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Fried Bananas Part 2 - Frying The Bananas

This video is in 2 parts this is Fried Bananas Part 2 - Frying the Bananas. Please watch part 1 for complete recipe. With the batter ready, it is time to proceed further with the frying of bananas. In the video the chef shows how to dip and deep fry the... - 95.9519

Batter Fried Bananas

MAKING 1. In a large bowl, sift the flour and salt together 2. Add the coconut milk while beating well. Once the milk is incorporated, add the egg yolks to the mixture and beat till smooth 3. Add the egg whites and the coconut to the mixture and beat well 4.... - 38.2849

Fried Bananas

Fried bananas are a quick and easy, delicious tea time snack. When you have unannounced guests over for tea, these tasty treats are a real life saver. Enjoy!! - 36.3308

Pan Fried Bananas

Choose all-yellow or green-tipped bananas. Heat butter in a large skillet; peel bananas and cut in halves lengthwise. Lay cut-side down in the bubbling butter and squeeze lemon juice over them. Cook until bananas are delicately browned on under side; then... - 26.5848

Fried Banana Patia

• Roll the blackened bananas on a wooden board and then peel the skin. Cut into 1" rounds. • Heat a non-stick frying pan with sesame oil till hot and then fry the banana pieces till golden brown and like caramel toffee. Drain and set aside. • Take a... - 35.4239

Banana Fry

Banana Fry has a grand taste. Banana Fry gets its taste from banana mixed with flour and Turmeric powder. Banana Fry is inspired by many food joints worldwide. - 32.2217

Fried Bananas

Cut bananas into halves crosswise and lengthwise. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Dip into egg beaten with water, then into bread crumbs. Fry in deep fat (325°F on a frying thermometer) until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper. - 26.0621

Fried Bananas

MAKING 1) Peel, cut in half crosswise and then cut lengthwise. 2) Roll in the brown sugar. 3) In a skillet heat oil and sauté the bananas until golden brown. SERVING 5) Serve hot or cold with cream if desired. - 30.3603

Flamed Banana

Heat the sugar in a pan until it turns caramel in colour, add butter and then pan-fry the split bananas. Pour on some rum and ignite - 19.5653

Fried Bananas With Cream

Melt butter in large skillet and fry bananas 1 minute each side. Pour the sugar, juices and peels over the bananas. Simmer about 15 minutes. Baste with syrup while cooking. Serve with the sauce. - 39.5345

Fried Banana Slices

Peel bananas and slice diagonally in 1-inch pieces; add salt to water. Add bananas and let stand for 1 hour. Drain. Pat dry on absorbent paper. Heat oil to 325°; fry banana slices for 1 to 2 minutes. Drain between sheets of absorbent paper; flatten with... - 31.1929

Fried Bananas As A Dessert

MAKING 1) Dredge flour on a sheet of waxed paper. 2) Roll the bananas in flour to coat well. 3) In a pan or top part of chafing dish, heat 2 tablespoons of the butter. 4) Put in the bananas and cook until golden browned, flip to brown other side, mix... - 45.0135

Deep Fried Banana Fritter

Prepare the batter. Cut each banana lengthwise and across the middle, making four portions. Coat with batter. Fry in hot fat, which is just beginning to haze. Sprinkle well with castor sugar and serve immediately. Orange Fritters: Remove peel and pith from 4... - 34.5135

Kaya Warathathu Banana Fry

1. Pare the bananas, wash and dry well. 2. Slice into thin, round sections of even thickness. 3. Deep fry the slices in hot oil till crisp. 4. Sprinkle a little salt water in the oil. Stir again so that the salt is evenly absorbed by the chips. When the... - 31.2849

Banana Chips

These crunchy Banana Chips are my favorite snack ! With a savory tomato dip these Banana Chips are simply irresistible ! You can eat them as a side dish with your sandwiches and burger buns too ! Feel free to cooment on these fabulous Banana Chips - 26.2455

