Baked Polenta

Polenta is a mush prepared from cornmeal, which is used as an alternate to pasta with various sauces and served as a side dish. Polenta Baked can be cooked and served with cheese, meat and cooked green vegetables.

Some of the common Polenta Baked recipes are Baked Polenta with Bolognese Meat Sauce, Polenta Baked with Vegetables, Ratatouille Polenta Baked, Cheese Polenta with Herbed Tomato Sauce, etc.

Baked Polenta Blogs

What Do You Know About Polenta

What Do You Know About Polenta On : 03-Jan-2011 By : bronzegoddess_bright

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } What do you know about polenta, eh? Well, for starters, Polenta is not the name of a saucy pole dancer. It is a dish, but not of the exotic variety though. It is a commonly cooked dish in Italy, although now, polenta...

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