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Maharashtrian Kadhi

One of my all time favourite dish, perfect during rains.I enjoy it so much that i literally slurp it hot.The flavour of methi seeds, asafoetida and curry leaves along with curd surely tickles your taste buds.My grandmother make a tasty variation, Kadhi with... - 50.8244

Punjabi Besan Kadhi

MAKING 1 In a bowl, sift the besan. 2 Add in water gradually until a thick dropping consistency is formed. 3 Mix in salt, chilli powder and onion slices. 4 In a frying pan, heat the ghee. 5 Put spoonsfuls of this mixture into it. 6 Fry until... - 47.3637

Kadhi Pakoda

Kadhi is a kind of recipe which can be made in different styles; you can add vegetables, sprouts or pakodas. Base would be the same, but you can play with the ingredients according to your taste and preferences. - 33.8838

Protein Rich Sprout Kadhi

Kadhi Chawal is one of the favorite dishes of North Indians and whenever we prepare Kadhi we put pakoda into it. But what about a kadhi with loads of protein, low sodium and low fat. Sounds divine to all those, who watch their calorie count. - 32.34

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French Style Indian Kadhi

Love to experiment? If yes, then you will surely love Chef Bhal Dave's unique attempt to cook Indian 'kadhi' a la French style. The chef here prepares a yummy roux instead of the usual buttermilk gravy to lend a French touch to your regular kadhi. Try this at... - 85.7431

Kadhi Pakora / Punjabi Kadhi / Indian Curry

How to make Kadhi Pakora (Indian fritters/Pakoda)? Recipe for punjabi Kadhi (Indian curry)? kadhi recipe made with dahi and besan. Punjabi Kadi made with yogurt and chickpea flour. - 103.493

Boondi Ki Kadhi

Kadhi is a simple preparation, but it involves multiple steps. In this recipe I have tried to make it simple by eliminating certain steps..yet the taste is still delightful!! - 28.8312

Punjabi Kadhi By Tarla Dalal

Punjab has its own Punjabi Kadhi. A preparation of curds, besan, onions and masalas makes the Punjabi Kadhi ready in a jiffy. - 98.9443

Kadhi Pakora

This goes very well served with gramflour dumplings in them - the kadhi here imparts a tangy spicyness to the pakodas. cooking time is including frying pakoraas. - 42.2989

Kadhi Pakora

To make Pakoras / Bhajjias: Mix the ingredients for the pakora to form a batter. Add water slowly, ensure that the mixture is not too loose and the consistency should be that of bhajjias. Deep fry the pakoras in hot oil Set aside. For Kadhi: Beat the... - 36.0256

Methi Pakoda Kadhi

The perfect dish to serve for a Holiday lunch. Fenugreek dumplings are deep fried and dunked for a few seconds in milk and then immersed in the curd kadhi. This process of soaking the fenugreek dumplings in milk makes them softer and more succulent and... - 48.1942

Spinach Kofta Kadhi By Tarla Dalal

Spinach dumplings simmered in a yoghurt curry. - 123.226

Gatta Kadhi

Chef Manjula is narrating the recipe in detail and showing all ingredients that go into the dish. The video is well shot for an elaborate recipe like gatta kadhi. The dish looks absolutely mouth-watering as described by the chef in the video. The dish is... - 117.053

Samosa Kadhi Chaat By Tarla Dalal

Traditionally, samosas are served with chutney or chole, but this one which is a personal favorite of mine, is a bit different. I have experimented serving them with a coconut kadhi and to add some crunch to the dish, i have added chopped spring onions. This... - 126.076