Bachelorette Party Food

Bachelorette party food comprises side courses, main course, appetizers, finger foods, and desserts which were served with beverages. Bachelorette party is generally thrown by the bride for her girlfriends, prior to the wedding as a celebration. The food that is served is simple, sophisticated, and easy to prepare. Traditionally, bachelorette party food comprises barbecued chicken, meat, vegetables, seafood including oysters, shrimps, fish, and prawn. Sauces and dips are quite famous during the party that go well with barbecued food as well as with nachos, tortillas, chips and other such finger foods. Salads like potato salad and coleslaw salad go well with the main dishes.





Bachelorette party, also known as “hen party” or “hen night” in the Uk, as “hens party” or “hens night” in Australia and as “Stagette” in Canada, is replicated from the age-old bachelor’s party. The bachelor party dates back by many centuries; however, the feminine version of this party can be linked to the 1960s sexual revolution. These parties gained popularity by the mid 1980, which became a sign of gender equality.

The more popular term “hen party” is believed to be have been coined as a mirror image of the bridegroom’s party – “stag party”.



Traditional Bachelorette Party Recipes


Apart from the chicken, seafood and vegetable dishes, cake is an important part of the bachelorette party menu, which is relished by all the girls. The cake is cut in honor of the soon-to-be bride. Cakes can be of varied tastes and themes; however, the most popular cake eaten on the bachelorette party day is the cake with the theme of woman’s corset which is usually in pink color. Even if the theme is different, the cake's color is usually pink.


The Bachelorette party is incomplete without drinks as the girls like to enjoy to the maximum with the soon-to-be bride. The drinks menu can vary from exotic cocktails and mocktails to plain drinks like beer, vodka, wine and rum.



Significance of Bachelorette Party Dishes


Bachelorette party dishes do not include specific foods; however, it all depends on the host and her taste. If it’s a luncheon, the food generally comprises appetizers, main course dishes and desserts. If it’s a cocktail party, then the menu has a variety of finger foods, snacks, appetizers, barbecue foods and a wide range of drinks.



Modern Bachelorette Party Recipes and Their Variations


Modern day bachelorette parties include finger foods that are scrumptious and light on the stomach. Low fat and low calorie food are especially popular during such all-girls parties. Some of the foods that are popular during the bachelorette party are low fat dips served with chips, tortillas with low fat salsa, fruit salad, cookies, barbecued vegetables, grilled fish, gourmet crackers. Some delicious dips that are liked by all are pesto, tzatziki, and guacamole.



Customary way of Serving Bachelorette Party Food


The food is generally laid on the table during the bachelorette party as a buffet, which makes it easy for the ladies to serve it themselves.  These foods include finger foods, appetizers, salads, and condiments. However, the delicate and complicated foods are served on the plates in the kitchen.


Martini is a must during such parties. Some of the martinis’ served during the bachelorette party include Emerald Mint Martini, Frosty Lemon Martini, and Mango Martini. 

Bachelorette Party Food Recipes

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