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Ahmedabad food, characterized by the traditional Gujrati fare, is the food of the people of Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India. Though commonly prepared in Gujrati households, it is available in numerous eateries dotting the city. The standard Ahmedabadi fare is strictly vegetarian as most of the Gujaratis do not consume meat, fish or eggs. However, certain areas of the city particularly those inhabited by the Muslims and Christians do serve non-vegetarian food as well. Several star hotels and international food chains also include non- vegetarian food in their menu.
A typical Gujarati meal tends to be sweet in taste and is served in thalis or a huge plate along with numerous katoris or tiny bowls containing a vast array of vegetable and lentil dishes. Consuming curds and pickles along with papads is a standard practice during meals.


History Of Ahmedabadi Cuisine
The rich cultural heritage of Ahmedabad is responsible for its traditionally untampered cuisine. The influence of the Jain and the Hindu community remain profound and Ahmedabad food remains strictly vegetarian and Gujarati in nature.
Ahmedabad is hugely popular for its wide availability of ice creams and other milk products which was made possible by the formation of the Milk co-operative movement and subsequent setting up of Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited) at Anand which lies between Ahmedabad and Vadodara.
Non-vegetarian food like kebabs and Biryani can be found in the Teen Durwaza area of the city. The food, a remnant of the Mughal era, is sought out by the local Muslim population and tourists only as the majority of the city’s population avoid eating meat.


Popular Food In Ahmedabad
Dal-dhokli- A spiced dish of lentils containing pieces of rotis made out of wheat flour.
Undhiyu- Is similar to a mixed vegetable casserole which had been cooked in earthenware pots traditionally.
Khaman-A steamed and spicy cake like dish prepared out of chickpea flour and rava. It is often mistaken for the more popular Dhokla elsewhere in India.
Shrikhand- An immensely popular flavored yogurt dish made with sweetened hung curd. It is now commercially available under the brand name Amul.
Sev mamra- A spicy fast food prepared by mixing fried peas, peanuts, sev and other spicy ingredients. It is often served along with tea.


Places Famous for Ahmedabadi Food

Gopi Dining Hall- serves authentic Ahmedabad food in typical Gujarati thalis.
Mirch Masala- serves both vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian fare of Gujarat. The decor of the place makes it resemble a Gujarati village.
Khau Galli- An eatery lane that opens late in the evening is famous for its junk food stalls.


Ahmedebad Food: Trivia
The first vegetarian outlet of Pizza hut opened in Ahmedabad a few years ago.



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