Ale Cake Icing Recipes

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CC - SEF: 4
Beach Boy Punch

Mix juices and pour into punch bowl over cake of ice; add chilled ginger ale, or mix in large container and serve over ice in tall glasses. - 25.9546

Golden Banquet Punch

Pour boiling water over tea; cover and let stand 5 minutes; strain. Combine fruit juices and tea; add sugar and stir till dissolved. Chill. Add ice water. Generously dash in aromatic bitters to taste. Pour mixture over cake of ice in punch bowl. Pour ginger... - 41.9873

Hawaiian Fruit Punch

Combine fruit juices and sugar; chill thoroughly. Pour over large cake of ice in punch bowl. Pour ginger ale and carbonated water slowly down the side of bowl. For trim, float twist of sliced orange and sprigs of fresh mint on block of ice. - 33.9109

Punch For The Crowd

Combine juices, sugar, and mint leaves; chill several hours. Strain. Pour over large cake of ice in punch bowl. Resting bottle on rim of bowl, carefully pour in ginger ale and carbonated water; add strawberries. Float thin slices of lemon and lime. - 30.5898