Avocado Appetizer Recipes

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Nutri-bite: All Things Avocado

Move over guacamole! Check out these alternative avocado ideas for Superbowl Sunday! - 106.241

Grilled Avocado Eggs

One of my youtube friends recently uploaded a baked avocado with cheese video. I thought I could kick it up a little on the grill. Turned out great. - 96.2695

Pan Fried Avocado With Ginkgo Nut Skewers

Maangchi is preparing a dish which is her own creation, Pan fried avocado with ginkgo nut skewers. This is a great appetizer with an Asian touch using ginkgo nuts on skewers. The dish looks absolutely amazing and Maangchi put it together so simply in about... - 94.8565

Shrimp Avocado Appetizer Cocktail

MAKING 1) Mix together equal parts of shrimp and avocado. 2) Combine together rest of the ingredients for sauce. 3) Stir shrimp, avocado and sauce gently. 4) Keep in refrigerator to chill thoroughly until ready to serve. SERVING 5) Serve at once with... - 36.9399

Olive Avocado Appetizer

Peel avocado. Cut into halves; remove seed. Cut into 1/4 -inch lengthwise slices. Immediately cover slices with French dressing and let stand in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Drain (reserve dressing for future salads). Sprinkle with olives. - 31.8795

Avocado Appetizers

About 20 minutes before serving: Halve avocados lengthwise; remove pits. Brush with lemon juice. Spoon jellied consomme into avocado centers; top each with 1 tablespoon sour cream and 1 teaspoon caviar. Arrange on cracked ice; serve with lemon wedges. - 31.7204

Avocado Tomato Appetizers

1. Wash the tomatoes, cut out stem ends and remove the pulp. Turn them upside down to drain. 2. Wash the avocado, cut in half, remove seed. Cut out the pulp and mash it, mix to a smooth paste with the lime juice. 3. Season the tomatoes with salt and pepper... - 27.228