30 Minute Meals

The 30 Minute Meals food show is hosted by Chef Rachel Ray and it runs on the Food Network. Chef and host Rachel Ray tries to make it easier for the viewer to cook nutritious food in half an hour. The show specializes in cooking food conveniently for those who don’t have time for it.


History of  30 Minute Meals Show

30 Minute Meals can be credited to Rachel Ray who was employed at Cowan & Lobel where she used to meet people who didn’t want to cook and didn’t have the time for intensive food preparations. She started teaching a course where she showed people how to prepare meals quickly and in less than 30 minutes. These classes quickly became very popular and WRGB which was the local CBS syndicate at the time contacted her for a weekly show. This formed the basis for her 30-Minutes show and her quick 30 Minute Meals recipes which quickly became very popular. Her rising popularity and the simple format of the show led to her first food Network contract in 2001 and the show was born.


Format of the 30 Minute Meals Show

The 30 Minute Meals recipes are prepared live on the show and this forms the trademark of the show. Most of the food preparation is done live. This reassures viewers that the meal can be cooked in half an hour. A very common feature of the show was the creation of classic dishes in half the time that is ideally required. If the dishes were labor-intensive and difficult to prepare, Rachel provided tips on how to cut down the cooking process and increase the speed of production. At the same time, she supplements main dishes with simple salads and vegetables that will complement the main dish. These dishes too are easy to prepare and cook in the same time. Her trademark patter has also made the show very popular. For example, her short forms for food names like sammies for sandwiches, stoups for soups that are stew-like, and EVOO for extra virgin olive oil have slowly percolated down to the masses and become incorporated into day to day speech.


Noteworthy Episodes and Famous 30 Minute Meals Recipes

  1. Ray did two specials with the title THANKSGIVING IN 60mins where she showed viewers how to prepare and cook a typical thanksgiving meal in one hour
  2. Her cooking style also advocates  commercially bought ingredients like pacakged corn muffin mix for  preparing her Cracked Corn and Cheese Squares.
  3. Her Super Sloppy Joes, Deviled Potato Salad, and Root Beer Floats are one of the most popular menus from her show.


Show Trivia

The format of the show and the 30 Minute Meals recipes were so popular, that they led to a series of cookbooks that were widely successful. The most popular books in the series were

  1. 30 Minute Meal: veggie meals
  2. 30 Minute Meal: cooking round the clock
  3. 30 Minute Meal: 365; a year of deliciously different dinners

The trademark of the show was cooking meals in 30 minutes and very soon the cookbooks gave rise to Rachael Ray Recipes on the Run which is a wireless app for mobile phones. Her trademark recipes can now be downloaded directly to mobiles now.


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