Awesome Wing Sauce Recipes

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Malaysian Style Chicken Wings

This recipe came from Andrew Zimmern's website and I thought it would be great on the grill. I was right, They turned out awesome. Give it a try and let me know how they were. - 114.602

Low Carb Baked Hidden Valley Ranch Buffalo Wings

Want to learn how to make delicious and amazingly healthy buffalo wings? Then watch this video by LowCarb360 for a simple recipe that will yield wings that are yummy yet free of all the carbs and calories. Enjoy! - 97.6691

Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

Buffalo Style Chicken Wings are golden and tender chicken wing with hot pepper mixture. You can have the hot and spicy buffalo wings at home any time with this quick and easy recipe. Serve this awesome dish with blue cheese and enjoy it with your beer. - 34.1637

Salsa Wings

Playing around with chicken wings. I buy this salsa from a local Mexican market and it is awesome. Thought I'd try it out with chicken wings, turned out great. Also trying my hand with full music and no talking on this video. It's my quickest video ever but... - 114.157

Homemade Chicken Lollipop

Another interesting chicken dish that you can make at home. Chicken is rich in protein, which is very essential for making new cells in your body. Animal protein is a complete protein with all essential amino acids, and this chicken lollipop is an interesting... - 42.9348

Sherry-glazed Duckling

If you wish to cook up a great meal, this Sherry-Glazed Duckling has to be a part of it! A truly awesome combination anyone would love to savor. Also, this Sherry-Glazed Duckling can be cooked in no time; a good reason to try it out! - 45.7232

Easy Sourdough Bread

How about one awesome recipe suggestion to attempt today? This Easy Sourdough Bread is too good to be passed up, so make a special note of it. The European Easy Sourdough Bread is a delight to serve and enjoy. Less than 160 minutes would be the overall... - 45.0187