American Apple Pie

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American Apple Pie as the name suggests is an apple pie or tart that originates from America. This pie has a double crust base with an apple filling and the top of the pie is covered with lattice crust. Mostly fresh apples are used for the pie; however, if not available, dried apples too can be used.


History of American Apple Pie Recipe

Though there is early reference to the apple pie around late 14th century, the recipe of American Apple Pie was not the same as what it is today. The coffin, as the crust was referred to in those days, was not meant to be eaten and the apple filling did not contain sugar, due to scarcity. However, by 16th century, with availability of sugar and the way the coffin (crust) was prepared, the complete pie became edible and there is reference to this apple pie recipe in various records from that time. Thereafter, over the years, many variations to this apple pie recipe have evolved.


Ingredients Used in American Apple Pie

The key ingredients used in preparing American Apple Pie are flour, butter, white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, cream, Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, lemon juice, and pinch of salt.


Preparation of American Apple Pie

The dough for the base is prepared by kneading the flour with sugar, butter, cold water and a pinch of salt. It is chilled for some time and then part of it is rolled out for the crust. A little dough is kept aside for making the lattice. The crust is baked and filled with the apple mixture that is prepared by mixing peeled and cored apple slices, cinnamon, white sugar, brown sugar, lemon juice, butter and a little flour. The top of the pie is covered with a lattice made with the excess dough and the pie is baked. It is ideally served with cream.


Variations of American Apple Pie Recipe

The American Apple Pie has many variations, which evolved over the years.

  • Marlborough Pudding – This is similar to the apple pie with the only difference of eggs included in this pie. The top mostly has a solid lid, but even the lattice lid is used.
  • Apple Pie a la Mode – This is the regular Apple Pie that is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


Nutritive Value of Apple Pie

American Apple Pie is high in calories and at the same time it is high in calcium as well. It is also a good source of iron.



The dessert is symbolic to the American culture. The phrase, “As American as Apple Pie”, was framed by Allen Metcalf and David K. Barnhart, in honor of the Apple Pie.