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Almond Menu

Working on an almond menu can be quite a fun activity. The almond is a delicious treat in itself, raw or toasted, eaten alone or with other nuts. Almonds are a delight with a whole host of culinary uses. The almond is a versatile ingredient that goes well... -

How To Lower Cholesterol With Fish ?

How to lower cholesterol with fish? This is the question your mind stumbles upon while making a tribute to fish rich diet. Fish is unarguably, one of the top foods when it comes to listings of foods helping in cholesterol reduction. Fish excels the list... -

10 Easy Fish Starters

  Right from the refreshing starter to a formal dinner, tasty nibbles for a cocktail event, or just a snack before your night out, these fish starters are truly versatile. Ifood presents a unique collection of fish appetizers which are easy... -

Fish Pie Topping Ideas

  You can use various toppings on a fish pie to make it even more delicious.This classic British dish is one of the simplest and tastiest main courses and can be enhanced by adding a simple tomato ketchup to creamy spreads and every other... -

Cold Fish Removes Tali From Masterchef Season 3

The wannabe Master Chefs had a challenging time this Monday as they came face to face with the ingredient of the day- the sea urchin replete with its poisonous spine. Chef Ramsay Gordon helps them overcome their initial fear as he proceeds to demonstrate how... -

Glycemic Diet Menu

Glycemic Diet Menu includes low glycemic index foods to aid weight lose, curb food cravings and restore energy in the body. Glycemic index helps in tracks the rise in blood glucose levels after meal and thus, such kinds of diet can play a vital role to curb... -

Natural Remedies For Atrial Fibrillation

Although medical community rarely uses Natural Remedies For Atrial Fibrillation, there is no harm in taking these home cures along with the prescribed medicines. What is Atrial fibrillation?  A condition where human heart’s upper chambers start... -

Comfort Foods For Winter Season

  Get your coffee cups ready as the winter season is here! So, read on to know about some other comfort foods for winter season . Yes, let’s discuss the comfort foods for winter season. We generally like to indulge in foods like... -

Protein Diet Menu

    Protein diet menu are low in carbohydrates and fat and enriched with the goodness of protein. People who want to lose weight can benefit in numerous ways with Protein diet menu. Protein helps in burning... -

Rhodes Across Indian Recipes

Rhodes Across India recipes Explore real Indian cuisine from pavements to palaces with these authentic recipes that showcase the very best regional specialities. Royal Palace Brought to India by Mughal... -

Top 10 Healthy Cooking Oils

  It is believed that limiting the fat intake in the diet directly translates into good health. While this may be true to a certain extent, the fact remains that a lot depends on the kind of oil or fat choosen as the cooking medium. The need to use... -

Sports Nutrition Diet Tips

Sports enthusiasts do have to be careful about their nutritional intake and therefore have to follow a certain kind of a diet that offers their body all the essential nutrients and vitamins. Most sports athlete need a balanced diet that ensures overall... -

Top 10 Sauces For Seafood Recipes

Seafood recipes are incomplete without spicy, hot, sour and sweet sauces. Here is a list of Top 10 Sauces For Seafood Recipes. Seafood Cocktail Sauce: Seafood Cocktail Sauce is a Canadian cuisine that you can serve as side dish with your main... -

Ashley Tisdale Diet

I couldn't help but dissect the Ashley Tisdale diet because I grew up watching the Disney Channel's "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody," in which she plays the role of the quirky candy counter girl Maddie. This 26-year-old... -

Top 10 Food Containing Unsaturated Fat

Unsaturated fats or the ‘good fats’, found in our diet are of two types, namely Monounsaturated (MUFA) and Polyunsaturated (PUFA) fats. Food Containing Unsaturated Fats can be easily identified as they are liquids at room temperature, and are good for... -

44 Super Foods That Fight Fat!

NUTS & SEEDS: raw/unsalted almonds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, walnuts   FRUITS: apples, blueberries, cherries, grapefruit, oranges, pomegranates   BEVERAGES: green tea, pomegranate juice, vegetable juice,... -

