Basil Pesto Pasta Recipes

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Homemade Pesto Sauce With Avocado - Fast And Easy Pesto Pasta

Homemade pesto sauce is easy, delicious and so versatile. With this version I added avocado for an extra creamy consistency. I love eating pesto sauce over pasta which is how I did it in this video. So good! - 125.566

Pasta With Sicilian Pesto Sauce - Summer

It's mid-August, and today Sonia cooks for us a tasty, fresh pasta sauce, typical of Sicily, ready in just a few minutes: the Sicilian pesto sauce! - 123.359

How To Make Pesto And A Caprese Pasta Salad

GETTING READY 1. Wash and clean the basil, pat them dry and remove all the moisture, set aside. 2. Cook the pasta as per manufacturer instructions. MAKING 3. In the food processor, blend basil, pine nuts, garlic and sea salt, blend until smooth. 4. Once done... - 119.07

Pasta With Pesto Sauce

If you are bored of regular tomato based pasta sauce, here is the solution. Pesto sauce is the great alternative to the regular tomato based pasta sauce. Have some fresh basil leaves and grind them with garlic, salt and cheese..the sauce is ready. Check out... - 106.084

Ligurian Basil Pesto Part 3 - Using Pesto For Making Different Pasta Meals

Here is Part 3 a video that shows how the freshly prepared Ligurian basil pesto is used to make simple delicious pasta for meals. The pesto imparts an awesome texture and flavor to the pasta. This video series is a must watch! - 96.8007

Basil Pesto

Who doesn't like to have tasty food which also adds to good health? This basil pesto recipe does exactly the same. Watch the video to see how a few simple ingredients mixed together become a great sauce with the goodness of health. My personal favorite for... - 95.9882

How To Make Pasta With Fresh Herbal Pesto

US chef Bhal Dave makes it possible to prepare Italian pasta with perfection in your home kitchen. He prepares delicious pasta with pesto, a dish which you might have drooled over at restaurants. With ease and brilliance he glides through a smooth... - 88.0907

Basil Broccoli Pesto

Yummy!! Basil Broccoli Pesto, what a herbed pasta recipe!! Broccoli and tomatoes provides nutrition and toasted pine nuts gives a crunchy texture to the Basil Broccoli Pesto. It is an ultrafine pasta recipe with lots of cheese and pungent garlic flavor. A... - 45.6397

Pasta With Light Basil Pesto

Put all the ingredients into a food processor fitted with the metal blade. Turning the machine on and off rapidly, pulse the ingredients several times until coarsely chopped. Scrape down the work bowl. Then process continuously until the sauce is smooth. If... - 35.8302

Simple Pesto

A great pasta sauce from Italy, based on basil and grated cheese. - 35.2691

Three Nut Basil Pesto Pasta

PASTA Use a spiral slicer to cut the zucchini into long strips and put in a serving bowl. Add the other ingredients to the bowl. PESTO In a food processor, combine all the pesto ingredients and process until smooth and sauce-like. Pour the sauce over the... - 34.4473

Pasta With Pesto

In a blender or food processor, whirl basil, cheese, 1/2 cup of the oil, and garlic (if used) until smoothly pureed; add more oil, if needed. If made ahead, cover and refrigerate for up to 5 days; or freeze in small portions. - 21.4737