Beef Chuck Tender Roast Recipes

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Flaming Shredded Beef - Fork Tender

This shredded beef recipe is really delicious and easy to make. We are even going to flame it. - 136.415

Carne Guisada A Mexican Pot Roast - So Tender And Delicious! By Rockin Robin

Carne Guisada is a Mexican pot roast slow cooked to develop the flavors of chipotle, chile powder and more. You can serve this many ways including in burritos, tacos, even enchiladas for a delicious Mexican meal. - 127.163

Foil-baked Pot Roast

Place roast on a large piece of heavy duty foil, sprinkle with dry onion soup mix. Wrap, sealing with double folds (If regular weight foil is used instead, place wrapped roast in a shallow pan to collect possible leaking juices). Bake for 2 hours at 350°... - 20.83

Chuck Roast With Vegetables

Preheat grill for 10 minutes. Pierce roast several times with fork. Sprinkle both sides with meat tenderizer and pepper. Pound with meat mallet Grill roast at MEDIUM with hood closed until well seared, about 20 minutes, turning over once. Place in grill-safe... - 39.8104

Rolled Chuck Roast

GETTING READY 1) In a shallow, roasting pan arrange the flat beef bones. 2) Place the meat carefully over the bones so as not to touch the metal of the pan directly. 3) With a little cold water on your fingers, dab the meat with it to moisten. 4) With a sharp... - 39.7527

Betty's Oven Roast Beef Au Jus

GETTING READY 1. Prepare a roasting pan line it with foil and ensure there is excess foil so that you can hold the juice in. 2. Rinse the roast and pat dry, season the roast with salt on both side. 3. Preheat the oven to 300 degree. MAKING 4. Place the roast... - 107.923

Spiced And Fruited Chuck Roast

This lovely version of Spiced And Fruited Chuck Roast is a wonderful way to start a meal. Treat your near and dear ones with this amazing Spiced And Fruited Chuck Roast as a Main Dish and sit down to an endless steam of compliments. . - 48.2362

Beef And Porcini Stew

Perfect big beefy stew for a cool fall or winters evening! - 129.624

New England Chuck Roast

MAKING 1) Season the meat with 1/2 tsp of the salt and the pepper. 2) In a slow cooker, add the onion, carrots and celery; place the seasoned meat, add the bay leaf, vinegar and water; cook covered on LOW for about 5-7 hrs or until the meat is tender. 3) ... - 41.951

All Day Chuck Roast

GETTING READY 1) Preheat oven at 225°. MAKING 2) On the meat rub mustard generously. 3) Sprinkle Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper over it. 4) In a roasting pan place meat over a rack. 5) Roast uncovered at 225° for 5 hours or more till tender. 6)... - 37.142

Onion Chuck Roast

Place roast in a baking dish and sprinkle with onion soup mix. Pour 1 cup water over all. Cover. Place baking dish in cold oven. Set temperature control at 350°F (175°C). Bake 1 hour. Turn roast and bake 1 hour longer until tender. Remove meat and keep... - 43.9783

Braised Chuck Roast

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 300F. 2) In a medium bowl, mix together the flour, salt, pepper, paprika, savory or thyme and ginger. 3) Roll the chuck or shoulder in the seasoning till well coated. MAKING 4) On a frying pan, heat the drippings or fat.... - 44.387

New England Chuck Roast

Sprinkle meat with seasonings. Place onions, carrots, and celery in slow-cooking pot. Top with meat. Add bay leaf, vinegar and water. Cover pot and cook on low for 5 to 7 hours or until meat is tender. Remove meat; turn to high. Add cabbage wedges; cover and... - 44.7828

Wine Braised Chuck Roast With Bow Ties

Heat oil in a wide frying pan over medium heat. Add onion and garlic; cook, stirring often, until onion is soft but not brown (6 to 8 minutes). Stir in wine, water, tomato sauce, vinegar, bay leaf, allspice, cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, salt, and... - 39.7277

