Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is a winter squash with prominent ridges and is used in many acorn squash recipes such as pumpkin candy. Recent years have seen this squash become popular and people are increasingly spending time learning how to cook acorn squash. Often the seeds of this squash are discarded, but they are actually edible and can be toasted to create a snack.


Origin of Acorn Squash
Acorn squash was originally grown in Mexico and parts of Central America where it remained unknown to the world. When it was first grown by Native Americans, they found they flesh too hard and discarding it only ate the seeds. Since then Native American tribes have selectively bred acorn squash into a fleshier squash as it is today.  This squash grows easily and can be harvested within hundred days of germinating. They also can be stored easily in a cool dry environment and can remain fresh for many months.


Popular Acorn Squash Recipes
Acorn squash can be used in a variety of acorn squash recipes. Among these recipes the best known is pumpkin candy which can be prepared in 15 minutes flat with butter and brown sugar. Acorn squash or its seeds are used in acorn squash recipes such as squash risotto. This recipe is a variation of the classic dish and rice is substituted with squash. This squash can pose a problem for people who do not know how to cook acorn squash and are intimidated by its size and shape. However, by following a good recipe this squash can be turned into a tasty winter treat.


How to Cook Acorn Squash
Acorn squash is not hard to cook, and people who have learnt how to cook acorn squash readily testify to this fact, as it can be sautéed, blended, stewed or used as stuffing for squash blossoms.
When learning how to cook acorn squash one of the good acorn squash recipes to try out is Crockpot harvest pork chops. Since this is a slow cooking dish, it is not hard to prepare and is a great way to first experience eating this squash.
Acorn squash is notoriously hard to peel, and a sturdy knife is needed to cut it in half. Once cut in half it should be put in a microwave to heat and only then carved.


Nutritive Value of Acorn Squash Recipes
Acorn squash may not have high levels of beta carotene that are present in other wintertime squashes, but it is rich in dietary fibre.


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