Alpine Pepper

Alpine pepper is an aromatic Australian spice mix that brings together various pepper berries (black, white, mountain) along with some other spices like aniseed myrtle, sumac etc. Alpine pepper, according to other sources, is a calculated formulation of the peppery leaves and berries of a wild country pepper bush growing in the mountains of Tasmania. The aroma this spice emanates has a woody peppery note with a subtle hint of fruit.
This Australian pepper bears more semblance to the plant which is the source of Wintergreen oil, than to the true tropical pepper vines. Although it is known commonly as mountain pepper, it is in fact a herb and the pepper berries from it are fiery and hot. Forest anise not only complements the taste of the Alpine pepper but together they act as a potent anti-microbial and exhibit some preservative action when Alpine pepper is used in a marinade. This Australian spice mix also includes some tangy, Turkish sumac known for its fruitiness as well as some conventional Piper corns, both in their black and white forms for attaining the familiar peppery notes. 
Alpine pepper may be used as an all purpose substitute in place of ordinary black pepper wherever it is added, whether in the kitchen; outdoors at the BBQ or grill to flavour any kind of meat or vegetable preparations; or at the table to spice up everyday food.

It can easily be used in soups, salads, meats, seafood, vegetables, eggs and cheese dishes for a distinctive flavor. Further, Alpine pepper can be used in many more ways than just as a seasoning for cooked dishes. It can be used as a dry marinade on meats or added to breads, batter or even pastry as a herb mix. It makes the most delicious salt and pepper squid. 
Suggested recipes with Alpine Pepper

  • Alpine peppered venison with herb linguini


  • Tasmanian salmon with dressing of soy Alpine Pepper


  • Wine drenched lamb spiced with Alpine Pepper


  • Alpine peppered pineapple with fruit yoghurt

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