Best Wedding Cake Recipes

Best wedding cake is a luxuriant dessert cake baked specially for the occasion. It is usually elaborately decorated with a number of layers. A lavish usage of buttercream frosting, fondant or marzipan is seen. It is ... More »
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Banana Cake

A simple to make Banana Cake recipe. - 46.4027

Choco Peach Cake

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 325°F 2) Lightly grease three 8X1/2-inch layer-cake pans and line with wax paper and grease paper. MAKING Best Sponge Cake 3) In a bowl, sift together, flour and salt. 4) In a large bowl, beat egg whites until doubles in... - 46.2104

Vanilla Flavored Chocolate Cake

Looking for the best Chocolate Cake on earth? What if you could make this lip-smacking chocolate cake, from scratch, in no time? Every ingredient in this delicious chocolate cake recipe is probably in your kitchen right now! Follow our chocolate cake recipe... - 38.9371

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Chenna Poda

This is possibly the simplest Indian sweet to make. Mix chena (PANEER), sugar and soupcon of suji, bake it and its done. I haven't learnt formally learnt how to prepare this dish. This recipe is based on observation trial and error and feedback from people... - 49.9702

Seed Souffle Bread

Oil a deep 7- or 8-cup loaf dish, cake pan, casserole or souffle dish. Line bottom with greased foil. We used the medium-size round pan of a wedding-cake set measuring approximately 7 x3 1/2 inches. Dissolve sugar and yeast in warm water. Meanwhile, scald... - 43.4727