Alaskan Pie

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Alaska pie, also called as Nowegian omlette, omelette surprise, glace au four, or omelette à la norvégienne is a dessert made with ice-cream and meringue and baked in the oven for a short time. It is also called as omlette surprise as the ice cream doesn’t melt when placed in the oven. This is because the meringue acts as an insulator. This dessert was named Baked Alaska as a tribute to the acquisition of the territory of Alaska in 1876 by Delmonico’s restaurant in New York.




American scientist Benjamin Thompson studied the property of beaten egg whites. He investigated the heat resistance property and claims to have created this dessert in 1804. The Chinese made a similar dessert with pastry crust initially in the 19th century. When a Chinese delegate visited France, the master cook of the Chinese mission taught the French chef at the hotel how to bake ice cream in a pastry crust. The French later modified the dessert and started the use of meringue and named it the Nowergian omlette.



Ingredients and Preparation

The main ingredients used to make Alaska pie are ice-cream, egg whites, sugar and a crust. The flavor of the ice-cream can be as per individual choice. Strawberry or peach ice cream are generally used.

Traditionally, this dessert is made by spooning ice cream on a pie crust and topped with a layer of meringue. This is then baked in the oven to make the meringue firm. The aim is to cook the meringue enough without melting the ice cream.




This dessert can be served as it is or with some fresh fruits and sauces.



Popular Variations

  • The most popular variation is the Bombe Alaska. Rum is sprinkled well on the top and then this whole dessert is flambéed.



Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 1 piece (1/8th  standard sized whole Alaska pie)

Calories – 255 cal, fat – 10 g, cholesterol – 59 mg,  protein – 5 g.

Egg white is one of the ingredients of Alaska pie; it is rich in proteins. These proteins are easily absorbed by the body.




1st February is celebrated as the National Baked Alaska Day in U.S.A.