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Baking Made Easy is a cookery show presented by Lauren Groveman, who is an international radio and television personality and an  author of two cookbooks. The show is telecast on Public Broadcasting System across the United States. As the name of the show says – this is the show for all who love baking or want to learn baking. She also runs her own non-profit organisation, to give back to the community.




Baking Made Easy was launched as a television show in 2011 and it immediately garnered worldwide acclaim and popularity for its tips and tricks to help even a beginner turn into a baker. Baking Made Easy was developed with the objective of making the art of baking easy and accessible to one and all, ranging from – experts, daily bakers, seasonal bakers, novices, teenagers, housewives, first-timers and even men who want to be able to bake.




Baking Made Easy is a show with 26 episodes in all, which have been shot in Lauren Groveman’s Kitchen. Each episode not only features two or three recipes, but also consists of valuable tips and techniques to achieve perfectly baked recipes. It is a complete hands-on show. The show has featured her two daughters – Julie and Jessica – bake along with her. The show also features Lauren’s Labrador Retriever – Mango, who makes an appearance once in a while on one of the episodes. The underlying message from Lauren is to make baking a way of life – to relax and to express love by baking goodies for family and friends.


Noteworthy Episodes


One of the most memorable episodes of the show has been shared here. The episode titled ‘ Drop Dead Gorgeous holiday Desserts ’ shows an amazing Pumpkin Torte recipe. The torte has a cookie crust base with a pumpkin custard filling and topped with a bitter sweet ganache. The same episode caters to both an expert baker and a not-so-expert baker. Lauren shows two types of garnishing – one for each group. What stands out in the show is her use of real lemon leaves a as chocolate mould. She creates life-like chocolate leaves with this, which is then used to decorate the torte.




  • Hostess of Baking Made Easy, Lauren Groverman is a Certified Culinary Professional ( CCP ).
  • All of the 26 episodes of Baking Made Easy including over 75 recipes have been shot in Lauren’s kitchen.
  • Lauren Groverman has also hosted 5 episodes of Chef du Jour on the Food Network.
  • Lauren has also contributed to ‘ Baking with Julia ’, which is both a book and a television series by legendary chef Julia Child.
  • Lauren also runs a non-profit organisation “ Hands-on-Food ”, to help the needy, learn and earn through the medium of cooking.
  • Lauren’s two college going daughters – Julie and Jessica – have been baking with their mother ever since they were toddlers.


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