Banana Fries

1. Wash raw bananas and peel with the help of a knife. Chop them into thin sliced wafers. 2. Rub haldi, red chilli powder, salt and tamarind pulp over the sliced bananas 3. Let them marinate for 1/2 hr. 4. Roll the marinated shoes into rava. 5. Roast them in... - 28.2835

Hot Bananas With Ice Cream

Out of many versions of banana and ice cream desserts, this one is a little special; because of the simplicity to make it. In this video Jameela has shown that even the highly regarded desserts from restaurants like hot bananas with ice cream can be easily... - 73.2562

Deep Fried Thai Bananas In Coconut Batter With Vanilla Ice Cream

Exotic dessert simplified! This is the description for this Deep Fried Thai Bananas in Coconut Batter with Vanilla Ice Cream. If you have a sweet tooth and love to spend time in the kitchen, try it out. This video will guide you through the recipe. - 80.0282

Sauteed Bananas

GETTING READY 1.Remove the skin of bananas. 2.Cut the bananas in halves lengthwise. 3.Make a mixture of sesame seeds and cornstarch. MAKING 4.In a skillet, heat oil. 5.Once hot, dip the bananas in the sesame seed mixture and then fry in skillet until brown... - 36.5479

Fried Bananas Part 1 - Preparing The Batter

This video is in 1 parts this is Fried Bananas Part 1 - Preparing the Batter. Please watch part 2 for complete recipe.Thai cuisine is rich with typical Tropical ingredients and plantain is one such ingredient. Chef Pailin shows how to make Fried Bananas using... - 94.4112

Vietnamese Fried Bananas

Join Honeysuckle Catering in this special recipe for Vietnamese Fried Bananas, a summer favorite! - 148.091

Fried Banana With Rum

MAKING 1) Cut the banana in half lengthways after peeling. 2) Heat gently for about 2 minutes in the butter turning once. 3) Take the rum and first warm in a ladle and then flame it. 4) Pour lemon juice and the rum to the banana. SERVING 5) Add sugar and... - 34.057

Fried Banana Cake

Roll the bananas on a wooden board. Peel and mash them in a thali. Add the crushed jaggery and grated coconut and mix well. Then add 1 tsp. salt and the cardamom powder and vanilla essence. Mix all the ingredients well and then stir in the rice flour. Knead... - 36.0409

Easy Batter Fried Bananas

GETTING READY 1) Choose the bananas that are not too over-ripe, or they will be too soft for fritters. 2) Peel the bananas and cut them into halves across. MAKING 3) Dust the bananas with flour and pat off any excess flour. 4) In a mixing basin, sift the... - 45.7892

Twice Fried Plantains

Tostones as they are known as traditional appetizers made from fried plantains! This video is a step by step guidance as how to make these fried delicacies! See the video for more! - 68.8411

Parsi Style Fried Bananas In Curd Gravy

• Take bananas which have black skins on them. This is the sign that they are ripe. Roll each one on a wooden board and peel and cut into 5-6 pieces each. • Heat a karahi half full of pure ghee, vanaspati or refined oil. Place on medium heat. Fry the... - 34.8173

Fried Bananas As A Vegetable

MAKING 1) Dredge flour on a sheet of waxed paper. 2) Roll the bananas in flour to coat well. 3) In a pan or top part of chafing dish, heat 2 tablespoons of the butter. 4) Put in the bananas and cook until golden browned, flip to brown other side, mix... - 37.0936

Bananas Foster A La Sienna

? Heat butter in frying pan over medium heat. When melted, add sugar and mix well. Cook until golden brown. ? Add sliced bananas and mix well; cook 1 minute. ? Add fruit juices, mix and continue cooking 1 minute. ? Add liqueur and rum; flambde. Mix well and... - 28.2026

