Beef Kebab

Beef Kebab is a traditional meat dish popular in Southwest and South Asian cuisines that is often served as an aapetizer. The dish has grown so much in popularity that it is now renowned as a favorite appetizer served worldwide.

Cooking Beef Kebabs

Beef Kebab recipes often takes in bite sized pieces of beet cuts, often boneless, that is marinated using specific herb and spice mix typical to cuisines. Normally such marinades used in beef kebab recipes include olive oil, lime juice or vinegar, soy sauce, herbs, cilantro, garlic, pepper, lean beef tenderloin, red onion, mushrooms, tomatoes and bell peppers. The meat pieces thus marinated are grilled over charcoal in skewers along with vegetables or fruits.

Cooked Beef Kebabs are often served on plates with skewers or in bowls; sometimes the dish is stewed to use as filling or stuffing for sandwiches. Beef kabobs are eaten with red-tomato based sauce or such other spicy variants and are served for occasions like parties, dinner get-togethers, special occasions etc.

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