Beef Steak

Beef steak refers to portions of meat cut in an upright direction to the muscles. The meat may be cut from different regions of the cattle.

Cooking with Beef Steak

A beef steak is best cooked by grilling. The meat from the rib and lion regions is tender and may be conveniently cooked in dry heat. The tough meat from the round and chuck regions are best cooked on moist heat and then tenderized.

Levels of Cooking Beef Steak `
o Raw- the beef is left in the uncooked stage
o Blue Steak or seared or very rare steak
o Rare
o Medium rare
o Medium
o Medium well done
o Well done
o Overcooked

The Different Kinds Of Beef Steaks :

• Chateaubriand steak
• Chuck steak
• Cube steak
• Filet mignon
• Flank steak
• Flat iron steak
• Hanger Steak (onglet in French)
• Popeseye Steak
• Round Steak
• Sirlion Steak
• Skirt steak
• Strip steak
• T-bone steak/ Porterhouse
• Tri-tip steak or roast
• Salisbury steak
• Steak tartare

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