Braising Chuck Roast

The easy process of braising the Certified Angus Beef. - 103.82

Brazilian Chuck Roast

Heat oil in a heavy, 4-quart saucepot. Add chuck roast; brown on all sides. Add coffee, garlic, salt, pepper and thyme. Arrange onion slices on top of meat. Cook over high heat until boiling, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to low and cook, covered, 1... - 43.4957

Irish Style Chuck Roast

MAKING 1. In a large casserole or Dutch oven, heat the shortening. 2. When hot but not smoking, sear the meat in shortening, on both sides to seal the juices within the roast. 3. Drain off the fat. 4. Pour the soup over meat and let the tomatoes join the... - 43.5937

Pepperoncini Italian Roast Beef

Savory, fall-apart beef roast makes the BEST sandwiches! Jo Ann & Vickie share a sure-fire, winning recipe your family will love. Oh, and it's a slow-cooker recipes too! How great is that? - 125.305

Healthy Braised Pot Roast

Good to know that it is finally possible to have a low carb, low cal, low fat pot roast! And for the reason that it comes from a health freak, I'm going to blindly adapt this one. So here is a pretty cool recipe for the classic pot roast in a much healthy and... - 92.691

Beef Bulgogi - Korean Food

Obviously Bulgogi is very popular and famous dish all around the world. It is beefy, savory, sweet, nutty and satisfying. Even you are on a diet, don't worry!! You can cook Bulgogi with Lean meat or even with chicken breast!! You've got to try bulgogi with... - 109.354

Red Wine Braised Chuck Roast

1. Preheat the oven to 325° In a skillet, heat the vegetable oil. Season the roast with salt and black pepper and sear on all sides over moderately high heat, 15 minutes; transfer the meat to a roasting pan. 2. Carefully add the red wine to the skillet and... - 30.1699

Tender Up Beef Marinade

Combine ingredients: let stand at room temperature for 24 hours. Then add rump or chuck roast. For a mild flavor, let meat marinate 24 hours in refrigerator: for tendering action and more flavor, refrigerate in marinade 2 or 3 days. - 30.0448

Delicious Crock Pot Beef Roast

One of the best ways to enjoy the deep flavor of beef is to slow cook it in a crock pot. And this is what Ryan karcher does with this recipe. Cooking in a crock pot isn't just a great way to save time and laborious cooking efforts, but is a no-fuss way to get... - 106.712

Chuck Wagon Beef

MAKING 1) Sprinkle garlic salt and pepper over the roast. 2) In saucepan add oil and brown roast on all sides. 3) Put into a slow cooker and cook. 4) In saucepan in meat drippings stir fry garlic and onion. 5) Add water, bouillon cube, and coffee. 6) Stir in... - 45.4483

Nana's Pot Roast

A recipe for traditional pot roast. - 125.075

Chuck's Baby Back Ribs

Melt butter in a 10- to 12-inch frying pan over medium heat; add onion and stir often until onion is limp, about 10 minutes. Then stir in water, catsup, chili sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, brown sugar, Worcestershire, molasses, mustard, pepper, paprika, and... - 39.3686

Pot Roast Using Beef Bouillon Cube

This pot roast recipe can be prepared with chuck roast or rump roast. Cooked in a pot or pan the pot roast is flavored with beef bouillon and mustard along with catsup. With added onion, this pot roast recipe is fairly simple and can be served with any grain... - 33.4368

Barbecued Chuck Steak

Preparing this Barbecued Chuck Steak recipe is the second best way to please a crowd. Am sure you are aware of the first??? Made with beef, Barbecued Chuck Steak is a mouth-watering dish. I never fail to eat Main Dish while dining out and this is the most... - 40.0693

Cattleman's Chuck Steak

Grilled chuck roast marinated in spicy sauce is a perfect main dish for any gathering. - 40.3017

Barbecued Chuck With Mushroom Stuffing

Barbecued Chuck With Mushroom Stuffing is simply irresistible. Try this amazingly delicious Barbecued Chuck With Mushroom Stuffing; I am sure you will always tempt to prepare this for every party! - 44.9752

