is talking about effect of adolescent's for health and wellness. - 91.758

B Vitamins Vital For Brain Health

The B vitamins including the vitamin B, B6, B12 and folic acid all are vital for brain health. If the brain is deprived of the B vitamins you will be depressed. In fact B vitamins help the brain to breakdown proteins into important hormones. - 84.3083

About Eye Health With Lutein

Eye being one of the most sensitive part, needs great care. Lutein is considered as diet formula for eye health. Watch the video to get more on eye health. - 91.2635

Making Big Differences In Your Health

Do you want to have better and healthy lifestyle. Here in this video, Kevin and Annmarie Gianni are talking about simple way to make a big difference in your health. They are giving some useful tips for healthy and better life. - 100.07

Myths About Bone Health

Bone is one of the most important part of our body. Loss of bone means difficulty in our survival. The video depicts expert comments on bone loss and myths related to bone loss prevention. Don't miss it! - 100.208

Dangers Of Bone And Osteoporosis Health

Bone is one of the most important part of our body. Loss of bone means difficulty in our survival. The video depicts expert comments on danger of bone and osteoporosis drugs. Don't miss it! - 100.101

Health Benefits Of Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented beverage which is rich in vitamins, probiotics and minerals. The fizzy drink is very popular in China but is easily available in health food stores too. Learn more about Kombucha in this educational video. - 124.345

Men & Health - A Sneak Preview - Part I

Men, in general, are lesser worried about their health than men. As Dr. Bob talks, men should definitely offer special care for their health. You ought to listen carefully what he has to say! A good video on basics of a man’s health! - 88.6047

Men & Health - A Closer Look - Part Ii

Alcoholism is definitely bad. Dr. Bob gets talking about the negative impacts of this dreaded drink in this video. Watch this video, if you are really worried about your health! - 87.7485

Men & Health - The Final Touch - Part Iii

Before you walk into a bar the next time, watch your belly. An inflated beer belly is not good for your liver. Watch this video as Dr. Bob shares with you more about this and men’s health! - 88.2295

Will Eating Healthy Cure My Health Condition Or Illness

Watch the video to know on how to stay healthy or cure a health condition with a healthy diet! - 90.3442

Effects Of Stress On Health And Life

Many people are affected from diseases like back pain, high BP, Fatigue, diabetes, acidity and many more due to stress. Due to stress you can have 80% of diseases. In this video, Dr. Meena Shah is talking about stress management techniques for overcoming... - 100.503

Is Agave Good For Health?

In this video, Kevin Gianni is giving his views on agave sweetener. He is comparing some of the sweeteners and concluding about its health level. - 98.8699

Health Care

What is the meaning of health? Dr. Meena Shah is talking about sarwangi swasthya. She defines health and giving some tips to improve health. - 82.8662

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery has many health benefits. In this video, Peter Rantis, Director of Bariatric Medical, is talking about weight loss surgery and its health benefits. - 123.03

Turning Health Knowledge Into Reality

Many people know much about health but they are not able to take action according to their knowledge. In this video, Dan Millman is giving some tips and suggestions for turning your health knowledge into real action so that you can have better and healthy... - 101.623

The Most Important Tool Box For Great Health

Everybody wants to have good results in health, fitness and diet. In this video, Kevin Gianni is giving some tips on important toolbox which would help you for quick workout, raw food, vegan or whole food meals plan. - 100.278

Flax Seeds Health Benefits

The speaker demonstrates the practical usage of flax seeds, and discusses the health benefits of flax seeds. Flax seeds are highly recommended meal, and has amazing health advantages. - 123.162

Johnny Rich Health Show "no Excuses" Segment: On The Grill

Johnny Rich Health "No Excuses" On The Grill with Johnny - 21.759

Wine Sisterhood Health Moment With Dianne Hinton: Digestion

In this Wine Sisterhood Health Moment, Dianne Hinton shares her method for running a digestive analysis and how it has helped her patients find solutions for their persistent digestive problems. Plus Dianne's top suggestion for maintaining digestive health. - 99.8888

Electromagnetic Waves And Health

Effect of mobile radiation and electromagnetic waves on health is a big issue for all of us. In this video, kevin is discussing about whether electromagnetic waves really affect our health or not. - 88.1947