Thai Deep Fried Banana Fritters Kluay Kaek

Thai banana and sweet potato fritters is an amazing recipe that is preferred as a wonderful snack for kids and adults . Here the chef has prepared these crispy fritters that would serve as a great all time snack for a party or get-together any other ... - 104.887

Dessert: Nutella And Banana Deep Fried Wontons

Creamy Hazlenut Nutella Spread and sliced banana are deep fried to crispy, chocolate perfection in wonton wrappers! - 120.384

Fried Banana Pastries

Chill dough several hours in refrigerator before rolling. Roll dough rather thin (1/8 inch) on lightly floured surface. Cut bananas lengthwise in slices approximately 1/4 inch thick. Halve slices and roll each one in the dough. Press down edge to seal and... - 28.9101

Banana Fritters

In a bowl, beat eggs, milk and oil. Combine flour, baking powder and salt; stir into egg mixture until smooth. Cut bananas into quarters (about 2 in.long). Dip each banana piece into batter to coat. In an electric skillet or deep-fat fryer, heat oil to... - 39.1923

Ward Belmont Banana Fritters

Sift flour together with salt and baking powder. Beat the egg, add milk and stir in dry ingredients. Add the bananas, cut up into desired pieces (as much banana as batter will thoroughly coat). Drop by spoonfuls into deep hot fat. Fry a delicate brown. - 27.7557

Baby Banana Omelette

Heat oil in skillet and fry baby bananas until golden brown. Reserve beat egg yolks and whites separately. Fold whites into yolks, heat oil in skillet; add half of egg mixture. Sprinkle with salt. Place fried bananas on top of egg top with remaining egg... - 31.0654

Stuffed Green Bananas

• Wash the bananas with their skins on. Nick off both ends and cut each banana into 3 to 4 pieces. Take each piece and place a cut in the centre of each going only halfway into the piece. • After grinding the 2 aatas and the spices and coconut, mix with... - 33.3191

Bananas Wrapped In Bacon

GETTING READY 1) Peel the bananas and slice them in half. 2) Sprinkle the slices with lemon juice and roll them in castor sugar to lightly coat. MAKING 3) Wrap each prepared banana slice in trimmed bacon rashers. Use a wooden cocktail stick to secure. 4)... - 32.7244

Banana And Bacon Fritters

Cut the banana halves into 4 pieces, making 16 in all. Wrap each piece in bacon and secure with a large wooden toothpick. Heat the oil to 375°F (190°C). Dip the bacon rolls into the batter and drop into the oil. Fry until golden brown and crisp. - 28.2633

Banane Au Chocolat

MAKING 1. In a frypan melt the butter and gently lay in the bananas. 2. Scatter over the brown sugar and lay the grated or slivered chocolate on top of the bananas. 3. Place the lid on and cook for about 2 minutes. SERVING 4. Serve with ice cream, crime... - 33.2425

Banana Bajji

For those with a sweet-tooth and don't mind deep-fried food. - 31.62

Flamed Jamaican Bananas

Peel the bananas and halve lengthwise. Heat the butter in a flameproof dish and fry the bananas, cut side down. When golden, turn over, sprinkle with lemon juice, and fry until the underneath is coloring. Warm the rum in a ladle, ignite and pour over... - 31.8686

Flambeed Bananas

Peel the bananas and cut into rounds. Heat the butter in a frying pan until it turns a nut-brown colour, add the bananas and fry for 1-2 minutes. Add the sugar and rum, ignite, and leave to cool. Arrange the bananas neatly on the chilled ganache base. - 27.9546

Banana Fritters

If you are not looking to spending much for a snack you can very well opt for banana fritters. These banana fritters dipped in creamy batter are tasty and at the same time filling. Delicious! - 34.9404

Sauteed Bananas With Almonds

Melt the butter in a large frying pan and, when it is hot, add the bananas. Cook for 3 minutes, then turn the bananas carefully. Sprinkle over the sugar, orange juice and rind and cook for 3 minutes more. Transfer the bananas to a warm serving platter, pour... - 33.3734

