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Launching Yoga For Foodies - A Weekly Meetup In Nyc

Yes - you read that right - "Yoga for foodies". I am an avid yoga enthusiast and also a foodie. So what better than to combine the two and make a fun friday night out event. The basic idea is simple – we go out every friday evening to do some yoga... -

Is It Worth To Bring Your Own White Wine To A Restaurant

After a lovely meal at a restaurant, more often than not you would observe that your wine had cost you more than the entire meal, so is it worth to bring your own white wine to a restaurant? To bring your own white wine would certainly work out cheaper... -

Most Popular Martini Bars In Cleveland

Being in Cleveland, if you want to enjoy the unique taste of martinis, you should know about most popular martini bars in Cleveland. There are several martini bars in Cleveland , and it is quite difficult to decide on the most popular choices of... -

Best 5 Wine Bars Of The World

According to me the best wine bar is one which serves great wine with the best food, paired with great hospitality.  Below listed are the Best 5 Wine Bars of the World  Monvínic: This is a new chic wine bar in down town Barcelona. It is... -

Top Wine Bars In New York

  The top wine bars in New York  are: Accademia di Vino Location : 1081 Third Ave. (E. 63rd St.) New York, NY 10065 What to expect : This place is  well-known for its comprehensive... -

Skeleton Bar By Hans Rudi Giger

    Skeleton Bar, as rightly termed, features skeletons everywhere – from the chairs to the flower vases. This museum bar packs in everything to create that eerie feel. Every corner of this bar is made so spooky with the... -

The Best Wine Bar In Nyc Ayza Wine And Chocolate Bar

The. Best. Wine bar. In New York. By far! We loved this place. I’m not usually a wine bar type guy, but my good friend drags me around to them sometime because she loves them. It was time to pay my dues again and she suggested this place. I though it was... -

Pancras - The Longest European Champagne Bar

If you are a big fan of Champagne and traveling through London, you might want to check out Europe’s longest champagne bar . The 315 feet bar is located at the St. Pancras International train station . Here’s more on the drinks and the ambiance... -

Great Irish Bars In New York

If you are in town this week for St. Patty's Day, be sure to check out P.D.O'Hurley's at 174 West 72nd Street and The Parlour at 250 West 86th Street. I will be bringing you videos from both bars/restaurants. Traditional Irish fare and lots of... -