Baked Clam

Baked clam is a popular dish that can be served either as a main course or as a snack in between meals irrespective of the time of the day. There was a time when this dish was popular only in areas near the sea but with the various technological advancements it has become possible to transport food items from one place to another easily and quickly. Moreover, baked clam has a low fat content thereby making it ideal for people suffering from heart problems and those who are trying to lose weight. Baked clam is now popular in most corners of the world.

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How To Do A Clam Bake

How To Do A Clam Bake On : 03-Aug-2010 By : Chef_d_munchie

An ideal Clam Bake is done on a beach by digging a huge hole in the sand and needs participation from a lot of people. The Clam Bake tradition goes back to the Native American civilizations who thought the Colonials this process of steaming food like...

How To Eat Clams

How To Eat Clams On : 03-Aug-2010 By : passionIfoodie

  Clams  are basically a type bivalve mollusks that are most found in fresh and salt water. These clams can be eaten in various ways including fried, steamed, with sauces and in soups. Clams are known for filtering the water in they...

Clam Menu

On : 19-May-2011 By : Chocoholic

  There are very creative dishes you can consider putting on a clam menu . Clams are cooked and eaten raw all over the world; they are tasty enough to appeal to virtually anyone who enjoys shellfish.  Whether consuming...

Top 10 Seafood Party Appetizers

Top 10 Seafood Party Appetizers On : 28-Dec-2010 By : yummyyum

While appetizers are the center of attraction of any party menu, seafood party appetizers take this course of meal a step upward because they are simply mouthwatering and hard to resist. When you serve any of these top 10 seafood party appetizers ,...

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