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I love to cook and enjoy spending time with my family. I love camping and fishing outside the city in the rivers, where ever the water is clean.
  • Ecuadorian Guatita : Part 2 -  Making and Serving Recipe Video

    Ecuadorian Guatita : Part 2 - Making ..

    Watch part 2 of the Ecuadorian guatita series that shows this excellent beef recipe with a wonderful peanut butter and coriander flavor. The video is interesting and shows the way this guatita can be...
    By : Marialauro  

  • Ecuadorian Guatita : Part 1- Introduction and Making Recipe Video

    Ecuadorian Guatita : Part 1- Introduct..

    If you have never tried any Ecuadorian dish, then take a look at this part 1 of the impressive video series that shows an incredible beef recipe. The recipe is simple and would definitely be a hit...
    By : Marialauro