Peruvian Appetizer Ideas

Peruvian cuisine is recognized around the world as one of the best cuisines in South America. This article is all about various Peruvian appetizer ideas . Try these authentic dishes of Peru and discover the taste for yourself.   In... -

5 Killer Ingredients

You have to eat in order to live. But what, if the food that is supposed to sustain you turns out to be poisonous . No, we are not talking about food poisoning here! There are quite a few ingredients you use in daily life that may kill you. No worries... -

What Are The Alternatives To Pine Nuts

  Knowing alternatives to pine nuts are of great concern for some people, who are allergic to pine nuts and thus never try out a recipe made of this item. Also pine nuts, although very nutritious, are expensive and not... -

Essential Dried Fruits & Nuts To Keep In Your Pantry

  Dried fruits and nuts are essential ingredients in desserts, pancakes, muffins, spreads and dips. Here is guide of essential dried fruits  and nuts to keep in your pantry so that you don’t miss them while preparing dishes. While... -

Provencal Menu

Located in the Southeastern region of France, the city of Provence experiences Mediterranean type of climate. No matter wherever you stay in the city, eating is just a pleasure here as Provencal menu  is one of the healthiest yet the most delicious! Most... -

What Are The Best Foods To Power Your Brain

If you have a healthy and sharp brain you can conquer this world! Foods that power your brain are known as brain power foods. These foods help to improve alertness, concentration, memory, and creative thinking, all of which are essential functions... -

Which Are The Natural High Protein Foods

Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients and nature has gifted us with many natural high protein foods so that we don’t fall short of this nutrient. So, which are the natural high protein foods? Choosing natural high protein foods is now... -

Top Low Calorie Foods

Now include some top low calorie foods in your diet.   Is it getting real hard for you to get into your favorite pair of jeans? If yes, then it’s high time to control the excess belly fat. And what can be best than some l ... -

Jewish Menu

Jewish menu has a variety of dishes collected from the cooking tradition of ancient Jewish people. Jewish cuisine reflects their culture and their culinary tradition. While cooking Jewish foods, people do not use butter, milk, and cream while preparing... -

Food Jesus Ate

Hurrah! It’s Christmas time once again! You must be looking forward to the mouth-watering fare that is associated with Christmas no doubt, but will you spare a thought for our Lord Jesus Christ on the day? The idea that got us interested was an ... -

Eat These Foods That Help Shrink Fibroids

Fibroids, although not really life threatening, can still cause enough trouble if they grow large enough. So its very important to have foods that help shrink fibroids. Abnormally big fibroids can result in infertility, strain on other organs and anomalous... -

Birthday Lunch Ideas

Transform a simple birthday lunch party into an elegant affair with these exclusive ifood birthday lunch ideas . These idea for birthday lunch are easy to make, but have a royal taste. So try these birthday lunch ideas and know their mesmerizing effects on... -

Medieval Kitchen Essentials

  A medieval kitchen consisted of simple as well as some advanced tools made using iron, clay and wood. Medieval kitchen tools laid the edifice of modern kitchen equipment and hence it is vital to know about the tools used in a medieval kitchen... -

Karnataka Cuisine

The following are typical items in a typical vegetarian Northern Karnataka meal : rotti   Badane kaayi gojju/enne-gai/tumbu-gai - Stuffed and/or sauteed Shenga / Ellu dry chutney in powder form - sometimes called hindi   ... -

Top 10 Food Contianing Iron

I always suggest people to eat food containing Iron since its deficiency can lead to a number of health problem. The good news is consuming food containing Iron can be essential for effective weight loss. The iron is used to produce red blood... -

Cookery Terms

A LA French for the style of, such as “a la Francaise” meaning “in the style of the French”.  A LA BOURGEOISE French for in “the style of the family”. A LA BROCHE French for cooked on a skewer over a flame.  A LA CARTE A list of... -

Alicia Keys Post Pregnancy Diet

The gorgeous Alicia Keys looks all the more gorgeous even after giving birth to her baby boy. That is why the Alicia Keys post pregnancy diet is a much sought after diet option by a lot of new mothers out there. This multi-Grammy winning singer has a very... -

