Arabic Mezze Recipes

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Veg Mezze Platter

Put 2 hot falafel cutlets and 2 hot samosas in the centre of the platter. Put hummus dip on the right side and arrange salads on the other side of the platter. Arrange pickle on a cabbage or lettuce leaf. Warm pita bread on a hot griddle, turning sides. Cut... - 26.3304

Mezzeh - Tabouleh

Tabouleh is a salad, which is an essential part of the Middle eastern mezze. Mezze is an appetizer course with many salads and dips served with flatbreads called pita or khabous. Tabouleh in itself is a very healthy and a fresh dish, which always reminds you... - 49.1475

Kibbeh Nayeh

If you like steak tartare, you will love this dish. The Lebanese version of the classic raw steak tartare, this dish is meant for the hardcore carnivores! Don't be afraid to try this dish, it's really delicious and a traditional favorite in Lebanese cuisine. - 134.247

Mediterranean Falafel

Falafel is a great way to get your proteins without the meat. Here is an wonderful video that shows how this flavorful dish can be made with ground chickpeas and fava beans. The chef offers great serving ideas in this video. Try out this recipe, it is... - 134.852