Prasadacha Sheera (banana Sheera / Sooji Halwa With Banana)

Prasadacha Sheera is very popular sweet dish which is almost prepared everywhere on the auspicious occasion and most commonly on the day of Satya Narayan Pooja. This sheera is offered in small cups as a prasad to guests. Very tasty and healthy too! - 115.119

Banana Bhajias

Place the bananas in a thali and crush them to a pulp. Add all the ingredients one by one, except for the oil. If the dough is very stiff, add one quarter cup water; otherwise mix well and add salt to taste. Place a half full karahi of oil on the stove and... - 33.4075

Keralite Banana Curry

Lightly fry the banana pieces in batches in a nonstick fry-pan and set aside. Remove the bananas and cook the onions and grated coconut in the same oil. When soft and pink, add the minced garlic, the green chillies, the fried bananas and mango pulp. Mix the... - 35.0747

Fern Britton's Banana Rumbumble

MAKING 1) In a large frying pan, melt the butter. 2) Add the bananas and fry till they start to soften. 3) Add the brandy and sugar and cook till the liquid starts to bubble. SERVING 4) Serve the preparation while it is still hot over cream or ice cream.... - 31.9591

Banana Fritters

In bowl stir together flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and nutmeg. Combine egg, milk, 1 tablespoon oil, and vanilla; stir into dry ingredients till smooth. In wok heat 2 inches oil to 375°. Dip banana pieces into batter; fry a few at a time in hot oil for... - 35.635

Banana Split

Banana Split is a super easy dessert to make. This dessert is mostly loved by kids. It 's really delicious so do try it out. I'm sure your family will love it. . - 112.511

Banana Savouries

Cooked bananas!! That's an unappealing thought for many people! Same for me, but only till I dared to taste Banana Savouries!! This is a delicious dish that my aunt prepares. Ready in only minutes, this is a must-try recipe. - 36.2959

Candied Banana Fritters

Candied Banana Fritters is a delicious preparation that has an addictive flavor! I pick this dish for tea parties or even when I have to host birthday parties. This delicious Candied Banana Fritters is irresistible and you will understand what I am talking... - 46.3403

Banana Fritters

Peel bananas and cut each in halves lengthwise. Then cut in two crosswise. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and lemon juice and let stand 30 min. Drain, dip in the fritter batter and fry in deep, hot fat at 360°-370°F. until done, turning frequently. - 24.7941

Banana Pancakes

Beat together the eggs, honey and milk. Add the mashed bananas and mix well. Sift the flour and salt into the banana mixture. Blend thoroughly. Stir in the melted butter or vegetable oil. Set aside and allow to stand for at least an hour. Pour two tablespoons... - 35.8918

Simple Banana Fry

Peel & Cut plantains into half inch cubes. Heat 5 tbs oil in a skillet. Add mustard seeds & allow them to splutter; Then add cumin seeds, onions, turmeric powder, crushed garlic pods & curry leaves. Saute until the garlic turns brownish. Add the plantain... - 31.7398

Stuffed Banana Croquettes

Peel the plantains and cut into thick slices. In a medium saucepan over moderately high heat, combine the plantains and the salt. Add water to cover and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to moderate and cook until tender, 10 to 15 minutes. (The exact cooking... - 42.2428

Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng. Pisang is Banana and goreng is fried, so it becomes fried bananas. An asian delicacy, a wonderful snack or a dessert with various variations, can be used with cheese as well. - 46.6076

Banana Fritters

Mix the sugar and eggs in a bowl till frothy and pale. Add the yoghurt, whip, then gradually add the maida, mashed bananas, caraway seeds, vanilla essence, baking powder and cardamom and nutmeg powder. Mix well. If the mixture is very tight, add 2 to 4... - 33.9516