Lower Cholesterol Foods To Eat

Believe it or not, there are plenty of lower cholesterol foods to eat . Foods play an important role in lowering the cholesterol levels. In this article you will find the list of various foods that can lower your cholesterol and thereby protect your... -

Top 10 Food Containing Phenylalanine

Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid, which means it is required to stay healthy but our body cannot produce it. Thus, eating sufficient quantities of Food Containing Phenylalanine is necessary to maintain normal protein composition,  brain... -

Top 10 Phenylalanine Rich Foods For Children

  Essential amino acids, like Phenylalanine, are extremely important for children, because deficiency of those can hamper their growth and development. Consumption of Phenylalanine Rich Foods is necessary to maintain normal protein, brain... -

All About Red Meat

  Eating just one 3-ounce steak, no bigger than a deck of cards, daily could increase your chance of dying sooner by 13%. People find red meat delicious but many of us don’t realize that it is also an invitation to many fatal diseases like... -

Tips To Prevent Food Allergies While Traveling

If you are planning for a short trip or a vacation and you are allergic to some foods – then this information is just for you! Think of a situation when you are planning and suddenly you realize you have rashes all over your body with a burning... -

Cholesterol Diet Menu

With so many disorders related to cholesterol, cholesterol diet menu is gaining popularity these days. Foods included in this menu helps a person to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol in the body. Their natural ability to reduce the cholesterol level... -

Day By Day Diet Menu

  Day by day diet menu is a popular diet trend followed by many. The diet plan was conceived in the stable of General Motors for its employees with the intention to keep them more fit and agile. You will find lots of information related to day... -

Best Foods For A Runners Diet

It is very important to choose the best foods for a runner’s diet , so that the person can get com plete nutrition and nourishment for the active body. Next time you visit the grocery shop keep this in mind and select the right kind of foods to eat... -

1800 Calorie Diet Menu

1800 calorie diet menu offers a platter of dishes and foods that will encourage weight lose and administer your well being. You can switch to 1800 calorie diet if facing difficulty in managing a balanced weight and reduce calorie intake with foods that will... -

Don't Forget - The Top 7 Foods To Boost Memory

  When was the last time you mentioned “Oh! I just forgot about it”. Not too long ago, right? Then what you need is to simply incorporate the following foods into your diet, as they contain nutrients that could optimize your brain function and... -

Top 10 Foods For Beautiful Hair

It is important to know the right foods to eat for great hair. You are what you eat, so eat healthy and boost the health of your hair to look great! Here’s a list of Top 10 Foods For Great Hair . Read on to eat your way to great hair! Top 10... -

5 Traditional Jewish Foods To Include In Purim Menu

The Jewish festival of Purim is celebrated annually according to the Hebrew calendar on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar (Adar II in leap years). The day that signifies the victory of the Jews over their enemies is celebrated with prayers and... -

The Fundamentals: Cooking Terms

By Paul Rinehart Sautéing, Sweating, Frying, etc. Cooking terminology, oh the terms are a dime a dozen. So what exactly is sautéing? How does it differ from frying? Sautéing is a method where a fairly small amount of fat is used in a pan ... -

Top 10 Sulfur Rich Foods For Children

  Sulfur Rich Foods should be an essential component of children’s diet, as it is involved in many biochemical reactions like synthesis of proteins and enzyme reactions. It helps maintain oxygen balance in body and keeps skin, hair and... -

Top 10 Protein Rich Foods

We all are aware of the importance of protein in our lives and that is why I compilde this list of Top 10 protein rich foods . The proteins are wonder nutrients that play important role in growth, and muscle healing. It is recommended that... -

Secret Recipe Menu - Not So Secret Anymore!