Chuck And Potato Bake

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 350°F. 2. Trim fat off the chuck and arrange it in a baking dish. (12x8x2) inches. MAKING 3. Roast chuck for an hour and strain off the fat. 4. Place potatoes around the roasted chuck. 5. In a bowl combine chives and... - 40.023

Chuck With Herb Anchovy Sauce

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 350°F. 2. Trim fats from chuck and arrange it in baking dish. (12x8x2) inches. MAKING 3. Roast chuck for an hour and strain off the fat. 4. Take a bowl and combine cream of celery soup, chopped onions, chopped canned... - 39.5476

Beefeater's Platter

This Beefeater's Platter makes a sumptuous meal ! This beef chuck roast and noodles dish is a complete dish in itself and you can eat it as it is for a filling meal. Just try out this Beefeater's Platter for your next meal and tell me if you've enjoyed it !... - 40.914

Pot Roast

This pot roast recipe can be prepared with rump or chuck roast of beef. Simply flavored with garlic and added onions, this pot roast with added vegetables in it. - 34.361

Pot Roast Espanada

Heat fat in heavy skillet or Dutch oven. Rub roast with flour mixed with salt and pepper; brown evenly on all sides. Add onion and brown lightly; add remaining ingredients. Cover tightly; simmer gently for 3 to 4 hours or until very tender. Add more liquid... - 34.195

Bloody Mary Pot Roast

Place a 22 x 18-inch piece of aluminum foil in an ungreased 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan. Place beef in pan, and add Bloody Mary mix and wine. Sprinkle with flour, pepper, and onion soup mix. Arrange vegetables around beef. Fold foil over, and seal. Bake at 350°... - 34.0352


GETTING READY 1. Dice the onions and peel the garlic, set it aside. 2. Wash and boil the potatoes and carrots until fork tender, drain and set aside. 3. Place the meat on a saran wrap and make small slits in the meat and stuff it with garlic cloves, continue... - 116.197

Sweet And Sour Beef

The sweet and sour beef recipe can be prepared with chuck roast or arm roast. Cooked in the oven with pickling sauce tied in cheese cloth and onions, the sweet and sour beef is prepared with a ginger snap gravy and can be served with potato dumplings or... - 32.7471

Beef With Sauerkraut

1. Place meat in 2-quart glass casserole. Cover with glass lid or plastic wrap. 2. Microwave on HIGH for 8 minutes. Add remaining ingredients, except sour cream and sauerkraut; recover. 3. Microwave on SIMMER for 20 minutes.Stirand continue cooking on SIMMER... - 33.7127

Savory Pot Roast

Savory Pot Roast is an irresistible side dish which you would surely love to serve to your friends. Enjoy this delicious Savory Pot Roast; I am sure you would love to try this Savory Pot Roast again-n-again. - 43.5279

Saucy Stove Top Barbecue

Place roast in a dutch oven; add water to cover roast, and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 1 hour. Uncover and cook over low heat an additional hour or until roast is tender. Drain off liquid. Remove and discard all fat and bone from roast;... - 42.1847

Chuck Wagon Beans

Heat oven to 375°. In Dutch oven or large roasting pan, fry bacon until crisp; remove and drain. Pour drippings from pan. In same pan, cook and stir ground beef, onion and celery until meat is brown and onion is tender. Stir in broth and remaining... - 39.8648

Swedish Chuck Stew

Trim fat from meat and cut into 1-inch cubes. In large heavy pan, brown beef in shortening; pour off fat. Add soup, sour cream, water, paprika, and pepper. Cover; cook over low heat 1 hour. Stir now and then. Add vegetables. Cover; cook over low heat 1 hour... - 40.358

Slow-cooker Barbacoa

Mexican BBQ at its best...and so easy in the slow cooker! - 113.127

Hot Tamales

Hot tamales is a mexican recipe for cooking roast with corn dough. Prepared with chuck or shoulder roast, the tamale is made with corn husk and masa and spiced with chilies for heat. Cooked slowly, it makes a great and filling meal. - 45.6308

