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The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is a self governing agency of the State of Idaho that was established in 1937 as the Idaho Fruit and Vegetable Advertising Commission. It has many responsibilities, but its primary responsibility is to promote the Idaho potato through advertising, public relations, promotions and other marketing initiatives. It also supports research to help expand the market for Idaho potatoes.
  • How To Make Yellow Potato Roast Recipe Video

    How To Make Yellow Potato Roast

    This beautiful Idaho® gold potato roast is super easy but is a showstopper at potlucks! A mandoline slicer will help you get this dish done in no time. Coryanne Ettiene shows how to make this...
    By : IdahoPotatoVideos  

  • How To Make Potato Cottage Pie Recipe Video

    How To Make Potato Cottage Pie

    Coryanne Ettiene's cottage pie will be your go-to family dinner! Use your favorite ingredients or whatever you have on hand, and top with fresh or leftover mashed Idaho® potatoes. Get the kids in...
    By : IdahoPotatoVideos