Best Chinese Fried Rice Recipes

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Chinese Fried Rice

In 12-inch skillet, brown meat in hot oil. Add mushrooms, rice, onion, and soy sauce. Continue to fry over low heat about 15 minutes, stirring constantly. Add well-beaten eggs and continue to stir for another 15 minutes or until dry enough to be fluffy. Add... - 30.5676

Chinese Fried Rice

thinking of a better way of cooking a left over rice? try this tasty chinese fried rice! - 39.1435

Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

This Chinese Sausage Fried Rice calls for Chinese sausages. So if you have prepared Chinese sausages, then this is one of the best recipes you can think about. Start away immediately! - 29.827

Vegetable Fried Rice By Tarla Dalal

Fried rice is most popular and famous when one thinks of Chinese cuisine. . . It is quick and easy to make and tastes best when served with vegetable manchurian or mixed vegetables in a spicy sauce. . . - 97.2085

Pork Fried Rice

Chinese cooking has an unlimited number of variations in the ingredients, and the flavorings, and the way it can be cooked. Bits of roast pork, a variety a vegetables and a flavored Basamati rice make this recipe one of the best examples of true Chinese... - 38.8817

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Chinese Stir Fry Shrimp And Rice

Are you a seafood lover? This video is just perfect for you. Watch the chef prepare this delicious Chinese Stir Fry Shrimp and Rice and replicate it in your kitchen now. That’s not all the chef also has some great tips to share for making perfect boiled... - 90.0097

Stir Fry Rice Noodles With Mushrooms

I present to you a simply delicious mix of fresh ingredients and rice noodles put together to make one great bowl of Stir Fried Noodles. The best part about this colorful Chinese dish is its versatility - you can pick and choose the vegetables you include to... - 50.0753

Best Shrimp In Lobster Sauce

Thaw and then rinse shrimps in cold water. Pat completely dry with paper towels. Marinate with soy sauce, wine, salt, and sugar for 20 to 30 minutes. Dissolve tapioca starch in water. Heat 2 Tbs oil in a wok. Add the garlic and the black beans. Stir a few... - 43.5352

Chicken Salad With Plum Sauce

GETTING READY 1) Make a mixture of plum sauce, water, vinegar, corn starch and mustard. MAKING 2) Take a wok or a 12-inch skillet and spray with cooking spray. Heat it. 3) Add the chicken and stir fry until done. 4) Now, add... - 44.3289

Spicy Kung Pao Chicken

A spicy Chinese stir fry enjoyed best when served with rice and noodles. - 121.075

Vegetable Fried Rice

This vegetable fried rice is easy to make if you have some leftover rice. In fact this works the best, as cold rice does not stick to the pan or wok. - 27.6796

Sweet And Sour Chicken

MAKING 1) Take a wok or 12-inch skillet and heat it. 2) Now, add some oil and rotate to coat sides of the wok. 3) Put chicken and cook until it is cooked. 4) Then, add vegetables and stir fry until cooked. 5) Add pineapple and sweet and sour sauce and cook... - 36.5133

Rice Sticks With Beef

You'll simply love the Rice Sticks With Beef from the Chinese cusine. An easy to make side dish, the Rice Sticks With Beef is one of the best recipes that you can mouth! Please let us know if you agree with us. - 43.7104

Cauliflower With Ginger And Chinese Parsley

Put the ginger into a blender jar with 4 tablespoons of water, and blend until it becomes smooth (about 1 minute). Cut off the thick, coarse stem of the cauliflower and remove all leaves. First break the cauliflower into large flowerets, using your hands if... - 46.905

Cashew Bourbon Chicken

A delicious twist on a classic chinese and cajun recipe, that will send your taste buds on a journey into the world of mixed cultures, sweet yet spicy works well withh egg rolls or fried rice or just put it over some jasmine rice or cajun dirty rice - 49.7799