Secret Recipes Lifestyle Cafe offers an extensive and authentic range of recipes and fine quality cakes, which have always been praised and recognized with numerous awards throughout the ASEAN region. With its presence in the metropolis of Singapore,... -

Heart Healthy Menu

  Eating affects the overall health of your body and a heart healthy menu will not only help in keeping your heart in good condition but will also have an impact on your body’s health. Considering today’s... -

Edible Gifts For People With High Cholesterol

  Choosing edible gifts for people with high cholesterol can be quite a cumbersome task, one which requires careful thinking and proper knowledge of the patient’s condition. Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the bloodstream and... -

Top 10 Natural Hair Remedies: Foods That Keep Hair Healthy

               My Granny told me once about the foods that keep hair healthy. Tons of natural hair remedies to ensure that hair loss, dandruff , hair damage, pre-mature greying , spilt ends and lack... -

A Food Extravaganza To Commemorate 150 Years Of Cinco De Mayo

  5 th May 2012 – this day marks the 150 th year of Cinco de Mayo – the dubious victory of the Mexican army over French forces. From the creamy guacamole to zesty quesadillas and enchiladas, the delicacies add a vibrant and... -

Diet Ideas For Weak Nails

When my nails would often chip off, I was told that it is the result of calcium deficiency . This was when I decided to explore diet ideas for weak nails . I understood that I needed a diet which is rich in calcium and zinc. Obviously I was in need of... -

10 Super Foods For Good Health

   10 Super Foods for Good health!!   1. All fruits are stellar sources of nutrients, but strawberries, raspberries, black berries and blueberries stand out from the pack. They are high in fiber and contain... -

Fairway To Build First Market In New Jersey

PARAMUS, N.J.--Fairway Market announced this week that is opening its fifth specialty grocery store here next year. The 50,000-square-foot store will be built from the ground up in the Fashion Center on Route 17. Construction is scheduled to begin this... -

A Quick And Healthy Diet

We are living in the time of fast and crazy schedule , and to keep up with the demands of this schedule and our fast lives, we should always go for a healthy diet and that too a quick one. Our diets should be well packed with nutrients. Examples of... -

Get Those Vital Vitamins

//Popping pills might be fine however you are much better of getting those nutrients as part of a well balanced diet // As per a survey nutritionists say that busy fast food loving people are not getting adequate daily intake of some vitamins or minerals.... -

Go Lean With Proteins

Go lean with protein: Start with a lean choice: The leanest beef cuts include round steaks and roasts (round eye, top round, bottom round, round tip), top loin, top sirloin, and chuck shoulder and arm roasts. The leanest pork... -

Mediterranean Food For Longer Life

“Mediterranean Food for Longer Life” announced the newspaper. It’s certainly good news for all those who are searching for that extra RX factor to elongate their lifespan.  During various study reports it was confirmed that Mediterranean diet scores... -

Natural Remedies For Rosacea During Pregnancy

Natural remedies help in flushing out toxins and act as anti-bacterial agents to keep your immune system ready to fight against the unsightly symptoms of rosacea during pregnancy. A right combination of balanced diet and natural therapies involving herbs and... -

Are You Sure Your Food Is Not Counterfeit

If you thought that the cheaper horse meat scandal of Europe was the last that the world saw of the counterfeit foods, you are wrong. Just last year, more than 20 people lost their lives throughout Europe, after drinking fake liquor. If anything, the European... -

What Are The Wood Types To Be Used For Bbq?

The smoked woody flavor wafting an aroma like a breath of fresh air in the deep woody forest, is what  the different wood types for BBQ can give, if used in the right combination, making your smoked meat a treat to eat. Barbeque wood types are,... -

Top 10 Super Foods

My vote for the top 10 super foods of all time goes to: Tomatoes Tomatoes are an abundant source of chemical called Lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful anti-oxidant that takes up the fight against certain forms of cancer. Other than that some... -

Top 10 Persian Street Food

  Persian street food  display their indigenous qualities despite  several customizations and this is one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of these street fares among locals and tourists alike. From grilled pumpkins and baked... -

Bill Clinton Diet

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Most of us would have noticed that Bill Clinton, the 42 nd President of the United States, looking visibly thinner right before his daughter ... -

Top 10 Vitamin B2 Rich Foods For Children

  Vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin is essential for children as it plays a key role in proper energy metabolism and a wide variety of cellular processes. Adequate in take of Vitamin B2 Rich Foods in your child’s diet would ensure apt... -