Seville Pot Roast

1 Trim excess fat from beef; make slashes about 1 1/2 inches deep and 2 inches apart all the way around meat with a sharp knife; push an olive deep into each cut. 2 Brown beef in a large skillet or an electric slow cooker with a browning unit; remove and... - 41.1776

French Pot Roast

1 Trim excess fat from roast; rub beef well with flour; brown in oil in a large skillet or an electric slow cooker with a browning unit. 2 Place meat in slow cooker; pour onion soup over; cover cooker. 3 Cook on low heat (190° to 200°) 10 for hours, or... - 33.1931

Pot Roast Of Beef With Vegetables

Wipe beef with clean damp cloth or paper towel. Mix 3 tablespoons flour and seasonings together, and rub into beef. Heat shortening in heavy pan, and add beef. Cook slowly until meat is brown on all sides, about 20 minutes. Add 1/2 - 3/4 cup water, cover and... - 44.5368

Pot Roast Of Beef

MAKING 1.First, dredge meat with flour 2.In a pan, place the meat and brown on all sides in hot fat 3.Season with salt and pepper 4.Now add water to the pan 5.Cover the pan and cook slowly for 3-4 hours, until tender 6.As the liquid cooks away add more water... - 36.8026

French-style Beef Roast

Place beef, salt, thyme, bay leaf, garlic, cloves and peppercorns in 4-quart Dutch oven; add water. Heat to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer 2 1/2 hours. Add remaining ingredients. Cover and simmer until beef and vegetables are tender, about 30... - 43.5538

Golden Beef Pot Roast

Trim excess fat from meat. Combine 3 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper; coat meat with flour mixture. In Dutch oven brown meat slowly on all sides in hot oil; drain off excess fat. Add 1/4 cup water, celery seed, and oregano. Cover... - 41.7142

Pot Roast Of Beef

Dust meat lightly with flour. Brown slowly on all sides in hot fat in Dutch oven or heavy kettle with tight-fitting cover. Slip a rack under meat. Add water and season meat. Cover tightly and cook over very low heat for 3 hours, or until meat is very tender;... - 30.4518

Cinderella Roast Beef

Wipe meat with damp cloth or paper towel. Rub with salt and pepper. Place on roasting rack in shallow pan. Do not cover. Roast about 36 minutes per pound or to an internal temperature of 155 degrees F. for medium rare. (Meat is tenderer if slightly on the... - 13.0538

Classic Rolled Beef Roast

MAKING 1) Combine together the flour, salt and pepper and rub onto the meat 2) Sprinkle the instant seasoningonto the meat and keep aside for 30 minutes 3) Onto a roasting pan, place the meat fat side up 4) Roast the meat for 2 or 3 hours depending on... - 36.8696

Slow Cooked Italian Beef Roast

Sprinkle meat with salt and pepper and then dry spaghetti seasoning mix. Place in slow-cooking pot. Top with chopped tomatoes. Cover and cook on low for 7 to 9 hours or until meat is tender. Slice and serve on hot spaghetti; spoon sauce over all. Makes 6 to 7... - 29.4653

Pot Roast Of Beef

MAKING 1)Heat a Dutch oven and melt fat in it. 2)Brown the beef throughout. 3)Pour in water and wine. 4)Add in salt and peppercorns. 5)Cover the Dutch oven tightly and keep it over the low glowing coals. 6)Let it simmer for 2 hours. 7)Add in potatoes,... - 45.1406

Seasoned Roast Beef

Prepare Chile Seasoning; set aside. Season meat to taste with salt and sprinkle with vinegar; cover and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours. Drain meat and place in a 5- to 6-quart pan. Spread seasoning over meat. Cover and bake in a 350° oven until very tender... - 27.2841

Beef And Bean Pot Roast

Beef And Bean Pot Roast is a succulent and tender meat dish that you shouldn’t miss.This tasty preperation helped me score a few points with my in-laws when they came viisting. Try this Beef And Bean Pot Roast dish and win over a few hearts! - 43.3807

