Andhra Food

Andhra food is one of the oldest native foods of country and is marked by traditional preparations as dictated by the rich cultural heritage of the community. Hot and Spicy flavors predominate the Andhra Cuisine which includes the Moghul influenced Hyderabadi cuisine as well.

Popular Andhra Food

Andhra Food that is popularly eaten by the localities includes Pulihora( tamarind and turmeric rice), Upma( a breakfast dish made of suji), Pesarattu( moong dal pancake) and Gutti vanakaya kura( whole eggplant curry ). Pulusu( pulse, vegetables and tamarind stew ) is fondly eaten with rice. Curd is an essential item of every main meal. Avakkaya( pickle, mostly of mango) is an essential accompaniment to Andhra meals.

Widely used ingredients of Andhra Cuisine

Tamarind is one of the widely used ingredients in Andhra recipes. Most meal accompaniments use tamarind. Chutneys, Pulusu, Sambar( lentil stew), Rasam(tamarind soup), pulihora all use tamarind in good amounts. Green chilies, red chilies and jaggery are other ingredients that are used in Andhra cooking.

Widely Used Cooking Methods and Utensils

A lot of Andhra recipes are generally prepared by stir-frying in oil. Delicious curries and rice dishes are made by stir-frying in a mukudu(skillet). Andhra food is also prepared by boiling. Chutneys are prepared by grinding ( rubbi) the ingredients to a paste in a modern or conventional blender ( rollu). The Amandasta godda is used to crush spices.

Andhra Specials

Pulihora, Gongoora pacchadi ( leaves chutney), Bobattulu, boorlu and kakinada kajha are some of the utterly compelling Andhra food. Aaviri kudumu ( urad dal idli) is a steamed breakfast item that is often considered a healthy Andhra food. The Brahmin community generally restricts itself to vegetarian Andhra food.

Kids generally love desserts like Putarekulu and Chegodi for a snack. Uttapam is an Andhra food that is fast growing in popularity throughout the world.

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