Banana Cake


Banana cake is a delicious, flavorful and moist cake which is sweetened with mashed banana.



Ingredients and Preparation


Banana cake is simple and easy to make. The main ingredients that go into making the Banana Cake are overripe banana, egg, sugar, flour, nuts and butter. Chocolate glazing can also be added on banana cake. Banana cake can also made in combination with other fruits like apple.



Health and Nutrition Facts


Serving size – 1/8 of cake (64 g)


Approximate values per serving (Calories - 270 cal, Fat – 14 g, Carbohydrates – 36 g, Protein – 2 g, Saturated fat – 5 g, Cholesterol – 30 mg, Sodium – 190 mg, Sugars – 26 g)



Nutritional Benefits of Banana Cake


1. It is Low in cholesterol

2. It is high in calcium and iron

3. It is high in vitamins



Disadvantage: Banana cake is - i) High in Fat and saturated fat, ii) High in Sodium, and iii) Very High in sugars



Health Issues


Banana cake is usually very high in sugars which can cause some health concerns such as dental caries, diabetes, and obesity.



Who should avoid Banana cake?


1. Fatty and obese 

2. Diabetic people

3. Weight watchers

4. People suffering from hypertension

5. People with sedentary life style


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