Crock Pot Beef Roast With Carrots Potatoes And Onions

Nothing like a delicious crock pot beef roast with plenty of carrots, potatoes and onions. Enjoy your holidays with this super simple crock pot recipe that would serve as an excellent relaxing holiday meal. Watch this impressive video that is nicely presented... - 74.9224

Pot Roast Of Beef

This Pot Roast of Beef is a wholesome treat dedicated to a true red meat-lover. This version of Pot Roast of Beef is so full of hearty ingredients and is also relatively quick and simple to make. - 44.1381

Beef Pot Roast With Vegetables

Brown pot-roast on both sides in oil in heavy fry pan or Dutch oven for about 15 minutes. Add water, salt, pepper, bay leaf, 1 onion and 1 stalk celery. Cover tightly and simmer 2 to 2 1/2 hours until meat is tender. Add remaining vegetables; simmer 45 to 60... - 37.9031

Beef Pot Roast

Trim fat from beef. Spray a Dutch oven with nonstick coating. Preheat Dutch oven over medium heat. Brown meat on all sides in the Dutch oven. Drain off fat. In a small mixing bowl stir together the 1/2 cup water, the Worcestershire sauce, bouillon granules,... - 42.0272

Beef Roast And Noodles

Trim excess fat from meat; reserve trimmings. Coat meat with flour. In a 4 1/2-quart Dutch oven heat trimmings till about 2 tablespoons of fat accumulate; discard trimmings. Brown meat on both sides in hot fat. Add bouillon granules and 1 1/4 cups hot... - 43.3914

Beef Pot Roast

Rub flour into roast; brush off excess. Heat oil and 2 tablespoons of the butter in a 5-quart kettle over medium-high heat. Add meat and brown well on all sides. Add bay leaf, pepper, thyme, beef broth, and water; bring to a boil. Cover and place in a 350°... - 41.8603

Beef Roast & Noodles

Enjoy this recipe from Sunday Dinner at Grandma's. - 28.1704

Golden Beef Pot Roast

Golden Beef Pot Roast!. Were you looking for a tasty meat preperation that you can serve for a dinner party? Then this is definitely the recipe for you. Golden Beef Pot Roast is a very filling Main dish that your guest will love. - 44.2374

Polynesian Beef Roast

In shallow baking dish, cover meat with onion rings. Combine pineapple juice, soy sauce, ginger, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Pour over meat. Let stand in pineapple mixture 1 hour at room temperature, turning meat once. Place meat and onions in Dutch oven. Pour... - 43.2212

Spiced Beef Pot Roast

Saute suet in a large kettle or Dutch oven until all the fat is tried out. Remove suet, add the garlic and onions, and brown well. Remove and reserve. Brown the beef well on all sides in the remaining fat. When well browned, add the garlic and onions, and the... - 39.106

Healthy Braised Beef Pot Roast

GETTING READY 1. Use a meat knife or a pair of kitchen scissors to trim the fat from the beef. 2. Tie the roast with kitchen sting or butchers twine, turning it around the roast at regular intervals along the length. You will require a piece of sting about 4... - 45.6538

Company Pot Roast

This company pot toast is a chuck roast recipe prepared with onions. Spiced and flavored with orange rind, this wonderfully aromatic pot roast is herbed with bayleaf and cooked slowly for a rich and wholesome taste. - 32.6491

Pot Roast New Orleans Style

1 Rub the meat all over with the red pepper, black pepper, and salt. In a 5-quart Dutch oven or flameproof casserole, heat the oil over moderately high heat. Add the meat and cook, turning, for 5 to 7 minutes or until browned on all sides. Transfer the beef... - 41.1919

Pot Roast With Winter Vegetables

1. In 8-quart Dutch oven over medium-high heat, in hot salad oil, cook beef chuck cross rib pot roast until well browned on all sides; remove meat to plate; set aside. 2. In same Dutch oven in drippings over medium heat, cook onion and garlic until tender,... - 36.2