Nicole Scherzinger Diet

Alright, raise your hands up if you have never looked at Nicole Scherzinger and thought; 'Damn, that woman looks so good.' Ah! That's what I thought, no hands up. The 32 year old, Hawaiian, ex-Pussycat Dolls singer tops the list of female... -

Top 10 Food Containing Sulphur

The numerous benefits that sulphur offers us have earned it the title of a “healing mineral”. Sulphur is usually consumed in the form of proteins and amino acids and plays multiple roles in our lives. Therefore, it is important that we know all about the ... -

Gallstones Foods To Eat

Gallstones like many other "new age" ailments is primarily caused due to faulty diet and lifestyle. That said, proper diet can prevent and/or cure this condition, in the given article I have given the list of Gallstones Foods to Eat that help in... -

Top 10 Korean Street Food

  If you have ever been to Korea, you would have noticed that you would be able to find food in the streets, irrespective of the time of the day. While you can relish the Korean street food fares beside the carts, they can also be wrapped... -

Typical Spanish Foods Served At A Funeral

  While I was attending this funeral reception in the place of my friend of Hispanic origin, I got to know about some of the typical Spanish foods served at a funeral. Food has been related to the culture and tradition of Spanish... -

Top 5 Foods For A Better Mood

Feeling like you got up on the wrong side of the bed? Feeling grumpy and moody? Then you need to get one of these top 5 foods for a better mood. Go on, ensure that you get a spoon or bite of one of the mood enhancing foods listed here.     ... -

Unique Holiday Foods: Best 5 Spanish Holiday Foods

Imagine a trip to Spain on a holiday (luckily when rains do not fall on the plains to splash water making your culinary tour a vain), some knowledge about the best 5 Spanish holiday foods will add a dash of flavor to the holiday mood. The popular... -

How To Go On A Healthy Diet Against Alcoholism

A  healthy diet and alcoholism  do not necessarily cancel out the effects of each other. There is nothing quite possible to do once the liver is damaged by alcohol. However, it is possible to include a healthy diet for  alcoholism ,  ... -

Top 10 Food Gifts For New Moms

It’s always a tiresome process to buy gifts for new moms. To keep it healthy, try food gifts for new moms. Although there are not many assorted food gifts to choose from for new moms in shops, it’s in your hands to get creative and come up with ideas... -

Supplements For Acne

Acne is a very common skin problem which affects people of all ages.  There are many natural s upplements for Acne which help in reducing the pimples. But the most obvious question here is which one should you take? Well, that depends on you. For... -

Top 10 Food Containing Tyrosine

  Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid, which can be synthesized in our body from phenylalanine. Thus, consumption of food containing Tyrosine can be supplemented with phenylalanine rich foods , except in cases where a person... -

Top 10 Tyrosine Rich Foods For Children

  Protein intake, especially appropriate amino acid intake is essential for growth and development of children. Tyrosine is one of these amino acids that is vital for the structural integrity of proteins, functioning of neurotransmitters and... -

Contribution Of Diet.

Your diet contributes a great deal towards making you beautiful. Therefore eating a proper healthy diet is important to keep looking beautiful. Given below are a number of food items that you should include in your beauty diet.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns... -

Spanish Christmas Foods

In Spain, Christmas is celebrated with a huge family feast, where a range of Spanish Christmas foods is laid out for everyone to enjoy.  Christmas eve is called “La Noche Buena” in Spanish, which means, “The Good Night.” As far as Spanish Christmas... -

Cholesterol Diet Foods

High cholesterol is not good news for your heart-health, which is why cholesterol diet foods   are a must-include especially if you want the arterial roads to lead to a healthy heart, by staying clear of ailments. ... -

Portuguese Menu

Portuguese menu is all about rich, flavored fillings and spicy mouthwatering dishes. The techniques and ingredients used in Portuguese cooking are somewhat similar to Mediterranean cuisine. Spices like piri piri chili, black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla,... -