Easy Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes is a great breakfast recipe. The chef here has prepared delicious banana pancakes, garnished with whipped cream and strawberries. Serve these pancakes with warm maple syrup and enjoy! - 103.724

Tarela Kera

Peel and slice bananas into round slices or cut them in half and then lengthwise. Heat ghee or oil and fry bananas slowly till crisp. Serve hot or at room temperature as an accompaniment to any dish like meat curry and rice, savoury meat, etc. - 24.3424

Easy Banana Dog Bites

If you are tired of making banana sandwiches, here is a recipe that will give you a break from sandwiches and the whole family will like it. Weelicious host is making easy banana dog bites and this time also she has her son for helping. She spreads peanut... - 112.026

Banana Rolls

Peel bananas and cut each into three or four pieces. Halve each piece. Combine all ingredients for stuffing. Make as many balls as there are banana pieces. Press each ball between two halves of banana piece. Combine all ingredients for batter and make a thick... - 36.9517

Fried Plantain

Kelewele also called Hot Plantain Crisps is a popular Ghanaian side dish. Mostly known to be spicy, it is fried plantain that is usually served with rice and stew or alone. It can be served as dessert or for just snack. Kelewele is my favorite Ghanaian... - 116.182

Banana Fritters

Sift flour, baking powder, and salt. Combine beaten egg and milk; add to dry ingredients along with orange peel and juice; mix until smooth. Peel and slice bananas; stir into batter. Drop by spoonfuls into heated fat and fry until golden. Drain on absorbent... - 38.3838

Bananas Flambe

MAKING 1) In a frying pan heat butter and add sugar. 2) Place peeled bananas and sliced bananas. 3) Gently fry for 3-5 minutes till soft. 4) Take out pan from heat and place on hot serving dish. 5) Add apricot jam into the butter and sugar and mix. 6) In a... - 37.8574

Banana Pancakes

Mix the bananas, buttermilk, eggs and sugar in a bowl and beat well. Add flour and soda and beat thoroughly. Stir in the butter. Drop by spoonfuls onto a greased, hot griddle and cook until brown on both sides, turning once. Serve with butter and powdered... - 32.5667

Banana Fritters

Cut each banana into 3 chunks, and sprinkle with lemon juice and confectioners' sugar. Let stand for 20 minutes. Mix biscuit mix, sugar, egg, and milk. Dip banana chunks in the batter and fry in hot deep fat (375°F on frying thermometer) in electric... - 32.4469

Banana Fritters

1. Peel fruit and cut into long pieces. 2. Prepare a batter with flour, egg and milk. 3. Dip slices of bananas in batter. Deep fry. 4. Drain and toss in castor sugar. 5. Serve on a dish lined with a paper doyley. - 35.5133

Banana Scallops

I am sure you will not have a better recipe to compare with this Banana Scallops recipe? The Banana Scallops is made with Fruits which is easy to procure from any grocery store. This Banana Scallops when served as Snack is sure to please your family members.... - 33.7589

Kele Ke Meethe Baday

GETTING READY 1)Peel and cut the bananas into round slices. 2)In a frying pan heat ghee. MAKING 3)In a bowl, add flour, half of the sugar, salt and coconut milk to make a thick batter. 4)Dip banana slices into the batter and then deep fry until golden brown.... - 39.098

Banana Fritters

MAKING 1 In a bowl, sift flour, measure and sift again with baking powder, salt, sugar and mace. 2 In another bowl, add egg, vanilla, milk and melted shortening; mix well. 3 Blend into the dry ingredients and beat until smooth. 4 Peel bananas and cut... - 44.9782

Sole With Banana

1. Mix the breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese together, then season with salt and pepper. 2. Cut the sole into wide strips across the width of the fillet. 3. Coat with the flour, then the beaten egg, then the breadcrumbs and cheese. If necessary repeat the... - 36.0287

