Baked Tortilla

Tortilla Baked chips are prepared from corn tortillas and are served with salsa, chili con queso dip or Guacamole. It can also be seasoned with spices and herbs and served without a dip. The main ingredients required for preparing this are corn tortillas, salt, chili powder and canola oil. Tortilla Baked chips can also be prepared by frying and it is served as an appetizer in Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants in the United States and other countries. It is a crunchy and crispy snack. Tortilla Baked Recipes include Baked Tortilla Wheel Pineapple Salsa and Baked Tortilla Casserole.

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How To Bake A Tortilla Bowl?

How To Bake A Tortilla Bowl? On : 03-Aug-2010 By : ifoodiee

Y ou want to make your Mexican spread look more appealing by adding a taco salad served in baked tortilla bowls but you just don’t know how to bake a tortilla bowl! I found myself in this situation a few days ago and a simple call to my mom told me...

Baked Tortilla Chips...

Baked Tortilla Chips... On : 23-Jan-2008 By : CookingMyWay

I was having a party to watch the last round of the football playoffs and wanted to serve some chips and salsa.  I had some salsa tortilla chips (thanks to Steve The Tortilla Guy) and I couldn't think of anything better to make chips out of - They...

How To Make Tortillas Without Baking Powder

How To Make Tortillas Without Baking Powder On : 13-Oct-2010 By : yummytummy

Tortillas are largely used in various delicious cuisines and to make tortillas for your regular use you must know about how to make tortillas without baking powder . Most of the recipe of tortillas will ask you to mix a pinch of baking powder, which can...

How To Eat Tortillas? – Knead, Pat, Roll And Bake, The Mexican Way

How To Eat Tortillas? – Knead, Pat, Roll And Bake, The Mexican Way On : 15-Sep-2010 By : culinary_explorer

Whoever discovered the bread, has given mankind a ‘life-saver’ to hang on to. Making up a wholesome breakfast or a snack or supper or a handy food-item,  bread has become a part and parcel of our life. Bread comes in different varieties and makes,...

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