7 Day Soup Diet Recipes

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10 Lbs In 1 Week Cabbage Soup Diet Aka Wonder Soup

Cabbage soup is a part of many different diet plans and has a zillion different names. I use it with the 7 day diet. I've been loving it so far and this diet never fails to give me my 10 pound weight loss in 7 days. One thing I love about this Wonder Soup is... - 133.473

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Brazilian Seafood Stew

If you’re a fan of soup and a fan of seafood then there is no reason not to make this. So as soon as the weather begins to get cold and soup is on the top of your mind, make this delicious and healthy fish soup. The flavor, texture and seafood variety allow... - 124.903

Vegetable Quiche

GETTING READY 1) Preheat oven moderate to 375°F. MAKING 2) In a pan boil water and add sun-dried tomatoes into it. 3) Let soak for 15 minutes until soft. 4) Drain out from the liquid and chop coarsely. 5) Remove around 1 inch of the coarse ends of the... - 48.8632

Coconut Cream And Green Bean Winter Soup

This soup is a good strong soup ideal for cold days and a secret weapon against your diet devastation in the party season. - 51.3452

Winter Barley And Vegetable Soup

This hearty Barley and Vegetable Winter soup is a good strong soup ideal for cold days and a secret weapon against your diet devastation in the party season. Your body is sure to thank you for the goodness this vegan barley and vegetable broth provides. - 49.3464

Tortilla Soup

Corn tortillas were a staple of the Mexican diet long before the Spaniards arrived in the 16th century. Historically, tortillas were made fresh daily without preservatives, so they quickly became tough. After Spanish cooks introduced soups to Mexico, day-old... - 38.5234

Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

Soup recipes are perfect for those cold and frigid days. This recipe for tomato soup is loaded with fresh herbs that give it a mouthwatering flavor. - 100.309

Chilled Avocado Soup With Roasted Corn And Pico De Gallo Garnish

Cool, creamy and velvety on the tongue, our chilled avocado soup refreshes with a satisfying tanginess from our Redwood Hill Farm Kefir...even on the hottest summer days. It’s perfect for a quick entrée soup for the family, or portioned into shot glasses... - 32.6252

Diva's Gwen Saffroni Seafood Soup

This is velvety smooth lightly fruity seafood soup. Great for lunch or dinner any time of the year. - 46.0062

Asian Style Aromatic Poached Chicken

No one want to be in the kitchen during summers, but everyone wants delicious food. And healthy food is the call of the time, so try this Asian style poached chicken. It requires few ingredients, few equipments and very little time. I usually have this dish... - 129.77