Pot Roast

Brown roast on all sides over med ium-high heat. Season with salt and pepper, cover dutch oven and reduce heat to low. Cook for 2 to 2 1/2 hours or until roast is. nearly done. Arrange vegetables around roast. Baste with meat juices and sprinkle with salt and... - 31.4689

Easy Pot Roast

Place meat on 30 X 18 inch piece of heavy duty aluminum foil. Season with salt and pepper; sprinkle onion on meat. Mix remaining ingredients; pour on meat. Fold foil over meat and seal securely. Label and freeze. 4 hours 15 minutes before serving, remove Easy... - 40.728

Easy Pot Roast Dinner

Easy Pot Roast Dinner is a succulent and tender meat preperation. Serve it for a grand family dinner, they wil love i. Don’t miss out on this Easy Pot Roast Dinner recipe! - 39.8239

Pot Roast Jardiniere

Rub meat on both sides with a mixture of horseradish and 1 tablespoon salt; place meat in a dutch oven. Add tomato and stock to dutch oven. Cover. Cook in a 325degree F oven about 3 hours, or until meat is tender. Add vegetables, thyme, marjoram, 1 teaspoon... - 45.5565

Classic Cranberry Pot Roast

Trim excess fat from roast. Combine the flour, salt, onion salt, and pepper; rub into pot roast, using all of the flour mixture. In a Dutch oven, slowly brown the meat on all sides in hot shortening. Remove from heat; add cloves, cinnamon, and 1/2 cup... - 43.9082

Cooked Frozen Pot Roast

1. In 5-quart casserole or bowl, combine orange juice, salt, pepper, thyme leaves, and orange peel. Add frozen chuck roast, turning to coat with orange-juice mixture. Place 2-inch-wide strip of foil over top edge of each end of meat to prevent overcooking;... - 37.6216

Potted Beef

Preheat oven to 325°F (160°C). In a Dutch oven or ovenproof pot with lid, dust beef roast with flour and brown in olive oil over medium-high heat on all sides. Remove meat and saute the onions, garlic, and carrots until soft. Add tomatoes and simmer 2 more... - 45.5354

Beef In A Marinade

I have to admit this recipe of Beef In a Marinade is on my favorite list. A lip-smacking dish, this Beef In a Marinade completes your spread. When it comes to cooking I am my worst critic. Kindly comment and let me know how is this Beef In a Marinade. - 49.5433

Easy Roast With Mushroom Gravy

This easy roast recipe is prepared with chucke roast and requires minimal effort. The roast is drenched in mushroom gravy and topped with soup mix. Simply cooked in the oven, it is ready to serve when the meat gets tender. - 23.3165

Pot Roast In Foil

Trim excess fat from meat. Place meat in center of a piece of heavy duty foil; sprinkle with dry soup mix. Bring edges of foil together and seal with double fold; seal ends with double fold. Place seam-side up in shallow baking pan. Bake at 350° for 2 1/2 to... - 23.7922

Java Roast

This java roast recipe is a chuck roast recipe prepared with a base of strong coffee. Heavily flavored with added onion, the javan pot roast is a little sour to taste and can be served as desired. - 37.4101

Microwaved Yankee Pot Roast

This Yankee Pot Roast tastes unique ! Try this beef arm chuck roast and vegetables casserole for your next meal. Your suggestions for this Yankee Pot Roast are welcome. - 33.3348

French Onion With Pot Roast And Veggies

This delicious pot roast recipe is sure to remind you of your childhood days. The chef here provides simple instructions to make scrumptious French onions combined with chuck roast and veggies. Very simple to put together and is perfect for a chilly day! - 95.1171

Western Pot Roast

In heavy pot brown on all sides beef brisket or boneless round or chuck roast in oil. Add chopped onion; cook until golden. Combine catsup, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, brown sugar, cider vinegar and salt; pour over meat. Simmer, covered, until meat is... - 30.4001

