Avocado Eggplant Salad Recipes

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Avocado Apple And Crab Salad

Peel avocados, cut in half, discard seeds and slice. Peel and slice apple. Drain the crab. Place lettuce leaves in a salad bowl, add sliced avocados, apples, crabmeat and celery leaves and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pour dressing over the salad and serve... - 39.8907

Raw Eggplant Bread Sandwich, Ep 164

For all those on a on a raw food diet and looking out for a low fat breakfast solution. This eggplant sandwich recipe is a must watch. Take a look at the video to see how the chef combines dehydrated eggplant with sprouts and couple of veggies to make an... - 107.6

Cotolette Di Melanzane (gluten Free & Vegan)

GETTING READY 1. On a chopping board, slice the eggplant into 2 centimeter thickness. 2. On a plate, place some paper towels and put the eggplant slices on top of the paper towels. Sprinkle the slices with salt and let the eggplant drain off its bitterness.... - 120.283

Grilled Veggie Summer Salad

Host and YouTube fitness video guru Sarah Dussault shares her favorite healthy and vegetarian grilled vegetable summer salad recipe! This recipe will save you at least 200 calories vs potato salad or macaroni salad. - 102.654