American Pancake Mix

American Pancake Mix is a powder consisting of flour, baking powder, caster sugar, eggs, milk and butter. The mix is made into a batter and is fried on a pan until one side becomes golden or dark brown. Eaten with honey or a variety of syrups, sauces and other combinations, American pancake mix is one of the most favorite breakfast choices for many. Crisp bacon along with maple syrup is a popular accompaniment served with American pancake.

American Pancake Mix Blogs

How To Use Pancake Mix To Make Crepes

How To Use Pancake Mix To Make Crepes On : 04-Feb-2011 By : Bubbly

  Crepe batter is thin when compared to breakfast pancake so we can say Crepes are thin form of pancake.   Use pancake mix to make crepes that taste different from the traditional crepes. Using pancake mix you can easily prepare crepes and...

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How To Store Pancake Batter

How To Store Pancake Batter On : 12-Oct-2010 By : ifoodiee

Pancakes on a Sunday morning after church is something my whole family looks forward to including me, but the trouble creeps up when I have leftover pancake batter and want to save it till Wednesday or sometimes Thursday! If you can figure out how to store...

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