Your New Year Health Plan - Start With Food-lover’s Cleanse

One of the most popular resolutions taken on the New Year's eve are for perfect health. This makes perfect sense when you come back from that New Year party and sprawl on your living room couch, with a hangover hovering over your head. There is no better... -

Nuts And Berries Fight Metabolic Syndrome

 A number of recent studies have indicated that nuts and berries provide great advantages in averting metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms linked to heightened risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Preliminary results from a... -

Anemia Foods To Eat

When you are diagnosed with anemia, you should be able to figure out which Anemia Foods to Eat which aid in haemoglobin synthesis. Anemia is a very common disease which can occur in varying stages. Therefore, you should consume the exact amount of iron... -

Depression Diet Exercise

Apart from proper medical intervention, healthy diet and exercise routine also play a major role in managing depression . A well-balanced diet coupled with routine exercises not only helps in achieving a healthy body, but also a well-tuned mind, thus... -

Dairy Free Food: How To Buy Tips

Being deprived of milk and related products on account of an allergy or intolerance does not mean the end of the world anymore! On the contrary, you will be astonished to discover a whole range of dairy free food products that are aimed at keeping you... -

Chicago School Lunch Ideas

When it comes to packing nutritious lunch for your kids, you really have to think beyond peanut butter sandwiches and cookies. Kids love variety when it comes to food. Now treat your child to some yummy treats with Chicago school lunch ideas . Nutritious... -

Medieval Food For Kids

Are you looking for medieval food for kids ?   Whenever we think of medieval food, we always think of bland foods such as oats and porridge. But actually the truth is different. Medieval foods are the rich and exotic combination... -

Top 5 Philadelphia Street Food

  The myriad of food trucks which one could find in Philadelphia is the simple proof of the place being one of the most popular street food destinations. While the traditional  Philadelphia street foods  have lost their shine and fame, dishes... -

National Empanada Day Is ‘delicioco’

Originated in Europe, celebrated in America, Empanada is enjoyed the world over these days. So, no surprise that Americans celebrate it as National Empanada Day on May 8. This bread, stuffed with chicken, pork or cod and tomatoes, garlic and onion sauce, is... -

Top 5 Italian Dishes To Make At Home

  Italian food is loved by people worldwide. However, it is pasta that pops in the mind of people when we say Italian. Well, the cuisine has a wide variety of dishes other than just pasta. If you’d like to make some of them,... -

Top 10 End-of-summer Side Dishes

End-of summer marks the beginning of winter, and with winter comes the season of festivity, celebration, family get-togethers and elaborate dinners. No wonder side-dishes find such a prominent place in end-of-summer courses. So here are the top 10... -

Low Cholesterol Menu

  A low cholesterol menu is for people who are battling cholesterol problems or are health conscious. Though cholesterol, a waxy substance found in our blood id necessary for the body, its high levels can pose... -

How To Eat Riz Bi-djaj

Riz bi-Djaj, or Djaj a Riz, is an aromatic chicken and rice dish, which is a part of the Lebanese cuisine. The Riz bi-Dajaj is a specialty of the Beit Shabab region of Lebanon.  In general, the Lebanese cuisine represents all aspects of... -

Sample Lower Cholesterol Diet Plan

If your heart is under the looming shadow of high cholesterol,  then a lower cholesterol diet-plan is what you should chart out, to keep that “heart of your health” sound and ticking for a long time to come.       ... -

Heart Healthy Dinner Ideas

A good dinner should be healthy, tasty, and nutritious, doubly so when it is meant to be beneficial for your heart. Being on a diet does not mean that you have to eat plain bland food. It is possible to have a heart friendly food that is palatable yet... -

How To Keep Your Heart Healthy And Happy?

All of us want a healthy and happy heart because all of us like to believe that our heart will always guide us in the right direction. However, more often than not, we forget that in order to keep our heart healthy and happy, we need to take care of it. We... -

Holiday Lunch Ideas

Ifood offers some exclusive holiday lunch ideas which are sure to leave your guests satisfied and amazed. Check out this unique collection of holiday lunch ideas to indulge in sinfully rich extravagance without any guilt.   ... -