Pot Roast With Spaghetti

The pot roast with spaghetti is a filling and hearty recipe for a chuck roast preparation. Cooked with tomato sauce and spiced to taste, the pot roast is served over the spaghetti with the sauce poured or spooned over it. - 42.126

Mom's Pot Roast

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. In nonreactive 5-quart Dutch oven, heat oil over high heat until very hot. Add roast and cook until browned on all sides, about 8 minutes. Transfer roast to plate. 2. Add onion, carrot, and celery to Dutch oven; cook, stirring, over... - 30.503

Spicy Pot Roast

Dredge .meat in the flour and brown all sides in the melted fat. Add sliced onions to meat, saute slightly, then add vinegar, water, salt, pepper, and spices, and simmer for about 3 hours or until meat is tender. Pot should he covered. Gravy may be thickened... - 31.5941

Slow-baked Pot Roast

Place roast in center of wide piece of heavy aluminum foil in a roasting pan; brush with steak sauce. Sprinkle soup mix over roast; spread with mushroom soup. Wrap aluminum foil loosely around meat. Bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours or... - 28.2535

Polynesian Pot Roast

Trim excess fat from meat. Coat meat with flour. In Dutch oven brown meat on all sides in hot shortening. Drain pineapple, reserving juice. Mix reserved juice, soy, lemon juice, brown sugar, basil, and garlic. Pour over roast in Dutch oven. Cover; roast at... - 42.3313

Italian Pot Roast

Brown meat slowly on all sides in hot vegetable oil. Remove meat and lower heat. Add garlic and next 8 seasonings. Simmer about 5 minutes being careful not to burn. Return meat. Mix tomato paste with water and pour over meat. Bring to a full boil. Lower heat... - 45.1043

Spiced Orange Pot Roast

1. Trim fat from meat. In a large pot brown meat on all sides in hot oil. Drain off fat. In a medium mixing bowl combine the tomato sauce, onion, garlic, sugar, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, and salt. Stir in 1 of the peeled and sectioned oranges... - 33.5741

Cacciatore Pot Roast

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. MAKING 2. Trim and discard the excess fat from roast 3. In a large oven proof casserole, heat oil over medium heat. 4. Sauté garlic until soft. 5. Place roast and sear on all sides. 6. Season with black pepper. 7.... - 43.1679

Cranberry Pot Roast

Cranberry Pot Roast is a delicious dish that guarentees a sumptuos meal. This dish is always in demand at home especially for the yearly family get together. Trust me, you will love this Cranberry Pot Roast recipe! - 42.0963

Saucy Pot Roast

Trim excess fat from roast. Place meat in plastic bag; set in deep bowl. Mix tomato juice, wine vinegar, garlic, Worcestershire, salt, sugar, basil, thyme, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Pour over meat; close bag. Marinate overnight in refrigerator, turning bag... - 42.9448

Swedish Pot Roast

Trim excess fat from meat. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon salt in Dutch oven; brown meat slowly on all sides in Dutch oven. Stick cloves into onions. Add to meat along with carrots, celery, the 1/3 cup water, corn syrup, and anchovies. Cover and simmer till meat is... - 43.1664

Frontffir Pot Roast

Place butter in 1 quart measure. MICRO WAVE on HIGH until melted. Add soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, water and onion. Place roast in plastic storage bag. Pour in marinade. Seal bag tightly with twist tie. Let stand overnight at room temperature. To cook,... - 36.7565

Microwaved Pot Roast

Pierce meat deeply and thoroughly on all sides with a fork. Place meat, sauce mix and water in a large oven cooking bag. Place in casserole. Secure bag with nylon tie. Make six 1/2-inch slits in neck of bag below tie. Microwave at MEDIUM (50%) 30... - 36.7118

Pot Roast

Pierce meat deeply and thoroughly on all sides with a fork. Place meat, sauce mix and water in a large oven cooking bag. Place in casserole. Secure bag with nylon tie. Make six 1/2-inch slits in neck of bag below tie. Microwave at M90EDIUM (50%) 30... - 38.7602