Kela Kuchchi Puchchi

MAKING 1)To dough, mix first seven items and, little besan together. 2)Make flat discs with hands and keep aside. 3)In another bowl, make a batter with besan and water. 4)In a pan heat oil, and deep fry the banana chops until dark golden.... - 45.364

Pasta With Bananas And Anchovies

What better way to incorporate hearty-healthy anchovies into your meals than add them to a pasta dish. Tasty, filling, and very, very nutritious, this unique pasta dish is supercharged with the goodness of anchovies and bananas. A simple and great tasting... - 61.3286

Banana Fritters

Sift and mix all dry ingredients, add butter. Beat egg and milk, add to dry ingredients, mixing well. Slice bananas, dip in batter, and fry in deep hot fat until golden brown. Sprinkle with powdered sugar while still warm. - 34.2918

Banana Fritters

GETTING STARTED 1. Preheat the oven to 375°F. MAKING 2. Take a mixing bowl and sift the salt and flour into it. 3. Create a depression in the center and break the egg over it. 4. Add half of the liquid into it and whisk the batter using a wooden spoon... - 43.0479

Easy Banana Fritters

Sift flour, measure, and resift with baking powder, salt and sugar. Beat egg well, add milk and pour into dry ingredients, mixing thoroughly. Peel bananas and cut each in half lengthwise and once across. Dip pieces of banana into the batter and fry in deep... - 31.951

How To Make Almond Bananas

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for Almond Banana's. - 106.996

Banana Fritters

GETTING READY 1.Start by peeling the bananas and cutting them crosswise into halves or quarters MAKING 2.In a bowl, combine the first 4 ingredeints and mix thoroughly 3.In a blender, place the egg and milk and blend together properly, also add flour mixture... - 43.7116

Banana Fritters

GETTING READY 1. In a large frying pan, or in a deep fat fryer, heat oil to fry the fritters. 2. quarter the bananas, length wise. MAKING 3. In a mixing bowl, sift the flour and salt and add sugar. 4. Add melted butter and water and stir to form a... - 43.249

Bhareli Keli

MAKING 1. Take a hard bottomed pan and heat it. Add ghee, cardamoms and grated coconut into it and simmer until the mixture thickens. When done, remove from the fire and allow it to cool. Use this as a filling for bananas. 2. Peel and halve bananas on one... - 35.1568

Ethekka Appam Banana Fritters

1. Cut each banana into 3 pieces, lengthwise. 2. Make a thick batter with both the flours and 1/2 cup water. Add sugar and bicarbonate of soda. 3. Dip the banana slices in the batter and deep fry in hot oil till golden brown. 4. Drain off the excess oil and... - 35.1893

Banana Fritters

MAKING 1. To prepare the bananas peel them, cut in 3-inch pieces then halve lengthwise. 2. In a bowl of mixture of orange juice and sugar stand them. 3. Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. 4. In another bowl combine next 5 ingredients, add to flour... - 43.261

Banana Cue (maruya)

Banana cue or also known as “Maruya” is the all-time Pinoy’s favorite snacks. A deep-fried recipe made of “saba” or “cardava” banana, coated in melted brown sugar. - 95.8081

Indian Banana Stem Salad

Crunchy fried vegetables are my all time favorite, and it is double the fun when it equally healthy a choice to make. Yes this Crnches Crunch made with nutritious vegetables and flavored with delicious ingredients is just an awesome treat to try! This crunchy... - 46.8645

Banana Doughnuts

MAKING 1) Sift flour with baking powder, baking soda, nutmeg, and salt. 2) Cream the shortening with sugar and beat in eggs, vanilla, and banana. 3) Stir in the flour mixture, make a smooth dough, and divide it in two portions. 4) On a flour dusted surface,... - 43.695

Banana Fritters

MAKING 1. Take a bowl, add flour and mix warm milk, yeast, egg, sunflower oil and salt and mix thoroughly to form a light, yet thick batter. Keep aside for 1 hour in a warm place. 2. Peel bananas, halve bananas lengthwise and then crossways, twice, for making... - 40.8053

