Bean Salsa

Bean salsa can be made from a variety of beans of choice including black beans (most commonly used), kidney beans or red beans. The beans are tossed in with the salsa ingredients like chopped tomatoes, green onions, minced garlic, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, vegetable oil, garlic salt and black pepper and mixed together. Bean salsa is most commonly served with tortilla chips.

Bean Salsa Blogs

How To Eat Salsa

How To Eat Salsa On : 05-Apr-2011 By : Shivani99

Most people know how to eat salsa , with corn chips of course! There are several other ways this zesty Mexican dip can be enjoyed. Depending on what kind of salsa you have at hand will determine the best way to eat it, since different kinds...

What Are The Health Benefits Of Mexican Food

What Are The Health Benefits Of Mexican Food On : 15-Feb-2011 By : anybodycancook30

Health benefits of Mexican food can be derived if you know what to eat. Although, Mexican food is full of cheese and fat, it cannot be denied that Mexican food health benefits are immense. So, choose sensibly and you can enjoy not only a superb tasting...

Green Bean Dressing

Green Bean Dressing On : 20-Jul-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

Wondering what to do with the bulk of green beans lying in your refrigerator? Simple, just cut and toss the beans in a bowl, add some nuts and herbs, and blend in yummy green bean dressing and enjoy a salad that is light, healthy, and absolutely...

National Eat Beans Day For Healthier Eating

 National Eat Beans Day For Healthier Eating On : 02-Jul-2012 By : Sweetcandy

If you love eating beans of different types – here is a reason to celebrate the 3 rd  of July. Yes, its National Eat Beans day, which means it’s a day for having the best bean dishes. Restaurants and food joints gear up to celebrate it...