Beer Chicken Brine Recipes

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Buffalo Wings In Beer Brine

You just love those ultimate Buffalo wings that you get in the restaurant but can’t go the restaurant every day because it is costly. No worries, here is a recipe that shows how to make them in beer brine. Make the wings at home and save lot money. - 93.0381

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Pizza Beer Drunken Chicken Part 1

Chef Tom & Mamma Mia Spend the afternoon preparing four whole chickens, all soaked overnight in a pizza beer brine. Two had two pounds of Jalapenos, the others had none. Part 1 of 4. - 23.985

Pizza Beer Indian Style Drunken Chicken

Chef Tom & Mamma Mia part 2 of 4 Chickens that have been brined in Pizza Beer. Indian Spices are used to make this a very aromatic & tasty dish. Watch the other parts for more drunken chicken recipes. - 102.08

Chicken Wings: Korean Hot And Spicy Chicken Wing

Who doesn't love chicken wings? I know this recipe is a day late but I really did not do this recipe as a Superbowl chicken wing recipe. This is just a wing recipe that I do when I am in the mood for wings or I have friends over for a bit of a party and we... - 107.699