Raw Banana Cutlets

Peel the raw bananas and chop them roughly into slices and boil them in water along with salt and turmeric powder. Remove from fire when soft. Drain. Take a large thali. Place the drained banana slices on it and mash them. Add the mashed potato, salt, chopped... - 36.4119

Kovai Banana Patties Stuffed With Dry Fruits

Roll the bananas, skin and cut vertically into four pieces from top to bottom. Remove the black veins from the centre of the bananas. Mash them and place them in a thick bottomed pan along with half the sugar, half the ghee and cook over a low fire stirring... - 33.3549

Banana Fritters With Sesame Seeds

Banana fritters with sesame seeds is hot, crispy and a great indulgence. Serve hot Banana fritters with sesame seeds on top of vanilla ice cream and see how it tastes. Heavenly!! If you have ever tried it, I suggest you do it today or you will regret!! - 102.082

Banana Fritters

GETTING READY 1)In a bowl, mix together egg yolk, oil, sugar, coconut milk, mixed spices. Mix well and let mixture stand for 30 min. 2)After 30 min, mix in the egg whites too. 3)Peel and cut banana in to pieces of 5 cm. MAKING 4)In a saucepan, heat... - 44.936

Mini Blueberry Banana Pancakes

1. Whisk pancake mix, milk, eggs, 1 tablespoon of the oil, and vanilla in a bowl. Stir in blueberries and banana. 2. Combine syrup and cinnamon in a small bowl or pitcher. 3. Heat a large nonstick skillet or seasoned griddle over medium heat; lightly coat... - 31.0303

Banana Fritters

Banana fritters are wonderful sweet bites that can be made in a number of ways. The fritters can be made with ripe mashed bananas and into pieces like in this recipe. Try this banana fritter recipe and serve with ice cream or whipped cream. - 51.3936

Banana Fritters

Peel the bananas and cut in halves crosswise. Cut each half in two, lengthwise if desired. Sprinkle with the lemon juice and powdered sugar; let stand 20-30 min.; drain. Meanwhile beat the egg yolk; add the butter, salt, and 1/4 c of the milk. Add the flour... - 35.8443

A Better Bananas Foster

You dont have to go to New Orleans for this diabetic friendly dessert. Divabetics Catherine Schuller, an image & style advisor, shows Susan Perez, model and make artist, this quick and easy taste treat. - 110.555

Paleo Diet (caveman Diet) Banana Pancakes

If you follow strictly Paleolithic diet, you have gluten intolerance or just don't want to use flour this easy Banana Pancakes Recipe is for you. Enjoy! - 114.833

Banana Doughnuts

Cream shortening, gradually add sugar, beating well. Add eggs, and beat mixture well. Set aside. Combine banana, buttermilk, and vanilla in a small bowl. Set aside. Combine flour, baking powder, salt, soda, and nutmeg, add flour mixture to creamed mixture... - 42.3956

Ethakka Appam/pazham Pori (sweet Banana Fritter)

Ethakka appam or Pazham pori as it is commonly called is a very common evening snack in Kerala. It is very tasty as it includes the sweetness of banana as well as the sugar. It is serve hot with tea. This is one of the best snack that can be enjoyed during... - 45.2405

Banana Suzette

MAKING 1. To make the sauce for serving with the Suzettes, combine all the sauce ingredients in a saucepan and stir till the sugar dissolves. 2. Place on a low heat and simmer for 50 minutes, stirring frequently, until transparent and thick enough to coat the... - 46.8067

Banana And Walnut Pancakes With Honey

Pancakes are energizing breakfast preparations coupled with taste as well as nutrition. Check out how to make Banana and Walnut pancakes in a simple way with just a few ingredients to serve with honey or any favored fruit topping! - 102.392

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